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CSJH – Graceful 4 Party Vol.1 <3

This translation isn’t mine and it doesn’t belong to me at all. I was granted permission and the translator has been kind enough to give me the right to post it here. If I were to find you had taken her work, WITHOUT any credit or without any permission from her.

I will hunt you and make a voodoo doll with your name on it.

Harsh? ^^

Quartet whom are full of charisma and talents- The Grace finally held their 1st Concert- ‘Graceful4 Party Vol.1′ at Japan.Debut in 2006, The Grace released their 1st Single- Boomerang in Korea. Whilst coping their career in Korea, they also tried to enter the J-Pop Music Industry. The Grace was finally able to have their first concert after 2 years of debut.The Grace held their 1st concert- Graceful4 Party Vol.1 at Japan’s Osaka MUSE on 20th of March [Thu] and subsequently another concert on 23th of March [Sun] at Japan’s Club Asia P. Both concerts has successfully grabbed the attention of Japanese and Koreans’ fans.

Together with DJ Blu, The Grace started off the concert with their 1st Japanese Single- Boomerang. Wearing dashing and sexy shiny black skirts, The Grace then rocked off the stage with their 5th Japanese Single- Piranha.

“Its all because of the support that you guys [audience] gave us that we’re finally able to have our own concert! We’ve also prepared to sing those tracks that were previously not performed live.” The Grace’s opening ment which won the applauses of every fans.

Fans and the member of The Grace became highly hyper after they sang the tracks off their 1st Japanese album – Graceful4 which was released in Nov’2007. Tracks includes Pardon Me and Sweet Flower. Sweet Flower, for instance is a song that indicates the feelings of young girls.

The song ‘5CM’ does truly made one know the reason of The Grace having a LIVE concert. The sorrowful lyrics,”Only 5CM away from that hand, An arrow which passed by 5CM” touched each and every fans and audiences who attended the concert.

Not to be miss, each members also prepared their solo pieces. Dana The Grace sang her self-composed Japanese song, ‘Sayonara no Mukou ni’ or ‘さよならの向こうに’. Transforming herself from a usual ballad singer to a rocker, Lina The Grace performed her solo song, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.

Yet, the stage was later full of disco-ly feeling after The Grace sang Cheryl Lynn’s- ‘Got To Be Real’ which was first released in 1978.

Moments later, a Hip-pop song ‘Get On The Floor’ was sang by The Grace together with DJ Blu. Songs like ‘Do you know?’ which featured Sunday, The Club, Jumpin’Jumpin’ which was full of enthusiasm and power continued to rock the stage. On the other hand, Stephannie’s solo- What U want and Juicy LOVE made the atmosphere to reach to its fullest.

Stephanie’s flamenco dance and voice made her shine in the limelight. Yet, The Grace’s awesome harmonization in ‘juicy LOVE’ was praised by fans who agreed that that was their best song.

‘Joyous times would always past by quickly. Yet, this is one of the memorable moments that we would all of us would remembered. Thanks for coming!’-The Grace mentioned sincerely. With that, the concert came to an beautiful end after singing their encore song- ‘My Everything’.

Yet, the stage brighten as the fans call out for The Grace. ‘One More Time, OK?’ was the song which they danced to.

Another concert is add-on for The Grace’s Gracecful4 Party Vol.1. Since their 1st Korean album, ‘Han Bon Don, OK?’ received a great deal of supports by fans, The Grace will be having their attention heavily focus in Japan this year. Lastly, The Grace sang ‘I’ll Kiss You’ with heartfelt smiles.

Despite the 1 hour 30 mins concert has ended, fans were unwilling to move.
‘One of the best concert I ever attended!” One of the excited Korean fans said.

‘Each members of The Grace has their own sensual beauty and power. I await for their next performances!’ said MAX- a quartet who was under AVEX management since 1995. Members of the MAX who also has the sexy appeals and powerful vocals like The Grace were all born in Okinawa.

Credits: YOONHAP + .Lolly-Pop* @ AF


    Lol, the other day, me and Candychu were talking about their concert, and she asked me if anyone actually went, since there had been no pictures or fan accounts ^^;;;
    I guess this proves that there were actually people there XDD
    The concert looks like it was very intimate, the girls were so close to the audience!
    Can’t wait for more pictures/fancams!!!
    Thanks for posting, dear <33

  2. Fancams… pictures are most probably going to resurface some time later. lol.It took the translator a few days to even get this news which was on Yonhap – a korean news (paper/network).lol. I WISHED THAT THERE IS MORE NEWS but as for now, i had to be satisfied with this. lol. I will give anything to go. lol.
    but thank goodness they have another concert coming up because the response was good. ^^

  3. THANK YOU POTENSVITA!! Me and pinkandsparkly were anticipating SOME sort of news of their Concert.
    Omg it looks so sweet/nice/cosy and everything lovely all packaged into…something XD

  4. Yeah. I agree about it looking cosy. Lol. I rather go to a concert where i can see my artist nice and clear than big big concert. But it is ok. If they have a big big concert, it meant that they are getting more recognition. haha.
    candy dear, I ALSO WANT MORE PICS AND

  5. […] nothing much had happened to them except for the Graceful 4 concert which was a big success. Since it was a big success, they are going to have another concert at May […]

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