Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 25, 2008

DBSK “Beautiful You” cover

Credit: Uruchai @ Soompi

[No, I didn’t name the pictures, I just re-uploaded them.]

LOL, they should’ve put Yunho at the back, instead of Micky, cos Micky looks like a midget XDDDD

Changmin-ah~~ your hair looks so gooood *—-* so does Yunho’s hair. See, he should’ve kept it like this for the “T” tour =.=;;.

I really like the rose petals and the white outfits, I think I like Junsu’s outfit the most, he looks very spiffy ;) I wish Yunho didn’t have to wear the hat though, I would’ve like to see more shots of his pre-extensions hair…

I’m tempted to chase after Jae with a huge bottle of fake tan xP

I’ve already uploaded the preview version of this song here

What I’m currently listening to: “Beautiful Eyes” – NewS 


  1. hiii! i continually read your site, but i don’t tend to comment. sorry, but i’m speaking up now! i just had to get this out. in the main cover, micky kinda looks a bit constipated… at least to me he does. hahaha.

  2. omg I saw the pic and i was like “DAMN AVEX I WANT TO BUY THE CD NOW!!!!”
    It looks SO ROMANTIC I really want to own it…except…I wasnt going to buy any more singles this yr XD
    NOoooooo wat do i do? :(
    and I so agree about Yoochun. He should not be standing at the back.
    Next time they should have it so that its like a “diagonal” line if u get me so that junsu is up the front and Yunho at the back…okay thats ugly but at least the height difference wont be as obvious
    but omg…why couldnt this be the cover of something else i was going to buy
    its just really pretty O_O
    except the roses r really bloody (coloured) i think i prefer the rose trail better than the rose background…too much blood on that cover XD
    and oh crap jae is white O_O whiter than kyu

  3. O_____O i LOVE the cover!! the rose petals + them in white suits = looooveeeee <333
    and yeah.. i agree XD~ yoochun really looks very little compared to the other 4 ^^”

  4. yes. I do agree with Candychu. the cover looks so romantic , i can’t wait to own it. i like the song actually.

    *jumps with joy ^^

  5. constipated micky. ^^
    haha. OMG. junsu’s outfit. *two thumbs up. am speechless. lols. he succeeded in having his charisma back. :D


    Ooh, btw, did you get my reply about the Chinese music pimp post? ^^ I hope I didn’t send it to the wrong address, although I’m so scatter-brained that it’s a good possibility I did. LOL. <3 Hope you had a wonderful easter, my dear!

  7. Alphanumerx:
    Thanks for commenting~!

    It looks like it should be the cover of a Valentines day card XD
    That’s right, you have ALL their singles, don’t you? :P
    Guess you’ll just HAVE to buy this one then, but then you can scan me the pictures from the lyric book, so I can see more photos of them posing in their lovely white outfits XD

    They all look very spiffy *——–*
    Yea, Micky should’ve been put at the front, not the back.

    I think I’m going to have to listen to a better quality version of the song to like it more, it sounds too much like “No” at the moment, imo.
    Junsu does look great in that suit ;)

    WAY too much makeup XD Jae looks TOO pale, he needs to go easy on the foundation/powder. The vampire look is NOT attractive.
    I just got the email that you just sent, and realised that I actually did receive that email, it’s my reply to you that got lost in cyber-space ^^;; I re-sent it though, fingers-crossed that you’ll get it!
    And yes, I had a great easter, I rewarded myself with a giant Toblerone bar XDDD Happy time~~

  8. Oh my. I love the white suits + red roses… but… OMGGGGosh… I don’t think I’ve ever seen the boys look exhausted to the point where they look exhausted even in PHOTOSHOOTS. Micky looks like he’s about to keel right over (and might I add, his pose makes him look like a bloated malnourished child) and Yunho and Jae are soooo pale and even Junsu looks ghostly as well. Only Changmin looks… normal. grrrr

  9. Nanshi:
    They look like they need a VERY long vacation :( They look like they haven’t eaten in days (especially Junsu, who looks extra skinny). I think the reason that Changmin looks normal, compared to the other 4, is because his skin is naturally darker, so he doesn’t look as pale…?
    Anyway, they all need rest. And Jae needs new boots.

  10. Here is a clearer Beautiful You preview.
    I would classify this as .. well a suave choosey lover.

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