Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 26, 2008

Don’t mess with Xiah Junsu

Credit: 샬랑뿌띠 @ dnbn + eskenita @ Youtube

Thank you Koreanchocolate for giving me the link!


70% of the video, is footage of Junsu being bullied by the other 4 DBSK boys, and the other 30%, is of Junsu “fighting back” XDD My favourite bit, is when they do the toast, and no one wanted to clink glasses with Junsu XDDD JUNSU, I STILL LOVE YOU

I know I’ve been posting a lot of fanvids recently (like, 3 :|), so in order to make this post a little more meaningful, here’s a remix of “Rainy Night”. There isn’t a HUGE difference between this and the original, but Rainy Night is my favourite Premium Live solo, so I think it sounds nice :D.

What I’m currently listening to: “good tears, bad tears” – Vivian Hsu 


  1. thank you Koreanchocolate for giving pinkandsparkly the link and thanks to pinkandpsarkly who embedded it.

    lols! ya, i don’t normally watch fan videos too, somehow, i find it interesting after you posted a few fan videos.

    junsu, cutie pie. isn’t he?
    bleks :P

  2. Erv:
    Lol, yea, I never used to watch fanvids, but the ones that i’ve seen recently, have all been REALLY good. Have you watched the Jae/Yamapi fanfic. trailer? That’s probably one of the most well-made fanvids I’ve ever seen *—*

  3. Ahaha. Rainy Night’s DEFINITELY my fave solo out of the five that were released. And Yoochun’s and Changmin’s are a close second. I was kinda disappointed with Jae’s – it was a little too anime-ish for me. XD And although I LOVED Yunho’s TRICK single, I didn’t like the solo he released with it (Crazy Night, I think?!). But yes, JUNSU IS SUCH AN AMAZING SINGER. And the song is PERFECT for his voice. <33333

    Can you send me the “Rainy Night” remix version, cos my computer’s acting up and I can’t seem to download the darn file. -.-‘ BUT, homg, the harmony’s AMAZING … !!!

    Speaking of which, I’d LOVE to duet with Junsu one day, but I think it’d make me sound heaps worse than I usually do. How unfortunate.

    I DEFINITELY lol-ed nonstop at the music used in the fanvid. SO GOOD. XDDDD And Junsu’s absolutely adorable. I think he’s actually my fave in the group now, just because he’s so … unique. XD And LOL at the ending clip of him … dancing. Yes, dancing. XDDDD


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