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Getting Personal with Li Yin.

I had been such a big thief lately. XD

This isn’t my translation and the translator had kindly granted me the permission to post it to share the news with everyone. If I were to find it elsewhere, WITHOUT any credit or permission from her. I will stop writing in Let’s Eat Candy and retire myself into the world of studying.

Capeesh? ^^

Credit Pic : SwTaZnLayDe @ soompi. Just a pic spam to get your interest pumping. ^^

She had an interview on 24 of March. So, I am about to post the hard work of translator in Soompi.

Source of this pic : Rikayla @ soompi

Side note : all this are just parts of the translation. I am just posting what interest me the most.

Interviewer: *he basically asks her if she felt pressure debuting in Korea and against many talented Korean artists, and asks her to explain the first time she stood on stage (her debut performance)*
Zhang Li Yin:当时是9月9号,我记得我为了那场演出准备了很长时间,每天都和自己的经纪人跑到公司练LIVE。
Li Yin: The date was Sept 9th, I remember I prepared a long time for the performance, my manager and I went to the company everyday to practice LIVE.
Interviewer: Is it that Handsame man?
Zhang Li Yin:他是中国的经纪人,我在韩国还有一个经纪人,在我刚出道的时候。我记得我那天出道时,所有公司很多人他们都很紧张。
Li Yin: He’s my manager in China, I have a manager in Korea too, when I first debuted. I remember the day I debuted, everyone in the company was nervous.
Interviewer: More nervous than you
Zhang Li Yin:对,很紧张,我在台上唱的时候他们都在底下捏一把汗,因为那段时间我唱LIVE老是容易唱飞,唱破,经纪人也知道,他就说,力尹,你今天千万不要 唱破了,我唱完了以后下来看他,满脸大汗。唱完了以后,我们公司很多人都献花过来,恭喜我出道,当时我就觉得特别高兴,而且跟我合作的XIAH俊秀,他 说,我上台怎么比你还紧张啊(笑)。
Li Yin: Yes, very nervous, when I was singing onstage they would be standing underneath looking very nervous, because during that period I easily sang off key or my voice would crack, my manager knew, and he would say, “Riin, please don’t crack your voice today”, after the song when I came offstage, I’d see him completely covered with sweat. After my debut, many people from my company sent flowers congratulating my debut, I felt really happy at that moment, and the person who I sang with, Xiah Junsu, he said “Why am I more nervous than you when going on stage?” (laughs)

Credit : mzz_booo @ soompi


It is interesting to know more about her predebut right? I like when everyone was nervous and fussing around her. ^_________^

Interviewer: A lot of people care about you, but I really want to know if there’s been anyone who’s bullied you while living overseas? Fans care about you a lot.
Zhang Li Yin:公司里的人没有欺负我过。
Li Yin: No one in the company has picked on me
Interviewer: Of course no one in your company would pick on you.
Zhang Li Yin:但是我去上学可能会有一点。
Li Yin: But when I go to school I would get picked on a bit
I: Do you remember what it was about?
Zhang Li Yin:我原来去韩国上学,我一进去,因为我去上学的时候他们学校要求戴假发,我们公司又舍不得我剪短头发,就给我戴了一个假发在头上,像一个蘑菇头那样大,去了学校里他们说,哎,这还是SM公司公司的吗?很贬我,我就特别气,第二天把假发脱了去上学。
Li Yin: I used to go to school in Korea, when I enrolled, our school had a policy that required students to wear wigs (I think she mixed up her words here.. I think she meant that students had to have short hair.. I can’t imagine a school wanting students to wear wigs 0_0), my company didn’t want me to cut my hair, so they gave me a wig to wear, it was like the shape & size of a mushroom. When I went to school, people would say, “hey, isn’t this an Sm trainee?” and they would seclude me. I was extremely angry, so the next day, I took off the wig and went to school.

Credit : mzz_booo @ soompi

Tough cookie. Now, I know why I like her. So cool.

There are more to the interview but it is all in soompi. Just lurk around the ZLY’s soompi thread. I live there mostly. ^^


  1. Wow, she looks GORGEOUS in that first picture :DDD
    LOL about her wearing a wig to school XDD

  2. thanks potensvita for putting it up n thanks to the person who translated it (:

    gosh. i love her hair. lols. it’s simple but it looks elegant on her.

    never know thAT she takes pic of herself liddat. nice. does she haf sa blog?

  3. haha. she has a personal blog but I dont have the link for it. haha. I will go and hunt for it. ^^

    found it.

  4. pontensvita!!!
    thanks for spendin’ ur precious time hunting for the link!
    runs off and read her blog now

  5. Oh, you are touched?
    Haha. No problem, dear.

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