Posted by: potensvita | March 27, 2008

For ervxiah ^^ – one of my random musings

If you guys haven’t heard of Anyband, may I know why?

My answers are simple. BoA was in it, Jun Su was in it, Tablo of Epik High was also there?

Wait … isn’t Anyband a four-member-temporary-band?

Who am I missing out?

Oh, yeah. Jin BoRa

Jin BoRa

I know that was a very lame opening, but I think it’s really accurate. Everyone including me, noticed all the other three but not Jin BoRa.

Jin Bora is first and foremost a pianist, a pianist so good that every single pitch is accurate and well, I don’t know …eh, music dancing off the keys, making its way to your ears and leaving one hell of an impression.

I’m glad that she is featured in Anyband, because unlike the previous Anycall commercials which were heavily dependent on their storyline and dance track, Anyband depended mostly on musical talents. (Glad that BoA was chosen and she managed to meet her korean fans)

A performance with SG Wannabe

credit : xsandy @ youtube.

I have found awesome fancams of her from the AnyBand concert.

Fancam 1 , Fancam 2(violin perf.)

Credit : xiah4eva @ youtube

PS : She is supposedly preparing for a debut album.

She haven’t debuted but I heard news that she was going to come up with an album.

Hence, she is one of my random musings.


  1. *throws lotsa candys for potensvita!

    haha. thanks for the information and the effort of finding the video. i hope you did not miss reading any of your lecture notes.:P

    i scrolled down and i was like..eee? isn’t that my username?

    i hope she’ll get more attention from the Korea media. can’t wait for her debut album!!! yea! another thing to look forward too !

    haha. i-know-i-have-no-life cause i have not started sch yet! :P:P

    OH MI GOSH> just had a close look at her playing the piano. she’s sooooo talented. first time seeing her wear dress though. i noticed she likes to wear strapless clothing.

    thanks again potensvita (:

  2. eehhh… ? that you there? the owner of the vid that I had embedded.
    Don’t worry about reading lecture notes…. I will never finish it. TT and exams coming on sat. TT
    lol. how come you dont have school? malaysia school should be on now right?
    She is talented but I don’t think she will very very popular. For instance, Maxim who played piano … was really popular too, but… I can’t remember anything from him.

  3. exams on sat?? all the best in your coming exam.

    lols. maybe she can be a wee-bit more popular than others cause she collaborated with BoA, junsu, tablor before. Yeah! maxim. he was once very popular, but i don’t think i’ve heard of him already. seems like he just poof, vanished.

    oh. I’m going for the second intake. Waiting for Singapore to accept me though. that’s why i don’t have school now ^^

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