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Ok, I couldn’t find enough stuff on him for me to do a proper stalking profile (he doesn’t even have his own wiki page! :O!) So here’s what I did find:

Name: 周觅 (Zhou-mi, or Jumyuk)

DOB: 19-04-1986

Height: 184cm (YUS :DD)

Hobbies: music, mc-ing

  • Winner of 2004 Chinese MTV singing competition
  • Top 16 of 2006 CCTV Mc-ing competition – but forfeited to be an SM trainee
  • Performed at Leehom’s 2005 concert
  • Was the MC at ZLY’s Chinese press conference

There was some other stuff about him winning various singing competitions, but I just chose to translate those three, because I thought they were the most significant.

Here’s a video of Jumyuk performing Leehom’s “You are my love” (great song, btw) in 2004 [He performed another song too, but I can’t remember the name of the song ^^;;;]:

Credit: skyoflovee @ Youtube

Ok….if he was this good before going into SM, I can’t WAIT to hear what he sounds like now. Boy can sing *———* In fact, imo, he sounds a lot better than some of the popular artists in China at the moment.

Here are some pretty-ful pictures [Credit: Baidu Zhou-mi Bar]:

Cute, yes? He looks a bit like Siwon+Kangta+Fahrenheit’s Wu zun, which is NOT a bad thing.

What I’m currently listening to: “Only” – Leehom

Yes, I’m putting this in the Super Junior category, because it’s 90% certain that he’ll be a member of Suju, and to be quite honest, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing *hides from “only-13” fans*


  1. HE IS SO CUTE JSDKFJKDLSJKDL. OH MY GOSH THAT VIDEO. WHAT A CUTE SMILE <33333333333!!! I need to see more of this boy…!

  2. Oh yeah, in your special text box, rofl, why is it “THE” spazzes XDD? You flatter us too much <3. I’m shy XDDDDDD.

  3. Spazzes:
    Yes, he’s ADORABLE!! And his voice *———–* *sings hallelujah chorus* XDD
    You guys deserve all the (positive) attention that you get! YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN WIKI PAGE!! :DDD Btw, how many writers are “Spazzes”? So confusing ^^;;

  4. He’s sooooo cute <333. I hope the fans don’t give him a hard time. At least give him a chance first <3.

    ahahah XDDD to be honest, when we first started writing, that was during our summer vacation and it was a bunch of us, but everyone got too busy with school so I write most of the posts now. But once in a while someone will pop in to write something! XD;;.

  5. LOL, my glasses look exactly like his. XDDDDD

    And zomg, he’s QUITE amazing at singer. ALMOST as good as J.J. Lin, and I hold J.J. Lin in high regard. ALMOST as fantastic as Jaejoong/Junsu, and I LOVE zem, so, yes, he’s pretty darn marvelous. Hehe.

    AND … his build’s similar to that of Changmin’s, yes?! Which is super nice – I LOVE lanky boys. XDDDD

    I basically had to talk about a particular passage and analyze it. So, my teacher gave us 8 passages from Hamlet and 2 poems to analyze in our own time, and I basically went to school today, picked a random passage, got twenty minutes to organize my thoughts, and went in and talked about it for fifteen minutes. I STUMBLED SO MUCH, it was embarrassing. And I’m usually good at presentations and talking, so I was SO disappointed with how I did today.

    Oh wells. It’s English. Shall move on.

    He’s got AMAZING stage presence, this boy. But Jumyuk … is kinda a weird name. Idk, maybe it’ll grow on me. XDDD

  6. isn’t he the one that sang the duet with JRI in “Pure Love?” I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy. So yeah… obviously he’s SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  7. Spazzes:
    I hope the Elves won’t be too mean to him :S He’s really talented, and they should definitely give him a chance. Talented people can only make Suju better :D
    LOL, that sounds like a group project that I always attempt with my friends. At the start, we’d all be really excited about it, and then one by one, we’d start getting bored with it and stop XD (I’d normally be the first to stop too ^^;;;)
    It’s a miracle I’ve been posting on here for this long, I am too cool for school xPPP

    LOL you had to study Hamlet XDDD I had to do Midsummer nights dream in year 9, Twelfth Night and Macbeth in year 10, Hamlet in year 11, and King Lear in Year 12, so I have enough Shakespeare to last me 3 lifetimes XD I remember when we did Hamlet, and this guy in my class commented on how “Hamlet was the world’s first emo” XDD I can still remember some of his soliloquies, actually, I NEED A LIFE XD
    I got to be Ophelia when we read the play, and I got to act crazy and throw flowers everywhere, HEEEHEEEEEEE
    Jumyuk does sound strange, I don’t know how they got the “myuk”, cos his Chinese name soundes like “jo mee” :S Yes, he’s adorable <33 and he also has a GREAT voice <33 I’m actually going to be really disappointed if he’s not in SJC ^^;;

    Nope, that was another guy, 宋秉洋。It appears that SM has lots of hidden talent…
    I can’t wait to watch a proper performance with Jumyuk. If this is what he sounded like BEFORE SM boot camp, he must sound @#$%#^^@#$ incredible now *————–* LSM struck gold.

  8. zhoumi!!!!
    oh my god!!
    i lik his nose…

  9. You have some major predicting skills xD

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