Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 27, 2008

“T” tour, Osaka hall [day 1]

Credit: 神影实习★珉 @ Baidu DBSK Bar + DNBN

On Soompi, it said that they’re from yesterday’s concert in Osaka, but who knows, they could very well be from the Yokohama stop. Hard to tell.

I was hoping for Yunho’s hair extensions to be chopped off/burned/thrown out, but I guess they’re still attached to his head :|

The picture of them lying down on the floor is CUUUUUUUUTE; weird how no one got a photo of Changmin lying down =.= you can see his face behind Jay’s leg though, lol.

Btw, that picture of Micky jumping(8th thumbnail, bottom right hand corner), is SO FUNNY XDDDDD

What I’m currently listening to: “As time goes by” – Leehom 


  1. Ahahaha, the boys look precious. I think that if I were posing the same way, I’d scare everyone away. XDDDDD

    Actually, normally I’d say Junsu pulls of the whole “lying on your stomach while kicking your legs” pose the best, but … Jaejoong looks SO HAPPY AND ADORABLE that I’d have to say he pwns Junsu at his signature look. Hehe.

    I seriously want to run after Yunho with a torch. Or a pair of safety scissors.

    HECK, I wanna run after him with a hedgesaw, and chop off all that HAIR. Gah.

  2. Playmeagain:
    They ALL look adorable in that pose *—-* Except for Yunho, but that’s only because his hair makes him look like a transvestite XD I think your hedgesaw idea is heaps good, we should go together, one saw each XDD BWAHAHAHAHAHA Also, while we’re at it, we should chop off Micky’s blonde sideburns, wth is up with those anyway :|

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