Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 29, 2008

Darkness Eyes, piano version

Credit: charcoals @ Youtube


Darkness Eyes, was probably my favourite new track on their “T” album, and the piano version sounds absolutely fantastic! The video uploader has also uploaded the score for this, and it can be found under the “about the video” section (double click on the embedded video, and that’ll take you to the youtube page) Be sure to thank her!

It’s not a very difficult piece to play, so if you have some piano knowledge, then you should definitely try playing it and drive your family insane XDDDD My family’s going to love it, lol XD Actually, I’ve been practising “flight of the bumblebee” all week, so they probably will love this a lot more ^^;;;;

What I’m currently listening to: “Rainbow” – DBSK 


  1. I agree about the piano pieces. If I am not wrong, there is this piano group that actually played their songs and some of them are really nice.
    Like a collector, I had collected all the released piano pieces on their songs and I do have to say that they are really good.

  2. coolness ^_^ u know i just ripped the audio from the yamapi – jj fic you shared before cos i thought it would make a cool ringtone ^_^ just uploaded it on my phone too! that song is just awesome ^_^

  3. Potensvita:
    I love the piano version of their songs! Especially the ballads, the fast songs sound a bit…weird =.= lol :P

    I <3 Yamapi :P
    I really liked that trailer, and Darkness Eyes is one of my favourite DBSK songs ^–^

  4. i love this version, too :D
    I´d also like to play the song on piano, but I can´t find the notes. Can someone help me?

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