Posted by: potensvita | March 29, 2008

Once upon a time, I was straight. XD – My #2 musing post

Exactly four years ago, I was really straight. That was when CSJH and ZLY wasn’t here.

Now, some sentiments came back to me when I heard some news that made me well, a bit sad.

And this is what this post is about to lead to, I am going to talk about my previous crushes and on the people that brought me into the world of Kpop.

I really love reading and discovering new stuff. Around 2002, when my country was hit by the Hallayu wave, I got carried away with the Halluya wave too. By then, I had started to learn to utilize the internet. Haha. I am not a country pumpkin. It was just that I had school. I knew the usage and benefit of the net. Just never got around to using it. XD

I stumbled into Soompi and that was where I started reading fanfic and started to try my hand in writing. Haha.

Anyway, why did I type so much?

Because as I was saying, I heard some sad news.

News that I think has made quite an impact on me.


Two whole years.


I knew that this day would come soon, but I just didn’t know what kind of reaction I would have. Now, I know and I wish that they would abolish the army system thingy in Korea.

If you can’t empathise with me, let me give you an analogue to make you feel a fraction of what I’m feeling right now.

WHAT IF DBSK AND SUJU enter the army now?

For two whole years?

~hears a lot of screams~

They aren’t supposed to be on television during this period of time. You are most probably not going to see them.

Terrible, isn’t it?



And in my gratitude to them, I will now occasionally post stuff or previous work of them to keep the fan in me alive. As usual, there is no obligation on reading my posts. ^^

from : left to right : Eric, Jun Jin, Hye Sung, Dong Wan, Min Woo, Andy.

The reason I really really like them is because of their friendship.Hence, I chose this picture of them laughing together.

OH, yeah. I can’t forget Kangta. He is my BIGGEST CRUSH ever. lol.

He is so good at singing and the purity with which he sings. Melts. lol. Why must I suffer this?

A smiling Kangta. <3

A pure Kangta.

Kangta with SM Town.

I guess you can tell who I like best. TT

PS : Some of my photos got cut. Oh well.


  1. I worship Kangta and will be sad to see him gone for two years ;___;. But I’m sure he’ll be back better than ever ♥. Cause that’s just who he is.

  2. i told you we share similar taste.haha.
    I so so adore him. Smile. oh well.

  3. haha, i know what you mean. last year, when i was still in primary, i was still a innocent little girl with no idols whatsoever. now, i’m known in my class for being a dbsk, super junior, and korean pop fan. probably known too well for being a fan, (aka. screaming on the bus with this older girl about how wonderful suju and dbsk are). but before entering the world of korean pop, i was obsessed with ‘kuailenansheng’, or superboy, but since it was only a competition, it didn’t last that long, but the boys have released their own albums now, and i still stalk them (weichen; jia you!), but it was when hangeng and siwon appeared on the tv channel (hunan tv) that broadcasted superboy (that was when hangeng and siwon went to china; the show with the cute duck, and the variety show are part of hunan tv), i discovered SUJU! YAY! hangeng was my fav member, and then siwon, (since they were like, the only members i knew then). and now, i have transformed into a kpop fan! sorry, that was a long and incoherent rave. but pinkandsparkly, are you in sydney?

  4. libby96
    pinky most probably is in sydney.
    But the poster for this topic is actually, Potensvita. Yup. That’s me. ^^. nice to meet you.

    thanks for comforting me. I so know what you mean. My friends and family thought I was weird for liking something that I may never comprehend. Oh well.
    As long as we like them, we aren’t guilty of anything isnt it?
    Oh, I saw the happy show before. Haha. I had heard of the Superboy too. Though, I dont really have time to watch them. haha.

    Sigh. Wish I had more time in life.

  5. Libby96:
    Lol, I didn’t post this one ^^;; But I’m sure Potensvita won’t mind me commenting here :D
    Nope, don’t live in Sydney, I do live in Australia though, just in a different state XDDD
    You have access to Chinese TV? LUCKY. I rely on the internet for all my news, haha.
    Ooo, you watched Superboy? I haven’t seen the show, but I do know the “Bobo” group that came out of it (I think they came from Super boy????) I really liked their first song that they released *——–* Do you know who i’m talking about?? lol XD

  6. About the army thing. I totally understand how you feel. I love Shinhwa and Kangta, and I think Shinhwa won’t be able to come together for more than 2 years ‘cos Andy and Junjin will only enlist next year. T.T

  7. ^ no … you are kidding me. T.T
    I am going to mope a bit more in my room. Can’t believe this. All the happiness they gave me and now, TWO WHOLE YEARS. and with a later enlistment…. There won’t be a ShinHwa album for three years.
    By that time …. cries.

  8. Well.. yeah. I’m still trying to console myself by thinking that at least Hyesung isn’t going. But still, 3 years of no Shinhwa together is such a long time. gahh.

  9. I know hye sung wasn’t going, it was because of his leg right?
    well, eric is going to have a drama before going. So, i hope that drama is going to be good. please let it be good. Like firebird…

  10. actually to tell you the truth, I can’t really like DBSK or SUJU because… I will never forget ShinHwa or Kangta. I will always keep a mind to youtube their videos and rewatch old clips. Now, that they are gone. I felt like … really crying. They had gone through so so much. >.< especially ShinHwa who had not rocked the entertainment world in the first album because of IMF. I wondered how their concert went. Sigh.

  11. hahah thats exactly how i feel potensvita!!! i actually got into the whole kpop thing cuz of shinhwa and its been like 5 years now >.< and although i hav periods of time when i get totally obsessed with other bands/singers like how im totally in love with suju atm, im always a shinhwa fan at heart and i still go to their soompi thread to read bout their news and still youtube for recent clips on them n i should be happy cuz its their 10th anniv but im so upset cuz we wont be seeing them together as shinhwa for ages.Plus i cant even be at their last concert for years and im just so depressed atm cuz im gonna miss those boys like crazy..*tear

  12. I haven’t been a fan for long (1.5 year), but Kangta and Shinhwa were actually the ones that got me into KPop. To be exact, Kangta led me to Shinhwa, which led me to DBSK, which in turn led me to Suju. And I like all these groups but Shinhwa is always my no.1 Korean group love. I rewatched a lot of their videos and stuff, too. It sucks that the year that I started liking them, Shinhwa held a concert here in Singapore, but before I got to know them. But well, don’t be too sad. They’ll be back and when they are, they’ll be the same old Shinhwa, albeit a little older lol.

  13. beckery
    come on here and hugs. this is what we call a group hug. Don’t worry. They will be back, and they will have us waiting at the end of the time for them. We will support them. Maybe they will come back hotter? With six pack?
    lol. Don’t cry. As long as they have one loyal fan like you and me and maybe a lot of people, they will survive.


    Haha. how funny. Kangta was the one that lead me to ShinHwa too. How did you know kangta anyway? ShinHwa is really like a human. Don’t worry dear. I will occasionally post something about them… just to revive us both. I will wait patiently for them to come back. ^^

  14. My friend was crazy over Kangta and I sorta got influenced lol. yep I believe everyone’s gonna wait for them to come back. =)

  15. good. I love ur companion. lol. haha.

  16. Though it’s late, but,
    I MISS KANGTA!! :-(

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