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Haha. I found these miscellaneous facts about YounHa interesting. Most probably some of you guys already know this, but well, this is relatively new news for me.

1) YounHa had not only auditioned for SM only. She had auditioned for tonnes of company (about 20 auditions). She is so persistent. Gosh. I am loving her more.

2) Had you ever wondered why her English is so good? Because she is in The Korean University of Foreign Languages studying English most probably. <3 Big brownie points. Haha.

3) She can COMPOSE in fact, remember the mp3 that I shared in My Obsessions? She COMPOSED IT. How cool is that? She is brimming with talent. Speaking of 06 onulman. I was really lucky to have gotten the lyrics for it. Haha thanks to supper @ soompi who was kind enough to share the translation of it.

Only for Today (Composed by Younha)

Could you ignore my sorrows?
Please don’t ask me anything
Even the feelings that I can’t express
Hurt me

Why only me
Why do I fall into such painful love
You can’t really comfort me
Could you leave me alone?
Even though I look so pitiful?

* begin chorus *
The one person that loved me
The one person that hurt me
I hate the memories

I should forget. I’ll forget, but…
* end chorus *

Only for today

My everything became one big mess
Even breathing itself is meaningless
Why does the passing day feel so long?
It’ll be ok, right?


I’ll feel sad only for today
I’ll cry my heart out only for today
You’ll let me go now, right?
I know it’s sad, but we weren’t meant to be.

Just for a little while
Could you hug me like before?
When I turn away only tears will remain
But could you turn back the clock?

Only for today

Credit : supper @ soompi and GoYounha fansite

Now, enough with the past.

More on recent news. XD

She has recently released an album Younha – Songs – Teen’s Collection, an album released in Japan as a collection of her past works in Japan. So, this is most probably a good album to buy if you’re new to her. I heard that there are some new tracks here too. Supposedly, it is for her upcoming birthday in April. Hum. Maybe I should do something for her birthday?

She is supposedly filming a Japanese movie, (insert random title. Will find out more about it). I am such a lousy reporter. >.< I hope the movie will do good, because if it does, it will give more exposure to YounHa.

To end this post, I am going to embed a SUBBED interview of YounHa.

Younha – Showbiz xtra Interview on arirang

credit : bloope @ youtube. ^^


  1. studying English? wah, that’s new. I’ve always thought she majors in Japanese Studies or something?

  2. actually, that is just assumption. I read from the soompi thread that she was studying foreign language in Korea University.
    But I heard she studied Japanese by herself. ^^

  3. Done ;)
    I love Younha <33 she’s got SUCH a good voice, it’s so strong, but soothing at the same time *———-* I’ve got her album, but er….I haven’t listened to all the tracks yet XDDD Will do that now~
    Thanks for posting <3

  4. I’m glad she didn’t get into SM. (She didn’t, right?)
    Because if she did, then she’d probably singing stuff that wasn’t her style and being all overly cutsey and stuff.
    Her voice is very soothing to listen to. :)

  5. I’ve got Younha’s two Korean albums and OMG I LOVE HER. She’s my all-time favourite female artist, ever. ♥

  6. pinky,
    I agree with your every words. I don’t know how to describe her voice. Soulful strong? lol. it is ok how you didn’t listen to all her songs. ^^ but once you do, you will love her. I have faith on her music.

    she DIDN’T. thank goodness. I have this love hate relationship with SM. They are good in what they are doing as in promotions and stuff but when it come to giving freedom, it is down to nil. Yes. Her voice is very very soothing. haha. I adore her very much. Your comments made me a bit happy.


    me TOO. I ADORE HER LOT LOTS. HAHAHA. haha. I suddenly felt motivated to post more about her.

  7. aww, i absolutely love her voice, it is soothing, but also is very strong. Actually it sounds more mature than her actual age of 20? i think?

    and i love the piano rock/pop. the genre i feel is very underplayed in korea, all those pop groups busting out the seams from SM, JYP, and YG… not that i don’t like the groups! but it’s refreshing to get some different styles.

  8. Yonheet55:
    Hii~~~ Pinkandsparkly here, I normally don’t reply to Potensvita’s comments, but I had to reply to yours! In your comment, you mentioned that you liked piano rock?? Have you tried the American band Jack’s Mannequin? If not, download the song “The Mixed Tape” by them, it’s one of my favourite piano rock songs of all time <33

  9. @ pink

    yes!!! i actually went to one of their concerts.. it was amazing!!!! their album in it’s entirety is amazing!!

    and i love andrew’s other band. something corporate… they are disbanded now, but still some great songs came out of their 2 or 3 albums..

  10. Jack’s Mannequin = <3 :]:]:]:]:]:]:]
    The Mixed Tape is an amazing song.

  11. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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