Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 30, 2008

Hangeng+Leeteuk Starking cut

Credits: idarklight @ Youtube + Potensvita for giving me the link <33


I didn’t.

It’s kinda hard to describe what he did….so watch the video XD Na, I think he performed a choreographed martial arts skit with the little kids (who, btw, are SO good). I think Hangeng was the “bad guy”, and the little kids had to rescue Kang ho dong from Hangeng’s evil clutches?? XDD IDK.

I’ve always assumed that Hangeng just knew the basics of martial arts (cos, um, he was kinda fail in that full house episode XD) but he’s actually REALLY GOOD. I was pleasantly surprised :D.

And those kids are so cuuuuuuute ^——–^ They looked like little blue and yellow blobs flying around in the air XDDD

Oo, and the group hug at the end was absolutely adorableee, I wanted to put myself in the middle of that, and jump up and down XDDD

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  1. I love Kang Ho Dong. I was spazzing out on how cute the small kids are. Kids are pure love. Kang Ho Dong.<3 and for once, Han Geng is hot for me. ^^

  2. lol Hankyung did some martial arts in that special Star King ep when they were in China…it was soooo awesome XD
    LOL and in Full House I think he was just being polite and letting Sungmin do all the showing off :P

  3. KHD always spazzes with little kids! :]
    I think I always knew that HanGeng was that good. =d haha. He’s amaaazing :]

    I hope this gets subbed!!!!!!

  4. long time lurker, just wanted to leave a comment.

    hangeng knows the form of martial arts known as wushu, and all those moves that he did is typical of it. I think he did a 360 jump kick or something, but yes. and it’s more for artistry because a lot of moves are more acrobatic, than for “defend myself when someone wants to kill me”

    and of course, <333 hangeng.

  5. hangeng seems the type that keeps a super low profile. remember ehb spinning thing of doom? yeah, i mean, he totally knows how to spot, but didn’t until the ballerina came along, when he in fact did 6 years of ballet himself soo…

    either his head is always in the clouds and he “forgets” or he purposely doesn’t show it.

    or he seems to like the yesung method of gaining popularity lol lol

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