Posted by: lovediaries | March 30, 2008

M!Countdown – SuJu’s last day

{video credit: jstar@ youtube; pictures: SJmarket}

IT’S SO SAD!!!!!!!!

This clip is only short but it shows some old footage from when Teuk, Shindong and Kangin started MCing this show and then when Eunhyuk came along and replaced Kangin.

Of course Teuk starts crying XDDD but it’s actually really touching because from what I can see ELFs took up the whole TV station (hahaha) with their Sapphire Blue balloons and apparently SuJu have been hosting this for the longest time in a row…so it’s even more meaningful…*wipes a few tears*

And when Teuk tries covering his mouth to stop himself from crying…*omg chest clench*

Anyways, here are some pics of Teuk crying…


In addition, if you want to watch Teuk and Shindong’s performance with Jessica from SNSD then:

*Click here*

Teuk played the piano, Shindong rapped and Jessica sung (duh XD)

I’ll miss their skits :( If Hyuk and Kangin had been there it would have been perfect. But we can’t always have what we want which is why SuJu won’t be hosting M!Countdown anymore…it’s for all those ELFs living in Asia. And I can’t help but sound a little bitter because Australia isn’t part of Asia.

It technically is, isn’t it? AP region?

p.s Teuk’s ponytail IS SO CUTE !!!

::EDIT:: Okay I just watched the performance clip…and BUAHAHAHAH Teuk’s hair really is VERY VERY cute. And him on the piano = me dead. Because when Teuk plays the piano, it’s hard to imagine him as the same dorky guy that gets pushed around for having an inverted triangle as a body … even if he has a palm tree on his head haha XDD ILU Teuk!!!

And Shindong is a really good rapper O_O If Hyuk had been there can you imagine HOW MUCH MORE AWESOME it could have been?? Shindong looks really good in black + tie, btw ^^

Jessica has a sweet voice but it sounds really shaky especially during her high notes. I’m not sure if it’s the audio or if thats just how she usually sings…

Oh and I just checked, this song is called ‘Uljima’ and from what I know, that means ‘Don’t Cry’.


  1. crying tuekie *cant stop my own tears* T_T I’ll watch the clip later though. thanks for the headzup.

    uljima! i know this! watch the marry u making, its what they chant to donghae when they greeted him cos twas his birthday. they are always teasing members this :)

  2. querubin:
    BE SURE TO WATCH IT! I’m capped and I still watched it because Teuk crying is just SO BEAUTIFUL!!
    lol i actually learnt ‘uljima’ from Junsu’s ‘White Lie’. In the second verse Yoochun sings ‘uljima, uljima’ – don’t cry, please don’t cry because I can’t wipe your tears for you.
    AND YES to this day that remains one of my all time favourite lines :D
    AND I RMBR HAE CRYING!!! then claiming he hadn’t cried…*squishes*

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