Posted by: potensvita | March 30, 2008

Weekly Happenings of My Girls


Ah. ^________^

So caring, ^_____________^

I will start with her, since she is my absolute favourite.

Click here to listen.

Let’s listen to her song. This song – Song With No Name is one of my personal favourites. Haha. A song for you, a song for me ….. caught my attention because that reminded me of how hard she works, the emotion she puts into each and every song of hers.

Speaking of which, she is finally putting out a jewelry line of her own designs.

BoA’s brother, Kwon Soon Wook said, “BoA always says that she wants to study design at art school…
Credit : suejinners @ BoAJjang.

You know, there was once, I can’t remember when, that she suddenly announced that she was tired and wanted a break. Smile sadly. Maybe to pursue her passion for design. Whatever the case, as a true fan I would say, go for your dreams, I will watch from behind.


Basically, nothing much have happened to them except for the Graceful 4 concert which was a big success. Since it was a big success, they are going to have another concert at May 19 in Daikanyama UNIT. Tickets will cost ¥3,500 and go on sale on March 24th.

Credit : CSJH’s soompi thread. ^^


  1. Pontensvita!!

    Hello hello. Haha

    What’ BoA been up to? She’s having short hair?

  2. helo.
    Lol. that’s isnt a short hair. it is her hair for her Girls On Top era. lol. Very cool punkish hair.

  3. That picture of CSJH is the banner of and I was commenting on the post about SuJu leaving MCountdown. And I said it was so sad and I wished them luck on their tour. And I said how I really liked the banner. Then someone commented after me and was like,”The banner is horrible, sorry.

    About Super Junior leaving Mnet Countdown, it’s a MIRACLE!!!”
    And I wanted to punch this person in the face.

  4. well. we called those people … pain in the ~censor~
    lol. there are always people like that, so ignore them.
    Until they found a better meaning to their existence, ignore them. ^^

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