Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 30, 2008

“Xing” pimp post

I have three pimp posts that I need to finish, and a bunch of assignments, but I must pimp these boys, cos THEY ARE SO AWESOME.

Ok, before today, I had never heard of them. I actually found them while searching for Younha’s new Japanese album XDDD Serendipity, yes? :P

Anyway, XING is fairly new Korean boyband, who debuted in December 2006 (I don’t know why I haven’t listened to them till now). I don’t actually know anything about their group (I don’t even know how many of them there are XDD), but they are @#%$#^#^%! AMAZING singers *———–* THEIR HARMONISATION RIVALS DBSK(well, their earlier stuff anyway) and that’s a huge compliment, cos you all know how much I wub DBSK :P.

They haven’t released many songs, but I really really really like the stuff that I’ve heard so far. They sing mostly pop ballads, and they can all harmonise REALLY well. Another thing about their songs, is that they don’t have rapping in them *—-* imo, sometimes rapping in ballads ruins the song. Oo, and one other thing, THEIR ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION IS FANTASTIC. I can actually distinguish 95% of what the lyrics!! IT’S AMAZING.

The only bad thing about them, is that they’re all reaaally young (I think the youngest is 16 this year? and the oldest is turning 18), but that’s ok, I don’t mind feeling like a pedo XDDD.

Here are a few songs that you should try out:

My Girl – Kevin version[english] Music video

My Girl – Group version Music video

Ok, so one of the members, Kevin, always has his own solos of their group songs, in English. At first, when I saw the title of this, I was like “oh, great, not another one”, cos I thought of DBSK’s “Hug” international version XDD BUT, HE TOTALLY SURPRISED ME. His English pronunciation is actually QUITE good. I was très impressed *————-* Kevin sings the lead vocals, but I think the others harmonises in the background? The MV of this is really cute, it’s comprised of footage of them doing a promotion in Thailand. Really nice poppy song, kinda reminded me of “hug”, I don’t normally listen to “cute” songs, but this one is really nice :D

In your hands – Kevin version[english] Music video

In you hands – Group version Music video

Probably my *favourite*, out of all the songs by them that I’ve listened to so far. I think this song is the title track on their debut single. Anyway, it’s a really nice slow song, it’s very sweet. I really like the lyrics, and I absolutely love the fact that I can understand the lyrics XDD Kevin’s got a great voice, and the rest of the members did a great job with the harmonisation in the background *———-* If you want to download one song from this post, THEN DOWNLOAD THIS ONE.

Forget our memories – Kevin version[english]

Forget our memories – Group version

Another slow song :D This song has really nice lyrics too~ And Kevin’s voice is soooo smooth in this song. Actually, I like his voice in every song XDDD. In the group version, there’s a member who sings with this really nice deep voice, which I really like, must go google them XD From what I’ve heard so far, they don’t seem to have any dance tracks, and hardly any upbeat songs, which is fine with me :P.

Try them out and tell me what you think~!

What I’m currently listening to: “Dreams come true” – CSJH The Grace



  1. ooh, i really love your blog! they’re always filled with recommendations! the list of korean artistes i listen to have expanded from having only tvfxq and suju to include ss501, xing, v.o.s. etc. and it’s all thanks to you and spazzes! your blogs are a must to visit everyday! thank you for all the time and effort taken to update! (:

  2. Melly21:
    You’re welcome~!!

    What can I say, Spazzes and I both have great music taste. Just kidding :P

    Haha, the only korean music that I used to have was DBSK, but now….well….I still don’t have very many ^^;; BUT I’M GETTING BETTER :DDD How did you like the Xing songs, btw?

    There’s so much good music out there, and I love gushing about good music ;) Have you read the Chinese music pimp post that Spazzes and I wrote together? Very good songs there, go download!

  3. zomg! the first song I heard was forget our memories by kevin and it was totally amazing! the Korean version was not too bad too! but the lyrics in the English version hit me so hard I was like ‘omg so nice so nice I must get my hands on all their songs!’ fantastic group of singers!

  4. oh did I mention how much I love their harmony!

  5. Melly21:
    Your comment made me SO happy, lol XDDD
    It’s so nice to know that someone took my advice and downloaded the songs!! *hugs* And yes, THEY’RE AWESOME <333

  6. HIIIIIIII. I’ve missed you toooooo … !!! (In reply to your reply on the other post. <33333333)

    I’m definitely getting around to downloading this … XDDDD. But, unfortunately, I think I’m capped (as is candychuuchuutrain), so the downloading is impairing my computer. XDDDDDD

    I think I downloaded one song, but my computer ALMOST EXPLODED NO JOKE. It went FLEHEJFHDF PSSHHHHHHHH FHSEFHSEFHSDHF AAACCCCKKKK, and I almost died, because computers aren’t supposed to make sounds like that. (But it made the same sounds when I put a CD in, so … XDDDDD). And the downloading was going SO.SLOWLY that I aged like 40 millllion years. XDDD

    But yes, trying again now XDDDD


  7. Kevin’s voice is strawberries dipped in chocolate and topped with whip cream. AWESUMMMMM.

    But I heard he’s leaving Xing?! Which is REALLY quite unfortunate. He’s good enough to solo it out on his own, though.

    AND HIS PRONUNCIATION IS LOVELY … !!! I hold it in VERY high regard, especially as, well, Micky’s on-again, off-again english engrish drives me bonkers.


  8. Playmeagain:
    He’s leaving??? Lol, I know NOTHING about the group XDDD
    His pronunciation is SO GOOD. I COULD UNDERSTAND 90% OF IT!!!!!!!!
    Lol, I cringe whenever I listen to “show me your love”; the intro is so FUNNY, but so bad at the same time XD

  9. Kevin left Xing & joined U-Kiss, th english version that Kevin sang was very nice (:

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