Posted by: potensvita | March 31, 2008

Goodies Bag #1

My contract with Pinky dear.

1) I will not post anything about DBSK

2) She will not post anything under my juridiction (which is those I am covering).

3) We will respect one another. (Battles eyelash to Pinky)

So, what am I doing now? Am I breaking the contract?

I am really sorry, pinky but in BoAJjang, I had uploaded some performance of DBSK for others. I really don’t want those links to be wasted so… I decided to share it.

If this is inappropriate, you can close this post.

The first performance is Miduhyo by DBSK.

Micky cried in this performance because when they first debuted, they had to face the risk of being separated. (If my memory served me correctly)

Download link



PS : There seemed to be some mix up lately. This blog has a few authors and an admin which is Pinky. lol. I can’t help but to call her fondly. The coauthors are me, Potensvita, and Candychu and Pinky. Each and everyone of us write what interest us the most. In my case, I write more of the female artist because I treasured them a lot. The same goes to Pinky and Candychu who wrote about DBSK and SUJU and etc etc.

Please don’t mix us up. T.T


  1. Of COURSE I don’t mind :DDD
    Good things should be shared~!

  2. Wow, they look so young. My DBSK favorite after Purple Line. Ugh, I bet they’ll perform that at Hollywood Bowl. T.T

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