Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 31, 2008

Leeteuk+Yesung “Talk show Taxi”

Video Credit: zodiac620 @ Youtube

I’m not sure what this program is about (never heard of it till today), but this part of the show featured Leeteuk and Yesung. They dressed up as taxi drivers, and Leeteuk drove a proper Korean taxi (with Yesung as passenger). While they were driving around, they spotted these girls on the side walk, who saw them too, so of course they climbed into the taxi, and the 5 of them had a nice little chat XD.

Ok, two things wrong with this video.

Number one: I didn’t know Leeteuk could drive this well XDD I remember how he used to crash into immobile objects just trying to park a car, HOW ON EARTH DID HE GET HIS LICENSE??? (judging by the picture on his driver’s license, he only recently got it :|)

Number two: How on earth did those girls manage to stay so calm and collected?! They acted like they’ve seen Suju members driving taxis on a daily basis :| Lol, if it was me, I would’ve taken my textbook out of my bag and started whacking them both over the head, just to check that it wasn’t a dream :P And then, I would’ve attempted to rip off their “masks”, cos I would think that they were psychotic murderers pretending to be SJ boys XD Sigh…I’m such a lovely person.

What I’m currently listening to: “River south” – JJ Lin 


  1. HAHAH i love reading your posts, they always crack me up XD..Hmm if i was in that situation i’d probly stick my face infront of Leeteuk’s face (even if im blocking his view of the road) and pinch and squish it so that i know im not dreaming and maybe pull a few strands of hair while im at it..haha imagine how safe that would be especially with his driving skills XXDD I actually think his a worst driver then me and thats definitely telling u something since i somehow managed to reverse my car into a tree. I might add that the tree was standing perfectly still and has been there ever since i was born, but it had somehow become magically invinsible on the mirrors while i was reversing haha..Yea I rmbr that clip of him driving with kangin at the front and sungmin at the back..Poor minnie was so scared!!

  2. Beckery:
    OO, I know, after you pull out some of Leeteuk’s hair, you can put it into a zip-lock bag, and WE’LL CLONE HIM :DDDD Fantastic idea, yes? XD
    Haha, I am SUCH a bad driver, I’ve never driven a real car, but the few times that i’ve gone go karting have been disastrous XD. The first time, I ran over the give way sign, and the second time, my kart flipped, and I nearly ran into a cow XDDDD I RULE.

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