Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 1, 2008

“Beautiful You” PV preview

Credit: eternalmerkamoon2 @ Youtube

Ok, so you only get to see five seconds of the actual PV, and the rest of the video is more footage of their USJ appearance, but I DON’T CARE, I LOVE THIS SONG AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE FULL PV :DDDD. Oo, and Jae was so cute (and tiny) near the end XDDD

What I’m currently listening to: “Poets and bananas” – unknown author 


  1. I’ve realized that I’ve not commented on your blog in SO LONG. (That’s not to say I haven’t been stalking; I’ve just refrained from commenting) XDDDDD My bad. Hehe.

    But yes, Jae’s SO SMALL. He’s SO tiny compared to the others – even Junsu, and I’m not sure why, cos he ISN’T the shortest in the group, is he?!

    I actually LOVE “Beautiful You”. XDDDD It’s got SUCH a catchy refrain, although the phrase “You’re such a beautiful woman” has been over-used in the past. XDDDDD And I can actually understand their English, which is commendable. XDDDDD

    However, I’m SO not feeling the dance. NOT AT ALL. Their purple line dance was quite amazing, but this is … interesting?! I dunno why, and it’s probably just me who’s not feeling the choreography at all from what I’ve seen so far. I think I’ll have to see the WHOLE dance before I start liking it.

  2. Playmeagain:
    I’ve got exams coming up next week, so I haven’t been able to sit down and write a reply to your email yet (cos we always write essays to each other) XDD But I will reply! Soon… :)
    I don’t think Jae’s the smallest…I think Junsu is meant to be the shortest? I have NO idea, you’ll have to ask Candychu that question, she’d probably know their weight too xP
    I TOTALLY heard the english lines in this song, they’ve improved! XDD Btw, have you downloaded the Xing songs that I recommended? YOU SHOULD. especially the kevin version of “in your hands”, it’s SO GOOD, and IT’S GOT GOOD CLEAR ENGLISH.
    I don’t like the choreography of this dance, it’s so….cheesy =.= The arm movement thing always reminds me of Saturday night fever, every single time I see them do it, i’m reminded of that song XD I tend to not like the dancing of their medium tempo songs (summer dream, shine, insert other song names here ^^;;;) It’s like with SJ’s Marry U, imo, they should just not dance to that song, the dancing ruins the song XDD

  3. LOL people have been talking about me, I see.
    Well, playmeagain and pinkandsparkly along with others who are interested. Last time I checked (yes, I PERSONALLY CHECKED :P) Junsu was supposed to be the shortest, with Jae and Yoochun being the same height. However, as of lately, it has been drawn to my attention that Yoochun actually looks the shortest. Either Junsu grew or Yoochun shrunk. Except this doesn’t answer your question so I shall cut with the crap and tell you their heights………………well, actually…*twiddles thumbs* what I do know is 3 yrs ago Jae and Chun were 180 while Junsu was 178. As for their current height………..LOL IDK!!!! Aha. But on a random note, Hyuk and Teuk weigh 58 kgs? I think? :S
    THIS IS SO RANDOM *runs away…trips over own feet*

  4. candychu :
    *owh… careful. don’t trip over them :P

    hahaha..really? junsu’s shortest? lols..owels..i don’t care, he still has his duck butt and cute character.

    i’m so glad you like the song! can’t wait for the release of the MV too. (:

  5. ONLY 58 kg?!?!? ONLY?!?!? Undernourished children. xP

    They are NOT 180 cm, are they?!? OMG, they FIT my HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS FOR A LIFE PARTNER. xDDDD (I sound like such a bimbo right now, but YES, this is SIGNIFICANT and life-changing.) I gave up on Jae AGES ago, because I couldn’t be bothered to check up on his height to see if he was AT LEAST 180 cm. XDDDDD Compared to Yunho and Changmin, he looks like such a shawwwty. XDDDD

    AND THAT WAS 3 YEARS AGO TOOO?!?? o.O Tall asians ILU.

    But are they ACTUALLY that tall .. ?! I think Eunhyuk said that at one point, he actually lied about his height and added a couple of cm to his height profile on the net. XDDDD That sounds JUST like something he’d do. Eunhyuk ILU. XDDDDD

  6. yeh, we can never be too sure of their heights.
    all i know is changmin is 188 cm :) – he called me and told me ^^
    lol but OMG I WANT A TALL LIFE PARTNER TOO!!! So Donghae is a tad on the shortish side =.=” GROW BOY, GROW!!!!
    wats odd is apparently hyuk eats more than shindong? i dun think thats true but hes just one of those ppl who burn weight like crazy T_T
    but lol wat type of fan r u!? u cant even be bothered checking up their heights? thats like the nxt thing i do after checking their age XDDDDD

  7. I’m a TERRIBLE fan – the worst kind of fan anyone could ask for. XD ^^

    LOL, I don’t check up on heights, because I plan on SEEING them in the flesh one day and you know, check it then. XDDDD I’m IDEALISTIC, OKAY?! XDDDD

    But yus, I agree, AGE is LE IMPORTANT. That’s why I don’t fangirl F.T. Island as much, because only 3 out of 5 members are older. (XD – SHALLOW, I AM SO SHALLOW). I will, however, admit that the one singer has an AMAZING voice. <333

  8. Candychu:
    Darling, you’re weird. But I love you anyway XDDD
    I am a bad bad fan, and I’m proud of it too :PPPPPPPP
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Eunhyuk did eat more than Shindong. He seems like the large appetite type XD

    YAY, let’s start a bad fans fanclub, and get hunted down by crazy ELFs and Cassiopeians :DDDD
    I’m older than ALL the FTI boys XDD But that’s ok, I’m not a HUGE fan of their music – I prefer English bands when it comes to rock music XD But I do think they’re very cute boys :D
    Height is SO important, I NEED someone taller than 180cm, cos I want to be able to wear heels and still appear short XD

  9. I’m not weird. I’m SPESHAL *goofy grin*
    Lol you make it sound like I’m ‘one of those crazy ELFs and Cassiopeians’ but I’m not…:S LOL IM NOT !!!!!
    yeah FTIsland are cute as BUT I’m not toooo fond of their music. THe lead vocalist…I don’t really ‘dig’ his voice :S maybe just me…
    but theyre too ‘young’ for me. I’m more into ‘men’ *cough* Ethan *cough*…..*has a spasm*
    Yay for tall mature guys!!!! <333333333

  10. Candychu:
    Omg, ETHAN <3333333 *drools* :P He’s 187cm (i think) :D
    LOL, you don’t “dig” his voice XDDD I die for boys who play their own instruments *—-* But…i’ve noticed that FIT’s instruments are never actually plugged into any amps or anything ^^;;; I used to be SO into the UK band “Busted”, omg, I was OBSESSED *——–* I wasn’t the only one, “Busted” sold more records than the Beatles at the height of beatlemania, so there :P I’m not sure why I had to tell you that, but there you go :P
    *runs away from you because you are secretly the leader of the ELFs” xPPPP

  11. LoL I didn’t realise I spammed this page so much O_O
    but OMG I just watched it :DDDD
    And it was my first time hearing the song…I LOVE IT!!!
    lol I’m TEMPTED…REALLY tempted to buy this now O_O
    noooooooooooooooo XDDDD I need to be tied down to not buy this cd lol
    Just hurry up and go back to Korea so that you don’t have to release anymore singles :(
    This is crazy!!
    I ‘m actually tempted to buy HIJ3 as well bcoz of all the pics and previews I’ve seen LOL
    *shakes fists at AVEX*
    I like Ethan coz he’s tanned and has a nice body :D
    I’ve heard of Busted before…I think. Woah can’t believe they sold more records than the Beatles. Argh that just reminds me…I once got almost bashed at school just bcoz I failed to recognise this song that was sung by Beatles…so I have a slight ‘fear’ of them. I guess it’s the same feeling as noobs to DBSJ fandom when they get attacked by crazy ELFs/Cassiopeians…who are not me :) (nor am I the leader :P)

  12. the full video is out!!
    heres the link on youtube ..

    they are just to spazztastic !

  13. holeyxxsomkes:
    Thank you~!

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