Posted by: potensvita | April 1, 2008

Goodies Bag #2

HUM. Sorry, words left me today.

Links :

FITB Concert Part 1

Split 1, Split 2, Split 3.

Today is definitely a day of goodbyes for me.

Wish I can see those who I waved goodbye to.

Previous upload.

Goodies Bag #1


  1. OMIGOSH, Kayem7289 <333333333.

    Actually, a part of my forage into DBSK fandom was BECAUSE of her and her totally inspiring story. Words cannot even come CLOSE to describing how amazing she was, as a *true* DBSK fan and as a regular indiviual of society. FOREVER will she be an example for fangirls everywhere. :)

    Awww … you sound so depressed. *Gives you a truckload of hugs because you deserve it* :)

    KEEP WORKING HARD … !!! I’m TOTALLY rooting for you … !!!

  2. Erm…….who is Kayem7289…..?
    Thanks for sharing these videos, I’ve got the FITB DVD, but I’m definitely stealing the other one that you uploaded :D

  3. I’m a little shaky on the details of her story, but I remember reading that she was VERY into DBSK fandom for the last several years or just the last year of her life. Particularly Junsu.

    By VERY into, I mean she uploaded MANY goodies. And she commented LOADS in various forums, especially on Soompi, where she was an active member.

    Unfortunately, she died from cancer in December 2007, at the VERY young age of 18.

    If you google kayem7289, there are numerous tributes dedicated to her and her life, because she was SO inspiring. I should probably mention that she kept her illness a secret from EVERYONE she knew in fandom. EVERYONE. And after disclosing her secret, she went on hiatus while undergoing various treatments in an attempt to prolong her life/ recover as best she could. This isn’t even the LEAST of it. She actually posted a goodbye message on Soompi, but you can access it at the BoAjjang forums here:

    Actually, this really deserves a post by itself, but her story is absolutely heartbreaking, and has actually made me inspire someone MORE than I thought possible.

    Again, I’m sorry if fecked up the details in my vair short synopsis, but yes, I spent several days googling her in December and my heart literally broke. And this was BEFORE my insane fangirling now, so … :(


  4. AHHH. Potensvita … !!! I totally got carried away, and forgot that I should probably leave it up to YOU to respond. ^^ I’m sorry. <333333333

    FORGIVE ME … !!! I promise I’ll never do it again. ^^

  5. Awww I know about kayem :(
    I talked to her a few times from AF and I remember her very very long essays that she would post. And actually another one of my forum buddies was really close to her and she knew about her illness all along :(
    Anyway, there’s also a video on youtube that her younger sister made for her…
    But yeah kayem was an awesome person and DBSK fan!!

    And FITB was an awesome concert!!!!! In my opinion, better than Rising Sun

  6. playmeagain
    It is ok. I don’t know what to say. You describe it better than me. ^^

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