Posted by: lovediaries | April 1, 2008

T Tour – Clap Fancam

*Click to watch* [todou video]

They wore the gold outfits *cringe* for this performance. I really liked the intro bit where they Clap…semi reminds me of SuJu’s A Man in Love – gosh I love that.

Anyways, I am still in the process of dling this video (grr I hate being capped) so there’s not much I can comment on.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) this is a Yunho focused fancam…so…you don’t see anyone else. Except for Jae in the beginning just coz he was the one to stand next to Yunho XD

I say unfortunately only because I would love to see the others…though I’m sure there are many fans out there who would be satisfied simply by staring at Yunho’s arms. I just can’t ignore the hair, I’m sorry.

And I’m really sorry to say….but when the song starts (with their sexy ‘uh oh uh uh uh oh’) the thing that Yunho does MADE ME ROFL…I’m pretty sure it was freestyle coz then he kinda changes into what actually looks choreographed. Hehe…watch and you won’t think I’m odd for saying xP


Okay, my video stopped loading at 0.23 seconds =.=”

Well, hope it will work on ur computers ~!

Pinkandsparkly’s edit: There’s a great Jae focused “Clap!” fancam at this youtube link, he looks like he was having WAY too much fun with those stairs XDD And I definitely think that he’s the only male on earth who can make that gold dress thing look sexy :P

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