Posted by: potensvita | April 2, 2008

BoA bullied Ki Bum

I am so much more better already, since I took a long time to stare at pictures of ShinHwa and Kangta. Anyway, BoA made my day too.



Haha. In case if you guys don’t know,BoA has done advertisement with FTTS, Ki Bum and Dong Hae, not to mention the big scale advertisement with Tablo of Epik High and Jun Su of DBSK.

So, she had worked with Ki Bum, in the Elite CF. Elite is a school uniforms brand. I love the uniforms and her cute smile. ^_________^

credit : MingDaoQiaoQiao4eva @ youtube

At 2.51, BoA pouted when the director gave her orders. Ki Bum was like ^________^

At 2.58, the staff celebrated her birthday (I think she spent her bday working) with her. She actually ordered Ki Bum to sing three bears for her and ordered him to dance too. I wish one day, she will celebrate her birthday not working.

At 4.19 ,she had to mimic the advertisement music. Her expression is so cute.

Real Elite CF.

credit : mingbongstalker.



  1. Her personality is so addictive and endearing … !!! Hard to believe this was three and a half years ago – she looks ridiculously mature for being only 18/19.

    I was LOL-ing hardcore as Kibum did his little dance – I could just picture him accidentally flinging the cake+candles into BoA’s face. That would’ve been quite the tragedy. XDDDD

    But yes, seems like she captivates all those around her. <33333

  2. KiBum looks a lot like YunHo especially in the early parts of the video. Probably the teeth ;) And gosh he’s had that ‘shy’ laugh for years (LOL at 2:45)

  3. playmeagain.
    exactly. Sometimes, when I see her doing interview alone, I always saw her being so tired and unable to be active. When she does interview with others, she seemed to be more comfortable. haha. If Ki Bum does that, I will boo him. lol.


    haha. yeah. his shy laugh is his trademark. maybe this making will spark the Bobum pairing?

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