Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 2, 2008

Little boy dancing to “Tell Me” and “Girls Generation”

Credit: Coolsmurf @ Youtube

Awww~~ This is so cute *—* and kinda disturbing at the same time XDDDD

I found this while searching for a Heechul video, lol xD In a way, the little boy is kinda like Heechul….they can both dance to “Tell Me” and “Girls Generation” really well, hehe XDDD

Talented boy, except, I kinda worry about what he’s going to be like when he grows up :P I’m actually doing a really big assignment on the impact of images in the media on children, so I’m definitely including this video as an example, lol XDD

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  1. omg! the kid is soooooo cute! he’s so talented and i loooooove the way kang ho dong sat down on the floor while speaking to him, so sweet and fatherly! his girlfriend is such a sweetie too! thanks for sharing this really cute video!

  2. I’m sorry if you get MULTIPLE comments from me on this post, since I CAN’T SEEM TO POST COMMENTS AND I DUNNO WHY.

    But yes, what made me LOL the most about this video was the pretentious, conceited look on the kid’s face. It was enough to make me think, “O My God, this kid’s going to have NO friends when he grows up.” XDDDDD

    That said, he’s quite fantastic at mimicking dances. I KNOW with 110% certainty that if it were me dancing floundering around on-stage, I’d be a mess, simply because I have MAJORMAJORMAJOR issues with coordination and, you know, moving body parts. XDDDD

  3. Melly21:
    He IS talented, I know I wouldn’t be able to dance like that, and I’m at least 14 years older than him XDDD I love KHD, one of my favourite MCs ever. He’s such a big teddy bear XD

    Lol, your other comment got caught by the spam filter (no idea why)
    I’m actually more worried that he’ll “swing the other way” when he gets older :| So I was all “THANK GOODNESS” when he introduced his little gf XDD There’s a boy in one of my lectures who wears MAKEUP, no joke, he wears foundation everyday. and it looks good. my friend always wants to ask him which brand he uses XD
    It’s quite….strange that he knows all the dance steps though :| I’m doing an assignment on the impact of the media on children, and I’ve found out some really quite…disgusting things. Eg. eight year old girls are getting BIKINI waxes, and 9 year olds are getting chemical face peels. That’s just so so wrong in so many ways :|
    Hahah, I FAIL at dancing. It just so happens that one of my best friends is a GREAT dancer (she gets to represent the country in competitions) so whenever we go to a party together, she’s always dancing away in the middle, while I sit in the corner pigging out on food XDDD
    P.S: thanks for the link about kayem, i’ll tell you my thoughts on it when I reply to your email ^—-^

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