Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 3, 2008

SJM’s debut album announced

Super Junior-M

The First Album


Or should I say, SJ-M?

That’s right, “SJ-C” has been changed to “SJ-M”. “M”, standing for “mandarin” =.=;;; I liked “SJC” more :|.

Anyway, an official Sohu blog has been opened for SJ-M, click here to visit. The blog is currently being bombarded with “Only 13” comments =.=;;;.

I’ll do a rough translation of the blog entry [don’t take out]:

The letter “M”, is from the english word for “Mandarin”, and the title of the debut album “Me”, represents the members of SJ-M, and the fans. With Super Junior – M’s 1st album, let’s all look forward to SJ’M having a closer relationship with music lovers and fans of SJ-M!

So….I guess that’s it. SJC(M) is official. Darn it, that means I have to change my SJC category =.=

Does anyone else think that the name “SJ-M” is funny? If you remove the “J”, then it’ll just be “SM”, I’m so smart XD

Anyway, I’m looking forward to their album :DDD (I’m probably in the minority) and I can’t wait to see the cover XD. It’s odd how SJC’s debut album is called “Me”, and SJ’s first single (well, their first well-known single) was called “U”. Maybe SM should consider “Them” for the next subgroup that he decides to make xP. Just an idea.

What I’m currently listening to: “Westside” – JJ Lin


  1. LOL. I agree. The name Super Junior-M does sound really odd.

  2. abc123zyx:
    It does :S I can just imagine them saying “Hello, we are Super Junior Man-dah-leen~!” *shudders* They should all learn to pronounce the word “mandarin” first, before they use it in their name XD

  3. I agree, I prefer SJC. It just sounds better than SJM. I can’t wait to see their first album. I hope ELF will accept them, or at least won’t be against them anymore.

    That “U” and “Me”…. good observation! Instead of “Them”, I think the next one should be “We”. I wish they all sing together in “We” ^^

  4. SJC just has that *sparkle* about it, wouldn’t you agree?! And there are SO many words that rhyme with SJC – more so than those that rhyme with M. XDDDD I mean, I can picture a jingle with the tagline “S-J-C, you won’t be sorry” or something like that.


    But yes, it’s odd-sounding and doesn’t quite roll of the tongue in quite the same way as the old one did.

  5. Um. I thought SJ M was the name of the album … but super junior mandarin O_O
    That sucks!! What was wrong with SJC? It actually had a nice ring to it after a while and definitely after hearing this :S
    I thought the members would be announced?
    p.s LMAO @ all the comments down the side ‘Only 13’ x infinity XDDDD

  6. Sungminjunsu:
    Awww, I would love it if they all sang “We” together (preferably with DBSK) XDD. I also hope that the Elves won’t do anything stupid =.= There were so many “only 13” comments on that site, it’s quite mad.

    I’ll reply to your email soon, I promise~! XD
    YES, it DOES have a *sparkle*, and it just sounds better. I doubt that half of them can even pronounce mandarin =.=
    LOL, you should get a job as a advertisement jingle writer XDDD Your little “SJC” jingle reminded me of an ad. for some sort of tool (like hammer or superglue), no idea why XD

    The Elves need to grow up =.=
    There’s a bunch of them who have started an “army” of “only 13 protectors” =.=;;;;;;; That is so SAD. I hope they won’t do anything stupid at fanmeets and stuff. I like Jumyuk, and I don’t want to see his pretty face get ruined by a bunch of crazy lunatics :P

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