Posted by: lovediaries | April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sexy Bagel~!

SuJu’s dance machine turns an awesome age of 22 today :DD !!!

Happy Birthday Lee Hyukjae <33

If you’re unsure of why we’ve decided to call Eunhyuk ‘Sexy Bagel’ then continue reading this bday post to find out exactly how wonderful and dorky this guy really is :P

The thing I love about Eunhyuk is that he is one of those people that you really learn to appreciate. I mean there are some celebrities where you see them and think ‘Omg, he’s so hot I love him‘ and there’s nothing wrong with that; but with Hyuk (in my case anyway), you first witness his talent then you learn about his cracktastic sense of humour and that just makes you fall in love with him. Along with his lovely personality, all these things starts drawing your attention to how good looking he actually is!

So because he’s one of those people where even if you think he’s not that attractive you can still find something to love about him, you can never really get sick of him xPP I mean, I even love him enough to not be jealous when Donghae is all over him haha That’s my opinion anyway ^^

Hii, Pinkandsparkly here, I’m invading Candychu’s post XDD I’ve been super busy recently, and Candychu was nice enough to let me add to her Eunhyuk post <333. Anyway, I love Eunhyuk, but it wasn’t love at first sight, nope… I remember the first time I saw his picture, it was an article about how he posted an entry on his Cyworld about how he liked someone, and how he was making the post because he promised the ELFs that he would tell them when he finds someone. I remember going “awwww, he’s so sweet”, but then I scrolled up and saw the photo that accompanied the article, and that photo was……not so flattering XDD That article was around the time when they were promoting Haengbok, so Eunhyuk still had that bowl cut (which really doesn’t look good on anyone), and I remember thinking “he’s an idol?! O.O”. Sigh..

But like Candychu said, Eunhyuk isn’t someone who you spazz over immediately after seeing a photo, and as I got more into SJ, I started liking him more and more, because really, how can you NOT love this boy? He is SUCH a talented dancer, I would probably end up in hospital if I ever attempted to do any of his dance moves XDD And he’s so NIIIIICE *———-* He’s been pranked SO many times, but he never gets angry (at least not on camera XD) his reaction to the hidden camera in EHB Ep.8 just melted me into a big pile of goo *—————–*

[All Rise – Hyuksu] Cut from Rising Sun Concert. Hyuk only appears for the rap near the end except since this was the first video I saw with Hyuk in it so I guess it’s kinda special!? Lol. Well I think it’s cute how for DBSK’s first concert Junsu invites Hyuk as a guest then at their second one, Hae is invited as Yunho’s guest ^^

Pinkandsparkly: I <3 HyukSu ^——–^ I only just watched this the other day; someone in the comment section said that Eunhyuk tripped going down the stairs? Lol, I didn’t notice, but he did a great job. Couldn’t really understand his English though XDDD.

[SuJu Phone Parts] I only watched this prank recently because it was titled SuJu Phone Parts and so I never realised it was the prank that SuJu T played on him from KM Idol World until I read off pretty boy power XD. Anyways I had a pretty big spazz after watching it but to summarise what this show will do to you in 5 simple words – Watch and fall in love. Seriously. The way Hyuk stared at nothing in particular just to ignore what that guy was saying to him was soo cute. I’m a really sensitive person so I was actually close to tears when I was watching it because I felt so sorry for Hyuk since he had no idea what was going on and he was genuinely worried for his friend. It’s really sweet, even if you don’t watch anything else, you must watch this ^^

Pinkandsparkly: Awww, this video is SO cute. It’s another hidden camera prank. This time, the Suju boys had to invite their friends to film a variety show with them, and Kangin’s friend and Eunhyuk’s friend got into a (fake) argument. Kangin’s friend pretended to be a violent drunk, and Eunhyuk was so protective of his friend *——*

[YSMM – Kibum + Hyuk] Gosh I miss this show. Anyways, to be honest, I can’t actually remember what happened in this episode (except that Kibum was really cool) LOL but what I do remember clearly is the end. They’re talking about how they act in front of girls in terms of being experienced or not when it comes to ‘skinship’ and kissing etc. So Kibum says that it depends on the type of girl he is with and together with Hyuk they act it out. And Hyuk is a really good actor!!! Like, one of those that deserve acting roles but don’t get any! Especially since he has to be a girl in both times XD Lol it’s really cute when he’s the party girl he full has attitude and is chewing gum then when he’s shy he acts all frightened when Kibum touches him ^^ (Also, even if you just watch it for Kibum coz he talks quite a lot…and I was just reading one of the comments where a reader says that Kibum has been really quiet and stuff…well at least he isn’t always like that, right?)

Pinkandsparkly: LMAO, Eunhyuk is GREAT at acting as a girl XDDDD I absolutely loved this episode of YSMM. Probably my favourite YSMM episode, after the Hanchul one. Eunhyuk and Kibum were both SO funny in this episode. They kept paying each other out. I think at one point (when Eunhyuk was acting as a girl) Kibum grabbed Eunhyuk’s hand, and said something like “your hand is so ugly”, and Eunhyuk said “yea, just like Oppa’s face” XDDDDDDDDDDDD!!

[Change – Invading SuJu Dorm] Not sure if majority of readers have seen this or not…I myself have watched it 5 times? Lol. This is another clip that made me love Hyuk even more <3 For those who don’t know what this show is about basically celebs get a makeover and go out and try to ‘fool’ other people. In the first ep Kangin dresses up as a clumsy FD and together with the Change crew they invade SuJu’s dorm. Heechul is in on this prank but Teuk, Hyuk, Hae and Hankyung have no idea what is going on. So they find a few interesting things in their dorm and near the end Kangin pretends to steal their special photobook only to get caught. Except everyone thought it was funny so they all started laughing which ‘pissed’ Kangin off so he chucks a big spasm and runs throughout the dorm shouting. And Hyuk being the brave guy that he is runs forward and tries to control the crazy Kangin. I kept rewinding and playing those few seconds LOL I’m so sad XD

Pinkandsparkly: Er…unlike Candychu, I think I’ve only seen this twice, once with subs, and once without subs XD I loved it though, I always like seeing what the inside of their dorms are like (cos i’m a crazy stalker like that), so I really enjoyed this XDD I find it really funny how Heechul is always in on the pranks, and Eunhyuk is always oblivious to the pranks XDD HE IS SPECIAL. This reminds me of the time in Full House, when they played a prank on Hangeng, but then somehow, it was Eunhyuk who ended up being pranked XDD

[Mystery 6] Okay I admit this is more of an Hae clip then a Hyuk clip but HyukHae is my OTP so really it makes no difference :D Mystery 6 is a scary show…to me anyway. But I watched the entire show after watching this clip because I was really really curious. Anyways for those of you who didn’t watch Mystery 6 because you were freaked out by it, at least watch this clip. Hae is in the shower and he gets a little surprise. It’s cute. Eunhae ish <3

Pinkandsparkly: I think I’m one of the few SJ fans who haven’t seen this ^^;;;;

[Hae wants affection from Hyuk] Cut from Adonis Camp. Yeah, I still haven’t finished watching the show LOL so I don’t exactly know what ep this is from…but LMAO at all the Eunhae-ness in this clip. Hyuk is actually really evil…all he wants to do is be a camwhore but Hae comes in trying to play with him. It’s so cute when Hyuk suggests to go play with the puppies and Hae runs out excitedly only to find Hyuk tricked him and locked the door XD There is also some Eunhae spanking in this ahahaa…they’re so squishable xPP

Pinkandsparkly: LOL, I think they were both on something when they filmed this XDD They are so CHILDISH in this video, it’s SO CUTE XD. I ADORE their pyjamas, they’re SO FUNNY. And Eunhyu’s socks XDDD. My favourite part, is when Eunhyuk was all sad that he couldn’t even call his mum, because there was no reception in the house, lol :D. I haven’t watched all the episodes of Adonis Camp yet (I’ve GOT them all, I just need to watch it XD) but it looked really difficult, they had to live off $30 for a week, and Eunhyuk’s group bought a LOT of Ramen, while Sungmin had a daily menus worked out for his group, and walked around the supermarket with a little notebook, calculating how much they could spend on each thing *—*.

[EHB Ep 8 – Prank] For those who want to rewatch the prank SuJu did on Hyuk and Ryeowook to collect their tears. I just rewatched it and it’s times like these where I wish I had friends with a bond as close as the one SuJu have with each other *jealous* Lol Even though these pranks are cruel, in a way I really enjoy them because you can see what some of the members are like off-screen (well the ones that don’t know of the prank anyway). I love how at the end Teuk is close to tears after seeing the others cry even though throughout the whole time he didn’t say a word – I guess coz he was sick? And I love his mask, it’s so cute. It has a teddy on it, I think? And I also love how Kangin just stands and smiles from afar coz he felt bad for acting angry. Heechul is of course another great actor and he even worries about Hyuk’s fans LOL Yeah, everyone deserves a cuddle :D And I also think everyone looks sexy in casual clothing :P

Pinkandsparkly: Awww, a classic Suju clip :D Eunhyuk is SUCH a sensitive and nice guy <3333 and this video just proves how much the Suju members love each other *———* I love the first bit, when Eunhyuk had to do the fake interview XDD That made me laugh SO hard XD

[Relay Talk – Hyuk to Yesung] and [Talk to Myself – Hyuk] I’ll admit I still haven’t watched these videos because I actually want to save all the footage from their repackaged album and watch it altogether on a day after I finish my end of year exams. Yes, that’s still a while away but I’m secretly wishing my friends will buy it for me because I really want to own it on DVD XD

Pinkandsparkly: Lol, I should probably say that Candychu’s end of year exams are in November, so…she’s still got awhile to go before she can watch this, lol. I’ve already seen this, because I bought the repackaged album just so I could watch the relay talks XD I really really liked all the relay talks. In the Eunhyuk to Yesung talk, Eunhyuk mentioned how Yesung is a good singer, but should work on his dancing, haha :D.

And finally…a few random clips of Hyuk and his favourite song Sexyback. Lol, it’s probably not actually his favourite but since he likes to sing and dance to it so much it’s easy to assume so :) [The last clip is my favourite. It involves Teuk moving his chair back to make room for his sexy moves; some butt shaking; body rolling AND Teuk feeling up Hyuk….the video maker was right…it results in a major nosebleed** XD]

Pinkandsparkly: LOL, you MUST watch these two videos, they’re HILARIOUS XDDD Eunhyuk didn’t sing “sexy bagel”, but when him and Leeteuk were talking about it before Eunhyuk started singing along, Eunhyuk said “_____sexy baGEL” and Leeteuk went ” Ohhh, yea _____ sexy baGEL” XDDDD And the dance that him and Leeteuk did to Sexyback is <33333333 x30,000,0000 :P

So in conclusion, Candychu and I both love Eunhyukkie, and we wish him a happy 22nd birthday, filled with lots of fluffy clouds and rainbows and butterflies ~*

Here’s a picspam (22 pictures for his 22nd birthday)

[Credit: Candychu + Pinkandsparkly’s picture folders XDDD]


  1. I totally agree with you on what you said about Eunhyuk being someone you grow to love. Initially, I noticed the really hot or cute members, but slowly, Eunhyuk’s naive-ness, innocence, and just his adorable personality caught my eye. Now he’s one of my favorite members. I also love the relationships he has with the other members. He’s such a sweetie ^^! I hope he has a wonderful birthday <3.

  2. abc123zyx:
    mmhmm ^^ I mean it’s not hard to first look for the good looking members especially with a large boy band group but I think Hyuk’s personality just really stands out in the way that he’s so soft hearted and naive like you said! He is such a lovely guy and deserves all the sweetest choc chip muffins in the world !!!

  3. HI Candychu!!! *waves* I told you i would spaz with you when you have your Hyuk bday post and here i am XXDDD Its a day late i know, i feel so guilty =S but its better now then never right?!? Dont hate me!! lol

    Mm i dont know where to start..err did i mention the fact that i absolutely LOVE this guy!! <3<3<3 the word love cant even start to describe how much i love(?) him hahah..theres actually no words in my limited vocabulary for it…

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you!! I didnt really notice him at first..I dont even know when i started falling for him, but once i did, i fell HARD like head over heels, crashing down from heaven HARD!! and the love just grows and grows and grows lol (Im sure you would know that by now candychu..)

    Some may think his not the best looking guy but to me he is and i tell you that boy right there can melt the house down with his hotness when he wants!!! But what makes him truly shine is his awesome personality and the greatest heart in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD <3<3<3 He may be naive, he may be innocent, he may be too trusting, he may be too soft hearted for his own good, he may be the biggest dork sometimes and he may watch pron =PP but when you add it altogether, you get this absolutely LOVELY and WONDERFUL guy that shines like a jewel!!!

    That boy seriously makes me go crazy. He can make me laugh like crazy one minute and get all teary the next.Like most girls out there i have this soft spot for crying guys and Hyuk hit that spot with a BAM!! That boy just loves to cry doesnt he?! His always the first to cry when they win an award, and im sure its happy tears but it still rips my heart out.. Especially in the EHB prank, i was seriously crying when i saw him cry and i just wanted to reach inside the screen and hug him TIGHT!!!

    Then on the other hand, doesnt he just do the most loveable and dorkiest things ever!?!?!? I seriously find EVERYTHING he does so cute and funny..My all time favourite was his dodgeball game against mickey in EHB.I was literally ROFLMAO the whole time!! He so owned that episode XXDDD and all those parts of him in full house was absolute LOVE! Hyuk+ENG = ultimate fail = ultimate ROFLMAO XXXDDD

    But what makes him so totally squisshable is his love and loyalty for his members and friends..Need i say more?!?! Hyuksu is living evidence that this guy is the most ideal bestfriend!!! I mean he wasnt jealous when Su debuted first, he wasnt angry, he was simply proud and happy XXDD Those 2 together is just WIN!! They’re bickering is absolutely funny, but you can still see how much they care for eachother and theres defintely love written all over their faces =PPP Of course him and Hae together is also WIN!! Those 2 are dorkier and dorkiest haha..I actually havent watched Mystery 6 cuz im too scared to but i watched that clip and Hyuk seriously scared me the first time i watched it, but then next minute i was LOLOLing..<3<3<3.< Show us more of that lovely face of yours and i want to hear more of you singing cuz im totally in love with your voice whether your rapping or singing!! XXDDD LOL

    PS hav you seen the clips of him on star golden bell with yesung n sungmin..It was so funny hhaha but once again im biased when it comes to him XXDD

    PSS thanks for the bday post candychu and Pinkandsparkly.. <3<3 It gives me a chance to spaz with you LOL

  4. beckery:
    OMG ILU!!!!!!!!!!! A LONG COMMENT…YAY!!!!!!!!
    Okay, *scrolls up to read*
    Lol, dw! I could never hate a Hyuk fan!!! *hugs*
    LMAO ahaha I know what you mean XD Sometimes I’ll be writing a post and I find that I repeat myself with incoherency because my vocab is just that limited XDD
    Hyuk is really sexy and when he dances he can PUT A HOLE THROUGH THE STAGE WITH HIS HOTNESS!!!!! LOL XD Ahaha that just reminds me of when … was it from Star Golden Bell (?) when the MC asked Hyuk what was in his pants and he replied with “treasure” LOL I love this boy to pieces and if I could I would suffocate him with cuddles :P
    YES UR LIKE ME!!! If I see a guy cry in any drama, whether hes evil or not I START CRYING! And its Hyuk for crying out loud, how can you NOT cry with him!? He’s such a sweet dumpling when he cried in EHB my chest was clenching up for him and my vision was blurry from my tears *argh* LOL thinking about it makes me sad XDDD
    OmG DODGEBALL LMAO @ his fire shot or WHATEVER the hell he was doing XD But I wanted to jump into the screen and hug him XD ANd he has such good sportsmanship as well <3333
    Lol I hav a very long list of shows that I have to watch but Star Golden Bell is somewhere down my list :P
    And yes, I’m so jealous of Hyuksu’s really really jealous. I want a best friend like Hyuk…if I did I’d wake up every morning and I’d just be smiling thinking ‘wow i have the bestest friend in the world’ LOL
    And NO PROBLEM! We LOVE doing bday posts coz they’re oh so fun ^^ Hehe, we’re glad you enjoyed spazzing !!!

  5. Hahah actually The Star Golden Bell cuts i was talking about was the one where hyuk says “treasure”..LOLOL dont u just love how our 3 year old Hyuk thinks?!? XXDDD Hyukkie was soooo cute and adorable in that ep. (well this is judging from the cuts i see since i havent seen the whole episode) When the mc asked who cried during thier concert, it was so cute when yesung and sungmin both said hyuk <333 They were like we thought he would only cry on the last day but he cried all 3 days..awww he really is a cry baby!! and LOL at his “its true, my foot smells”… XXDD dw we still love you..hmm i just realised my bday msg to him got cut out from the previous post..stupid computer -__-

  6. I REALLY need to watch those cuts O_O
    Maybe these holidays XD Lol. Fandom just really needs to slow down for MY sake.
    But awww Hyuk cried all 3 concerts XD Damn, that just makes me want to go to their concerts even more…grrr
    btw if you’ve been using the symbols ” then ur msg will get cut…so it MAY be due to that. And if u havnt then…im not too sure why :S

  7. OOOOHHHH yes i have >< thanks for clearing it up..i was thinking that wordpress really hates me hahaha XD

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