Posted by: lovediaries | April 4, 2008

SuJu-M Intro Clips


Siwon and Donghae

Henry and Kyuhyun

Ryeowook and Jumyuk

Wow, these are awesome and they all look so darn good!

Okay, they’re not really intro clips but more a ‘preview’ of the members. They’re each less than half a minute long and involve the members doing some type of kung fu/kick/spin/jump sort of thing – It’s really hot, especially when their shirt flies up ^^ *cough* Hannie *cough*

I think my favourite would be Siwon and Donghae’s because Siwon leaps over Donghae O_O It’s really really cool!! Hankyung’s is like a combination of martial arts and ballet while Kyuhyun’s and Henry’s kinda made me LOL. Kyuhyun’s kick looked really un-co AHAHAHA and Henry just kinda spun around but it was really cute ^^ Ryeowook and Jumyuk also spun into each other except Jumyuk jumped way high while Ryeowook looked kinda dorky.

But with each one it pauses and then rewinds … so they go backwards

And with that, the 7 members are confirmed :)

YAY!!!!!!! *dances around in circles*



  1. SJM Jia You!

  2. I am interested in the vocal abilities of Zhou Mi and Henry.

  3. AHHH! I can’t see their faces clearly xD. I like the “kung fu/kick/spin/jump” thing. Everyone looks great. My favorite was Shiwon and Donghae’s. The jumping over was awesome. =]

  4. querubin:
    AGREE!! I’m so excited for their album ^^

    pinkandsparkly has posted some clips of Jumyuk singing ^^ Actually he was the host of ZLY’s lil mini press conference when her MVs were released!
    I hope I got my facts right T_T

    What an interesting username! Lol AHA but it’s true…bcoz they were doing different things which were kinda similar at he same time XD But yep the jumping over was ultimate win!!!!

  5. I’ve been busy these past 2 days and not up to date with anything..So i was pretty surprised and majorly confused when I went onto youtube this morning and saw like a million of these clips haha..I couldnt really see their faces and if not for the titles, I would probably be unable to identify anyone except Hae and Hankyung lol..Yea the whole jumping/twirling/leaping/spinning was pretty cool, but u know what i liked best out of the clips?!? It was those huge satellite looking lights I WANT ONE!! LOLOL XDDD Hae and Siwon’s jumps were definitely the best with the leaping thing but i was thinking the whole time, wouldnt it be funny if Hae accidentally tripped Siwon or kicked him hahhaah

  6. beckery:
    I was wondering where u disappeared to…u werent even online for Hyuk’s bday :(
    But now you’re here so its all good!!! Hehe
    LOL, aren’t they great? OMG I was thinking THE EXACT SAME THING! Like I thought ‘LMAO if Siwon tripped over Hae since his leg is up in the air XD’ but then I decided they either filmed it separately OR they were totally on wires O_O Hehe
    OMG those light thingies that kept going “chik chak” ??? Hehe they looked like UFOs XD

  7. I know!! I missed out on so much >< I had a last minute assignment to do -_- But dont worry I had a bday msg for him on my msn nick XXDDD haha and im about to type an essay for your bday post!!! Yea i think they filmed it separately cuz Hae really looked like he was bout to kick Siwon when Siwon was jumping over him haha

  8. beckery:
    ur such a good girl! i cant go a day without going on the net O_O I’m so bad … stupid fandom LOL
    yay!! I shall be waiting for your uber long comment :DD

  9. I’m currently lol-ing at all the Youtube comments I’ve been reading.

    “SUPER ARMY 13!”
    “ONLY 13!”

    I flick my thumb off at those people. XDDDD (Shakespeare reference, anyone?! XDDD)

    I loved Siwon’s and Donghae’s clip. SO COOL. They look especially hot in slow motion, and ZOMG at Donghae’s killer break-dance move. I swooned. I definitely swooned.

    Kyu’s kick was TEH ULTIMATE IN DORKINESS. XDDDD It looked so … unpracticed. XD And ROFL at Henry’s ballerina twirl (except … manlier. YUS.)

    No comment on Ryeowook’s/Jumyuk; I couldn’t even see their faces. XDDDDD

    Hankyung looked cool, as a leader should look. HEEEHEEE.


  10. playmeagain:
    LOL thats funny coz I’m sure there are some ppl who are ‘thumbing off’ the comments which say ‘AWESOME!! GO SJM!!! ILU Henry and Jumyuk!!!’ ahaha *chuckles*
    LOL YES that SiHae clip is WONDERFUL !!! And I totally agree with Hankyung XD He looks soo cool and manly … makes me blush LOL jks :P :P :P
    LMAO ‘manly ballerina twirl’ hehe Henry is so cute <3

  11. i’m just starting to go into SS501, and naturally, i’d be looking through their videos and i found something interesting…

    in the SS501 video for “Warning” they had a part where they wore black, with these black umbrella/flash thingies on a white background and they moved in slo-mo.

    invert the colours and replace ss501 kids with sj-c (M, whatever you wanna call it) and its almost exactly the same.

    only in ss501’s video the things didn’t flash.

    just an observation. :)

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