Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 5, 2008

DBSK Shanghai Press Conference

Video credit: Micky86400 @ Youtube


YAY, everyone looked so good and handsome :DDDD. Micky’s still got the blonde sideburns, but the lighting’s too bright, so you can barely seem them, so YAYYY.

DBSK were in Shanghai to hold a press conference for their Shanghai “O” concert (May 31st). The atmosphere of their press conference appears to be really nice :DDD Yunho invited the reporters to attend their concert, and Jae said that if they like it, then can they please take them to “xin tian di” (a car-free shopping, eating and entertainment area of Shanghai) because the five of them really want to go there. Lucky reporters ^———^ When I become a reporter, I’d totally take them, I don’t even know where that place is, but I got an A in Orienteering, so I’ll find my way XDDDD

Credit: as tagged

For those who don’t have WordPress blogs, the layout of the dashboard changed; now it’s all nice and colourful ^————–^

What I’m currently listening to: “blue and white porcelain” – Jay Chou


  1. ahaha I was saying the exact same thing about wordpress changing the layout ^^
    but isnt it still blue? just lighter?


    p.s the other day me n my friend were at the station and were bout to walk out of the barriers when this guy walked past me and my mouth dropped open and i just kept staring at him n my friend was like ‘ew, hes so ugly’ and im like ‘noo did u see his hair?? he has yoochun’s hair!!!’
    LOL and he did. the same womanly hairstyle with two tufts of yellow. ppl actually get their hair done like that O_O

  2. Candychu:
    Nooooo, now there’s orange too!!

    And yes, Yunho is pretty again :DDDDD I like his scarf ^——-^

    Ew at the guy you saw, what kind of person willingly dyes their sideburns yellow =.= Unless you’re Micky, but that’s only because his stylist bribed him with lots of candy XDD

  3. They all look so nice and pretty!
    Xiah is not blond anymore <3
    I think Micky’s hair looks fine.. maybe that’s just because he’s Micky!
    Do u know what does it say on Jae’s shirt? It stands out for me and I’m just curious…

  4. Sungminjunsu:
    LOL, I didn’t notice Junsu’s hair! xD
    I think Jae’s shirt says “Eat/Elue”… yea… I don’t know that that means XD

  5. hey!!
    can anyone pls explain to me why they are still having their 2nd O concert?

    i thought it ended last year?

    junsu’s not blonde again! yeepee! :P

  6. Erv:
    They haven’t finished the asia tour yet! I think they have the Shanghai and Beijing concerts, and then the make up concert in Taipei :D

  7. Pinkandsparkly:

    thanks for tellin’ me. (:
    oh..really? hmm…i mean, the DVD for Seoul 2nd Tour concert is already out and i guess they have watched it already. won’t be so exciting anymore. lols.
    gosh. the boys will be so tired of performing the same thing again.

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