Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 5, 2008

Siwon+Donghae, new SJ-M pictures

Credit: SJ-M Sohu Blog


Lol, when I first saw the picture of Siwon, I thought it was Henry (it’s the hair!) XD. His pants are so FUNNY XDD. I think they’re releasing these pictures one by one. So now we have Siwon, Donghae, and Hangeng’s.

I really like this black and white look, it’s really friendly :P. I know that the ELFs are still totally against the idea (they’ve even formed a “Only 13 army” =.=;;) But I think we should give SJ-M a chance. I really like what I’ve seen so far, and I can’t wait to watch the MV (which is coming out on the 8th) :DD.

SJ-M, hwaiting~!

What I’m currently listening to: “Simple Love” – Jay Chou

On a really random note, yesterday I saw a guy wearing the Evisu jeans that Siwon wore in the Evisu CF, it was nice ^—-^.


  1. I went on the blog and saw these too!!! And I was practically drooling ahahaha
    they look SO GOOD ^____________^
    I can’t wait for Kyu’s pic XD
    ANd everyone keeps talking about their tight white pants from the short clips LOL *runs off to rewatch*

  2. I am going to support this group just to go against Army 13. lol.

  3. HAHA I love your attitude potensvita!!! Im a suju lover too but I dont really care bout the whole 13 thing, i just want whats best for the guys XXDDD On another note, the boys look so HOT!! I like their clothes and LOL doesnt Hae’s shoes remind you of Hyuk’s uber huge shoes?! <3

  4. Candychu:
    These photos are great, I am so pro-15 XDDD

    LOL, let’s go against them together! We can make t-shirts saying “Only 15” and dance around the ELF headquarters XDDD

    As long as none of the current members leave, I’m not too fussed about who joins. Besides, Henry and Jumyuk are actually talented, and they deserve a chance :)))
    I don’t know which shoes of Hyuk’s you’re talking about ^^;;; Donghae’s shoes remind me of Nike dunks :D

  5. Oh im watching the clip atm and i swear its the exact same pair LOL He wore it on Star king. I forgot the date but it was when he was solving the rubik’s cube..err well more like solved one side of it LOL

  6. I totally understand if it was the demonstration against the addition of new members in Korea. But if the expansion of SUJU into China is objected, I don’t see the reason of it. First of all, they needs Chinese members so that they can interact more with the Chinese audience and besides, there are a lot of trainees in SM China that needed to be debuted. Where else can they debut that can guarantees them success? Where does these young trainees get the chance to debut? As most of you guys are aware, the public in China highly look upon seniority. So … how are they going to make a name?

  7. Siwon’s pants are atrocious. Absolutely atrocious. And his expression is LOL. XDDDD Actually, all their expressions are making me giggle nonstop.

    That said, SJ-M is absolutely necessary if LSM wants to take over Asia and further promote his groups. So far, we have DBSK and BoA making it in Japan, and they’re well-known there already. If SJ-M can make it in China and become well-known there, it’ll make it all the easier for other Korean groups (i.e. DBSK) to make it there as well. Basically, imo, SJ-M is paving the way for other popular korean acts – they’re kind of enticing Chinese audiences in a way.

    Am I making any sense here? XDDDDDD (SORRY, I HAD A LATE NIGHT, and I woke up too early for my own good. XDDD =.=””)

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    do u guys noe joo-myuk..
    new member of super junior china…
    i heard my fren said tat he had been added to super junior M oso…
    dunno izit real..


    I can’t wait for this either <3. Two more days!!

  10. Beckery:
    Rubik’s cube? Argh, I SUCK at those XD I give up after 1 minute XDDD I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same pair of shoes, I think they share all their clothes, lol.

    YAY, A LOGICAL PERSON. I’m very pro-SJ-M. They’re going to help SJ gain more exposure in China, and I definitely don’t have a problem with that :D.

    I think the Only-13 army need to realise that LSM is not going to pull the plug on SJ-M, not after he’s spent so much money on them. And yes, if SJ-M makes it in China, it might mean that more SM artists will go over, and SM WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD (or at least Asian XD). No one’s been able to “conquer” china yet though, so all the best to SM, haha…

    Yes, Jumyuk is in SJ-M! I did a post on him, if you search for him in the search box, you should be able to find it :DDD

    So excited!!!!
    I’m so tempted to bomb the SJ-M blog comment section though, cos there are SO many “only 13, Jumyuk Henry OUT!” comments, it’s really sad. I want to bomb it with “13+2=15” comments, lol XDDD

  11. aha! i saw it on the blog too!

    o.O (dont kill me!)
    Henry was freakin cute!!!!!!!!

    *coughs* i mean all of them were cute! eheh!

    there is nothing we can do now so why dont the fans just stop targeting henry and jumyuk…..oh well…

  12. Kpoplover4ever:
    The Only13 army need to stop being so mean to Jumyuk and Henry, they didn’t CHOOSE to join SJ, and they’re both quite talented (from what I’ve seen so far)

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