Posted by: potensvita | April 6, 2008

A walk into the past.

Credit : as tagged.

Click here to listen to Azalea – BoA

I was studying and then, I happened to listen to Azalea by BoA which was featured in her second Korean album, No. 1. The short interlude at the front which was in English and the tune captured my attention almost immediately and I knew I am going to face a detour from studying.

As usual, I went to search for the lyrics.

Azalea Translation.

14. Azalea
credits to: and

You don’t know.. my fake smile..
I tried to hide my love
You don’t know that its you
Somehow we shared a bit of eye contact
And I filled up pages of my diary with that
Your name makes my heart ache

*Why is it the same!?
I promised myself..
Every time, my love is in me
You are my love..

**hold me tight
I can see in your eyes
Look back at me who wants you..
here I’m waiting for you until you look at me

I am waiting for you like this
Somehow I got to know your number
I couldn’t say anything
So I got angry at myself
In that distant laughter,
My image of looking at you at a distance,
It makes me be in pain

repeat *
repeat **

I am waiting like this..
Tell me how you feel
I’m waiting for you
I only have one person, only you
I am always behind you
I hope you notice it now
Because I will always pray that you will

repeat **

I am waiting for you..

Credit : aheeyah

I don’t know. The sad tune is so capturing. Images of her having a one sided love totally flashed into my brain. Then, I realised that I have no a freaking idea what the title of the song – Azalea means. Being such a nerd, >.< I went to look in a dictionary what Azalea is.

Azalea – a flower.


Then, I read on the latin origin of Azalea. Azalea is actually the feminine naming for dry. (Each Latin words have gender. LOL. It is weird but it exist. Male, female and neuter. ) Supposedly, Azalea is a shrub that flourish in dry soil.


I love love this song. <3I love the ambiguous in it. In case, you still haven’t got the meaning the title had totally gave an ending to the lyrics of the song. Even her love is one sided, like Azalea, she can’t stop loving him. (Hence, the usage of dry soil). I love her song writers, her lyricists.

Songs like this made me wished that she would release an album in Korea instead of concentrating on debuting in America.

Speaking of the past, I heard news that Avex is celebrating its (insert random numbers) anniversary and decided to make a short drama or mini dramas based on songs that had made Avex happy. (sorry for the sarcasm) Shine You Are which was featured in her ninth Japanese single – Shine You Are was chosen.

Oh….. well. Not my exactly favourite song from her but ….. oh well. ^^

Shine You Are perf .

Credit : kelshj @ youtube

A side note, she is coming out with a new Japanese single entitled Kissing You. Which reminded me of another song in the exact same title.

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