Posted by: potensvita | April 7, 2008

I need to do some major updating T.T

Ok. I am most probably going to include some lame excuses on not updating on Zhang Li Yin.

1) I had examS.

2) Too much had happened with her that I don’t know where to start.

And … yeah. I am pretty much too obsessed with Kangta and ShinHwa to do anything.

Things that I had found interesting lately.

So cute. haha. ^_________________^

Credit : soompi thread

Apparently, Choompichocolyn (an organisation for the worshipers of Li Yin in Soompi which I am proudly included) had a forum site on for more spazzing. A lot of information had been uploaded there and most importantly, there is a video interview there that must be downloaded. I am actually a bit sick of her formal interviews and this particular interview is a welcomed change from the usual interview.

Click here to watch.

Credit : lilcece @ soompi

I am telling you guys, that vid was the best of all interview I had ever seen. She was so natural in it and she seemed to be having fun. I am translating for this interview and that is how much I really love that interview. She talked about Jun Su and Han Geng and Si Won.

On March 31, something really bad happened to her too. Apparently, she was lip syncing (?) in an award that she attended with Han Geng. Then, the music stopped. I read from soompi that the man in charge wasn’t even lifting a finger when that happened. Li Yin bowed and left. I don’t know… I am not saying that she is entirely innocent but I am a bit apprehensive about lip syncing.

Click here to watch the fancam where the music stop.

credit : forgiventempo @ soompi.

Pictures and Interview

I am starting to like HaYin coupling. Lol.


  1. I feel bad about the lip synching thing. =\ She looked really nervous afterwards …

  2. Potensvita:

    welcome back!!! we’ve missed u. yea, we understand that you were having ur exams.

    really? the music actually stopped? gosh..i feel bad for her. i’m going to watch it later.

    yea..i like hang geng and li yin’s coupling but i like junsu’s-li yin’s coupling. would u be surprised if hang geng and li yin ends up together? ^^

  3. I think Hankyung and ZLY look REALLY cute together <3
    I remember laughing SO hard when these ignorant fans saw a photo of Hankyung + ZLY together and claimed they were getting married T__T They obviously had NO idea who she was…

  4. Man ZLY is sooo totally cute.She always looks so pretty, nice, sweet and innocent and shes got great fashion sense..Since im into vests these days i notice her vests and gosh i WANT THEM!!! XXDD

    I dont know why but i always jus seem to look at her and Geng as a bro and sis thing =SS i never really noticed if they looked compatible as a couple but more of a omg they’re look soo CUTE together in bro and sis way…But yea it wouldnt really be a big surprise if they did end up together <333

    Ps i know this is totally unrelated but since i saw the word shinhwa in your post, i jus had to ask if u’ve seen their new mv?! it was jus released today and its total LOVE XXDDD ahah well i liked it but then again im kinda biased..

  5. nathica
    She is. I could tell. Luckily, the Han Geng’s fan cheered for her. Han Geng was there too. haha. I hope she doesn’t lip sync again. hum

    Oh, I like SuYin coupling too. I won’t be surprised if HanYin are together but I want SUYIN. I don’t know why. Her Timeless song was really that powerful. haha. you missed me? AWW .. me too. oh well. I am having another exam soon. XD
    I am going bonkers. I am actually a bit angry at the whole nonchalant attitude by the engineer there.

    They really thought that they were husband and wife? 0_o. lol. I bet they are going to know who she is pretty soon. You like the HanYin coupling? You don’t like Suyin?

    Oh. I went to soompi thread and found the youtube mv of shinhwa. it was HILARIOUS. lol. and a bit touching. haha. just a bit but .. nevertheless touching. Don’t worry about biasness. I am too. ^^
    I am sorry….. but I like suyin more. haha. i don’t really like Han Yin. haha but han geng is a really nice guy. haha. AISH. i cant decide. lol.
    she is really really cute. I wish that she will wear a more colourful clothes though. :X

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