Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 7, 2008

SJ-M individual pictures

Credit: SJ-M Sohu blog

I’ve already posted the group photo here, but I just realised that I haven’t posted the individual shots yet, so here they are:

Some of the outfits are very funny (Hi, Kyuhyun’s gum boots! XD) but some are tres attractive, eg. Ryeowook’s entire outfit, omg, he looks so good *—–* Siwon’s pants look good from far away, Donghae…needs to fluff up his hair :P, Hangeng should just take that jacket off XD, Henry has funny pants XDDD, and I love Jumyuk’s jeans *——–*

It’s Siwon’s birthday today! Candychu and I are still working on his birthday post, but we’ll have it done by tonight :D

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    As if he doesn’t :D
    Henry seriously looks like the CUTEST KID. Like one of those Kids that I just want to wrestle down onto the ground and SQUEEZE HIS CHEEKS.
    Btw, you were so trying to confuse ppl with ur special txtbox but thats WuZun, right? Hehe. I’ve seen him in that shirt before :P

  2. siwon & henry really doo look similar! >__< the linke is on my page. just click, u may share. since you have WAYYY MOREEE readers than i do haha. dbsk is #1 though ;D

  3. haw, it cut my comment. o_o /= i forgot what i wrote ermm….
    blahhh, yeah haven’t commented you for a while but i read almost all the posts on this page [since i know there’s more than 1 writer now >_<] haha. i was gonna say…vote for dbsk if you haven’t already? the arirang one? the link is on my page…. share it!, please? although of course, dbsk is #1 ;)

  4. LOL, you know what Henry’s pants remind me of?! MARIO’S OVERALLS FROM SUPER SMASH BROS.

    Yes, I’m tres cool. And I have a brother who’s also tres cool and who used to play Super Smash Bros a ridiculous amount.

    But yes, they really shorten his legs so that he not only LOOKS SHORT, he looks like he has none. XDDDD

    Actually, although I LOVE Ryeowook’s GORGEOUS OUTFIT (if I had a boyfriend, that’s how I’d dress him. XD), but zomg, Jumyuk’s oufit’s also really much too hot for its own good. That and the fact that he’s, you know, REALLY tall and model-esque and beautiful and all.


  5. Candychu:
    LOL, YOU READ MY MIND. The only reason I put Wuzun up there is because I wanted to see if anyone would notice XDD (That, and because he’s just really hot and lovely to look at XDDD)

    Ooo, Arirang always has these voting things going on, lol XD I voted!!!! I’ll put the link up in my next DBSK post :D Thanks~!

    LOL, yes, you are VERY cool XD
    Lol @ the “if i had a boyfriend, that’s how i’d dress him” comment XDD My best friend takes her boyfriend shopping and makes him buy the stuff she picks for him XD I really like preppy guys, eg. a nice shirt+vest+skinny straight jeans *———–*
    but Jumyuk’s outfit = LOVE LOVE LOVE. There are all these posts on Baidu about how he got plastic surgery and the surgery failed. I’d just like to point out that, no.1, I don’t think he got plastic surgery, and no.2, if he did, it CERTAINLY didn’t fail. :P

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