Posted by: potensvita | April 8, 2008

Another MV for the day. – Goodies bag #4

Just got back from class, head to ShinHwa thread in soompi.

SAW the new MV.


Have fun. I am going to try to spazze later when I wake up from my nap. So, tired. ^^ Saw a gallbladder being pulled out from the body.

credit : wenyili@youtube and the headup chubby^green^ @ soompi.

It is HILARIOUS and TOUCHING at the same time. I will do capture to capture for this once I get a HD mv for this. Haha.

Suddenly, I am on cloud nine.

I am also on a sharing feeling today. I will present to you an MV from ShinHwa – My Angel which was featured in their Brand New album.

Can anyone guess the story? Haha.

Download Link.

Previous Upload.

Goodies Bag #3


  1. @ Potensvita:

    YAH!! a post on SHINHWA!!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER for you to post about them XXDDD But i know you had exams etc so its all good..

    OMG so much stuff has been happening with them lately. Concerts, limited edition album release and now the mv XXDD Makes me a happy fangirl just to see them together and being like how they’ve always been. You just cant help but admire their AMAZING bond <333 *sighs* but of course a part of me is crying too cuz i’ll miss them like crazy =((((

    The MV was unique and different with the whole mexcian mob thing, but its shinhwa so theres no surprise there. They always manage to come up with something new and creative, which makes them super special haha..

    At first i thought their clothes and hairstyles were HILARIOUS!! but now im actually use to it and they still all look uber good to me, ok maybe except for jin and erics spaghetti hair strand and wannie’s pile of hair on top haha but overall they’re all still very hot! XD

    I like how they incorporated their songs into the mv, i think i heard 3 songs altogether? The theme song is ‘Run’, but for the instrumentals it sounds like they used ‘Just one more time’ and i think it was ‘We can get it on/Club banger’..

    Not to sure but gosh i love their new album..Althou it was short, it was absolutely LOVE..Its quality over quantity anyways..and I loved EVERY single song on the album. I think it must be one of my favourite album from them XDDD and since eric and minwoo wrote a lot of the lyrics and composed a few of the songs, it just made it that more special and meaningful..Cant wait till i get my copy, its gonna be on repeat for ages <3333

    Gosh i love how in the mv they kind of intro’d each member with them doing this type of cool motion with their gun and then it froze and had their names..and then the whole Shinhwa symbol with the fire XXDDD haha and how cute were they when they were all acting gangster and sittin/leaning on the car then there were gun shots and they just bolted and hid behind the car LOLOL…and of course our eric had to be the hero of the day..well technically it was also minwoo, but eric was super hot when he was shooting <33333

    But i think this is the short version of the mv? cuz i saw a fancam of the mv at the concert and there was actually dialogues between them where jin was like ‘did you miss us?’ and eric was just like ‘ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?’ hahaha our leadershi is so loveable..But yes fingers cross for a longer version =D

    lol im so sorry for talking so much..i just really needed to get that out cuz I LOVE THEM soo sooo sooo much!!! And i have so mixed feelings about them lately..Its happiness, sadness and hopefulness all mixed together and its driving me crazy =S but no matter what SHINHWA WILL go on and i’ll be there waiting XXXDD <333

    Ps. i LOVE my angel..The song is definitely one of my favourites from them and that mv jus killed me, cuz eric and hyesung (our water and oil hahah XXDDD)were so darn hot there..Haha and yea the story made me super confuse, but when i knew what it was i was like OHHHH that makes was very interesting and hot just like our boys <3

  2. ooohhh…
    Reads. through.


    because because. Every time after school, I am really tired and I didn’t have much time to …. update myself especially with Shinhwa since I am trying to update myself with Kangta. I didn’t even realised until lately that he went on Change. I am so so bad at being a fan.

    I know. I KNOW. I HEARD OR READ THAT THE CONCERT VERSION WAS SO MUCH MORE LONGER. i wished we can see it. their line was so hilarious and so so shinhwaish. haha.
    eric…^___________^ aish, i so so love him.
    the shinhwa is really good because …. somehow, i think they are the only one allowed to do wacko stuff on air. which is so so …. like them.
    They are the very first artist that I see …. that was so natural on air in a group.

    (even before suju)

    I love their look. it is so Shinhwaish ^_________^
    You know where is the touching part on the mv? when the two mobsters came with the big big gun… and they almost dies…. the screen slowed down a bit. Haha.

    Thank you for updating me.
    About the album, I didn’t download it because I am trying to resist the temptation. haha. So, I really dont know what songs you are talking about.
    But I knew for sure that by my gut feeling that it will be fantastic as State of Arts. (i love their album name)

    PS : I think angel is the best storyline mv they had. Hye Sung and Eric are so cool. and handsome.

    Thanks for the headup.

  3. OMG OMG ILU!!! *hugs* why u ask?!? Because your giving me an opportunity to SPAZ about SHINHWA!! XXDDD haha everyone is spazzing about Suju M and I don’t blame them cuz im super excited about it too cuz I do love our suju boys..BUT to be honest im still in the “its Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary” phase (and probably will be for a long time) so nothing is really getting thru my brain and affecting me as much as Shinhwa news and their happenings…

    Don’t worry, I completely understand that school takes up all your energy so I’d be very very very VERY happy to update you =D hahaha..I try to go to their soompi thread and check forums such as ShinhwaChangjo and Shinhwa Biz everyday so I know whats happening with them and im scared that if I don’t for one day, I might come back and realise that something big just happened and I missed it =SSS

    Hmm I don’t know where to start haha..If I could, I would take days to update you on their happenings jus coz I would talk about EVERY single thing and spaz about that for hours to end before going onto something else and spazzing about that XXDD haha that’s how much I love them <3333 But since I don’t want you to hate me for writing essays on nonsense, I’ll jus summarise and tell you the most important points ok?!? Haha that alone would probably take awhile so make sure your in a comfy place =PPPP

    You know about the concert so I wont talk about that anymore, except that I still CRY when I watch the fancams of them cutting the cake and crying..It just tears my heart up every single time even if I’ve seen heaps of fancams of that part and each one I rewatch like a billion times.. Btw heres the link for the fancam of the long version of the mv (in case you haven’t seen it) and theres translations on the side..Jin and Andy pretended to get shot LMAO it was just so cute and so them..Plus you can hear eric whining about them not coming earlier and Minwoo saying ‘Do we have to save eric?’ ROFLMAO Even in a death situation they still act so silly but yea that’s shinhwa for you <3 (credits to kriza09)

    Um well they released their limited edition album on the 3rd. It includes a 120 pg A4 photobook, but there was only 50 000 copies..When I finally decided to get it, it was too late cuz it was all sold out within a week..I was sooooooooo CUT!!!! ARGHH!!! I regret it so much !! So I had to just order the normal edition, which will be officially released tomorrow!!!! XXDDD Ohhh and and AND their limited edition album got tops spots for presale charts and other charts aswell =DDD Shinhwa power!!! Hahahah

    Unlike you I couldn’t resist not downloading the album, while waiting for my cd to come..and OMG its sooo flipping GOOD!!! Its totally LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Its only got 10 songs thou. 10 songs for their 10 anniversary I guess.. Well technically its only 6 songs cuz there was 1 instrumental, 1 rapping interlude with eric (which is AWESOME!! The lyric which is written by eric are just too good for words.. you’ll understand when you hear it XD) and 1 talking clip where apparently they talk about their past..Its actually a really sweet clip even if you don’t understand a word of Korean cuz you can hear them all laughing and teasing hyesung and I think they mention their Guerilla concert…ohh did I mention that one of the song was actually composed AND the lyrics were written by leadershi XXDD I LOVE YOU ERIC!! He is so freakin awesome and talented..and the song for the mv ‘Run’ was composed by Minwoo and the lyrics by eric, our ricmin couple <3333

    Umm I think that’s practically all..Theres still no news of any official stage comebacks or them on shows..Actually im really really really depressed cuz theres ABSOLUTELY no news of them promoting their album and appearing together =((((

    Wannie’s going to release his 2nd jib soon like somewhere this month which im eagerly waiting for cuz his 1st jib was really really GREAT. One of my favourite albums ever!! Andy’s holding his china concerts at the end of this month and Eric’s about to start his new drama so that it can be released before he goes to the army..Btw its going to be a historic drama, haha I cant imagine eric in historic costume but gosh im dying to watch it cuz I just love that man full stop..

    ROFLMAO I jus scrolled back up and realised I wrote a huge ass essay..Im so sorry but I couldn’t resist it XD this is what you get for asking ME to update you..a shit load of spazzing and incoherent stuff hahaha…But yea I hope this helps you cuz it would be lame if you’re a big fan and you don’t know whats happening with the boys during their 10th anniversary stage =DD

    Ps.. YES!! That is why I love Shinhwa so so so much. Its part of their charm. They never fake anything. What they say is what they feel. What they do is what they always do on air or off air. Its never faking to get more fans, its always them being their natural, dorky/cute/hot/weird self which gets more fans in the end anyways XXDD hahah how could you resist them when their together?!? Plus I love their bond and how much they love and care for eachother even if they’re teasing eachother and raggin eachother out..haha did you read about how eric asked if andy was releasing his 1st jib as a gag -_- ohh eric, why must you be so mean to baby!! Ohh ohh I jus watched this recently but in one of their latest interview, they were asked who they were most grateful of and Hyesung said KANGTA =PP and eric got all pissed and jealous XD and told hyesung to go to HOT hahahah don’t you just love their oil and water relationship!?!? Again im sorry this is so long haha..but ILU for letting me spaz XXDD

  4. I practically laughed and cried at the same time, watching the extended MV. I know this spazze is really short. I had sent you an email.. ^^

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