Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 8, 2008

Preview the song that SJ-M will be covering

Credit: Me!!! XDDD

Ok, so on their Sohu site, it said that, as well as including a Chinese version of Haengbok, Don’t Don (LMAO XD), and Marry U, SJ-M will also be covering this song [click play!]:

LOL, I thought it would be a male artist XDDD It’s a nice song though, I really like it. It’s really different to anything Suju have ever done before. Can’t wait to hear SJ-M’s interpretation of this song!!!

To be honest, I felt a little sad when I watched the SJ-M MV, don’t get me wrong, I thought it was very attractive, but….I miss seeing my 13 boys together XDDD But things can only change for the better, and I know Zhoumi and Henry will bring their own special talents to make Suju even better than it is now :DDD.

A fan saw them rehearsing Jay Chou’s “Blue and white porcelain”, but the article didn’t say anything about it…ah well.

What I’m currently listening to: “Ticket outta Loserville” – Son of Dork


  1. we are thinking alike then. I think one of the reason is the usage of U. If they were to debut with a different song, I would feel a bit better about it. SO… hum. But the song you posted sound good. ^^
    Can I have a download of it?
    and how how do you post music? lol. Don’t you have to upload it? haha.
    I want to know how to do it with … my posts too. ^^

  2. wow…err, don’t don? haha. ohh, i wonder how marry u will sound. >< idk, i’m a little disappointed. :( I wanted to hear their own songs u know? gahhh, i’ll just wait. :) laddiiilaadiiidaaaa. *impatient. but, i can’t wait for more songs + MVs? :D *drools for more.

  3. this is their song… them singing it.. in chinese. Not bad. seriously good.

  4. Potensvita:
    Yea, I think they should’ve used a different ORIGINAL song for their debut. They should know how sensitive their fans are, lol XDD I’ll send you the mp3 in an email :D
    With wordpress, you can embed music if the URL address is in .mp3 format. All you need to do is write ” [audio insertURL] ;)

    I want to hear some more NEW songs too…

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