Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 9, 2008

Download SJ-M’s new songs

Credit: Baidu Zhoumi bar + Baidu Donghae bar

After reading about the new songs on Spazzes‘ post, I had to go hunt down the mp3s, because, omg THESE SONGS ARE SO GOOD. SERIOUSLY. ICE-CREAM SUNDAE TOPPED WITH NUTS AND HOT FUDGE good. And of course it would be just be wrong if I don’t share these with all you lovely people, so here they are:

DON’T DIRECT LINK THE DOWNLOAD LINKS. If you do, I’ll give your address to Army13 and tell them that you’re in cahoots with LSM, and that the addition of new members was YOUR idea :D and while I’m at it, I’ll also tell the Cassiopeians that you think red is a disgusting colour, BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

At Least I have you.mp3 [Listen to the original version posted here]

The One.mp3 – Lol, whenever I listen to this song, I immediately get this image of Hangeng running in slow motion, with the Suju boys in the background cheering him on while dressed up as fluffy white chicken XDD I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY.

“U” SJ-M version.mp3

I’m having the hardest time trying to distinguish their voices XDD I SUCK. Playmeagain and I should attend a “voice distinguishing for dummies” workshop XDDD

I’m pretty sure that these mp3s are all ripped from the preview clips, but I’m not going to upload the album when it comes out. You can all buy a copy to support SJ-M :D!

What I’m currently listening to: “So I” – Super Junior


    “Red is a disgusting colour”

    Okay, damn. You’ve just ruined The One for me =.=” The only thing I imagined was each of the members faces and dust/mist type thing surrounding them T___T

    I still can’t picture any chickens. Lol…hang on…ahhhh I know why you mentioned chickens :P You’re just missing a certain someone, aren’t u?


  2. THANKS for the songs XDDD
    in love with Hangeng XD

  3. i like the At least I have you re dentition.

  4. hehe, the only voice i can ever recognize is ryeowook’s. he always has that high voice with an echo. ^_^ think i need to join that dummies workshop too…

  5. I just noticed you have Jumyuk in your sidebar <3. YAY :DDDD. I’m really liking that boy. I like him more and more each time I hear someone bash him, lols.

    Oooh and I’m just curious, have you had any diehard only13 supporters comment on your posts about SuJu-M? XD.

  6. LOL, I haven’t listened to the songs yet, but I’ve a feeling that the whole voice distinguishing thing isn’t ever going to happen. XDDDD


    I can foresee terrible things happening in the future as a result of my inability. I’ve even imagined myself meeting Ryeowook (I DREAM BIG, OKAY?!) in person and being like: “I LOVE IT WHEN YOU SING THIS AND THAT AND BLAHBLAHBLAH” and him going: “Errrr, Henry sings those lines. Yes, the one with the chubby cheeks.”


    And you are so ridiculously special for having that image of Hangeng in your head while listening to The One. From your description, I’m channeling “Chariot of Fire”. XDDDDDDD

    OH YES, have I told you that I tried french manicuring my nails today?! And yes, total total total fail. (Well, actually, it’s more like my friend can’t paint in a straight line. I need those french manicure sticky strips.)


  7. Candychu:
    HAHA *dresses up as the Subway chicken* XDDDDDD
    But yes, I DO miss my chicken boy, I haven’t seen him in YEAAARRRSSSS (more like a week, but whatever XD)

    Yes, he is rather attractive isn’t he :P

    That one’s my favourite out of the 3 ;)


    HAHA, that’s not Zhou mi!!! It’s Wu zun XDDDDDDDD Lol, you’re the second person to think that it’s Zhou mi XD I put it up there to try trick people, and IT’S WORKING XDD MUAHAHAHAH
    There are SO many Zhou mi-antis though :'( It’s really sad… EVERYONE on Baidu hates him, and if anyone tries to defend him, they get anti-ed too =.=;;;; But like you said, whenever I read a anti-zhou mi post, I like him a bit more XD
    Nope, haven’t had any Only13 supporters comment my SJ-M posts, have you? I actually want them to comment though, cos I like debates :P

    They DOOOO, THEY REALLY DO. Well, except for Siwon and Ryeowook. The rest sound the same :P LMAO at your Ryeowook scenario XDDD You have really weird daydreams xP I remember candy ice telling me about one of her dreams where Donghae wore a purple sac with a Theta sign on it, and danced XDDDDD

    Can’t you see my Hangeng image?? I’m not sure if Canada had this ad. but last year in Australia, there was this ad. for Subway’s Avocado and chicken sub, and there was this guy dressed up in a chicken costume in the ad, THAT’S the chicken I’m seeing every time I hear that song XDDD

    French manicure? Ugh, I envy you, I’m not allowed to do my nails, cos my piano teacher thinks long nails get in the way of your piano playing =.= I really really REALLY want to get those cool japanese-ey nails, the ones with the 3D decorations, they’re soooo pretty, except I’d probably get sick of them after two days XDDD

  8. i love the video compared to the original one..and the the little remixes are hot..alhtough it still hurt seeing the super junior being sub divided into sub groups. I mean nothing beats the original you know…But still i think i have no choice but to love suju-m…Kyuhyun has a lot of moment to shine..hehehe..Im gonna miss the super junior with 13 of them in a song or video..huhu why do they have to this?(still have mixed emotions)


    I feel SO bad for that kid, seriously. I’ve always tended to root for the underdogs and … to say he’s an underdog is like an understatement. Poor guy :(. Yeah. I read that everyone hates him on baidu. And then on tudou, apparently people left some really disgusting and nasty comments when he cried in one of the interviews. That’s just so cruel! And especially cause he can actually read all of it and understand that people are talking shit about him :(. HAHAHA I WISH I KNEW CHINESE CAUSE I WOULD GO ON BAIDU AND DEFEND HIM! I spent like all day at soompi trying to defend him, lols. I like him a lot! I wish people would give him a chance. I mean, I guess he’s not as immediately likable as Henry (who is too cute, zomg), but people are just writing him off too quickly. It’s pretty ridiculous how people think they know EVERYTHING about his personality based on how he introduces himself in interviews. I mean, WHAT. That doesn’t even make sense at all.

    THIS TURNED INTO A RANT DDDD:. I’m sorry for spamming you XD.

    I’ve had two, I think, although nothing too super-anti so I was just ‘meh’ about it. I don’t really want to get into a debate with anyone, because I’ll most likely lose. But I guess that’d be okay, because I’ll just call you for backup, lmaooooo.

  10. AHH hahah! I love that bit with “Red is a disgusting color” FYI I love RED! Ohh and we so appreciate you sharing these mp3! I personally love you now. hahah And I stalk your page every day when I have nothing to do in class, so I thank you. You are funny…You just made my day.

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