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I had been waiting for this for AGES

Oh… I am so so in could nine, thanks to Beckery who had updated me so much on ShinHwa. potensvita officially give you one choco chip cookies.






screams excited.

It is on tudou but I can’t complain because it is better than nothing.

Although it load like snails for me.

Although it is annoying with its advertisement.

But other than that, I am fine with it.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

credit : ~lovelybelle~ @ soompi.

HUM … I might spazz but… it will take some time. Haha.

Since, I had to run to school now. Bye bye.

Part 1

They did a recap of her history from the past. I so so miss her being in Korea but it is ok. I will wait. I love the announcer who stated that in 08, she will be focusing in China.

Her performance…. is I am pretty sure it is live. There were some quivers here. but it is all good. her bubbling hip making her look so cute. haha The first song is A flame for you. I wished that this is in HD. god. The audience is so good. They way they welcome her home…. Wan yin hui jia. Welcome home.

The MCs are so so hilarious… they keep on saying that she was mysterious and even, LY nodded. haha. They stated that they tip the world upside down to find out who she is… and she laughed, saying that she didnt want to be so mysterious too since her whole concept was mysterious.

Haha. They asked about her experience before going to Korea.

She said she was a lazy violin student and she loves singing… at the age of 10, she imitated Christina. The MCs face was pure love.

She sang a bit of Reflection – no comment about the english but FANTASTIC VOICE.

The Mc dwells more about her experience going to Korea.

She said that she didn’t cry when she left her mom but when she was about to board the plane, she cried madly. T.T She said her mom asked her to take care and practice and called home when she was tired.

The MCs are so so chinese-ish.

Because, they said that the mom must have asked her not to bring a Korean boyfriend back.LOL. GOSH. My mom said the same thing too. He added that if every relative will talk in Chinese and the korean boyfriend will talk in Korean which … doesn’t tally. LOL.

LY admitted that her mom really did give that advise to her.

The MCs were very happy to have guess correctly. Then, they imitated that the mother might have ask her not to bring any hum… Nanjing accent? (I think the programme is filmed in Nanjing?) guy home. LOL. Gosh, I so love the MC.

Then, they taught her Nanjing Mandarin. The hosts are pure love. She even laughed at her own attempt at talking Nanjing. Then, she taught them Sichuan accent. They thought she was .. saying have you hit your aunt yet?

But she actually mean, did you enjoy yourself?

The red colour guy were talking with her in Sichuan a bit and the blue guy actually, said red guy went and study a bit of sichuan to woo you, since the mom allows Nanjing bf. He acts so shyly and said his mom doesnt mind sichuan ladies. lol

They talked about her training days in Korea. She said she rushed from school to the training hall without any rest. The mcs exaggeratedly saying the training hall is like… hell? She laughed and said that the room is actually really simple. It had a table with a keyboard on it, music player and the room was surrounded with white walls to make the trainee’s concentrate.

The mcs are trying to make the training room sound like hell. They asked the simple furnishing must be to force them to concentrate or they might paste posters of artist to encourage jealousy. She said only their company posters was on. They exaggerated again about her vandalising Han geng’s poster. She was like NO NO no.

They asked her about her school. She had singing class and dancing class and she thinks singing class are harder. She just like to sing and the formalities and the technique used are hard. The blue guy mocked his teachers in the singing class.

They asked how long her training days were? She said it was for 4 years and everyday are almost the same.

They asked how did the opportunity came by for her to sing Timeless with Jun Su. She said one of the producers, heard the song accidentally and felt that the song was very artistic and was very suitable for her. Hence, let her sing and try to figure out who to sing it with her. They thought of Jun Su’s beautiful voice which matched her voice. ^__________________________^

and that was how she started. Gosh. I love the questions asked here.

They asked what is her hope, releasing I WILL album. She hoped that her I WILL (actually the direct translation of her album name is hope, anticipation, wish) will capture a lot of people’s heart and realises the listener’s wish.

The MCs asked whether she will concentrate in China or Korea. She proudly answered China.

The MCs asked whether she will feel anything stranger or awkwardness in China or felt really welcomed since her return. She said very heart warming since it was her home here. And her fans that were supporting her from the start are here (in China) ^___________^

Then, they said that there must be some senior in her company that are supporting her too. They showed her the clips of congratulatory. First up, Kangta, DBSK, and then SUJU

End of Part 1

EDIT : Remaining part of translation

Part 1, Part 2


  1. argh
    i can’t watch the variety show. dunno why. i hope they upload it in youtube.
    thanks for the translation. yea, she’s always mysterious. i always hope to know more about her though.

    frankly speaking, i’ve never really heard her speaking korean..*sniff

    talking about korean boyfriend. what’s wrong with that? what if she brings back junsu? her mum will happily agree with it (:

  2. don’t worry, I will put up youtube links once it is done. haha. and I had put up translation links from soompi at the end of the post. haha.
    Haha. You are a SUYIN shipper. Me too. haha. i will agree to it too. ^^
    your xiah avatar pic is so pure.. seemed to be from star king.

  3. :D xD

    thanks in advance!
    yea, that’s what i like about about him. he looks pure. somehow, sometimes, i can’t accept the sexy hip thrust dance that he’s trying to do for the T concert. lols.

    so smart. yeap. it’s from star king

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