Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 9, 2008

Suju-M Sohu interview

Credit: symbelmyn @ Youtube


Ok, everyone HAS to watch this interview, even if you don’t understand Chinese, because YOU NEED TO HEAR RYEOWOOK SING LEEHOM’S “KISS GOODBYE”. OMG. GAH.

*calms down*

I think this is SJ-M’s first interview? :DDD The boys all looked great, and, EVERYONE’S CHINESE IMPROVED!!!! Especially Ryeowook’s, omg, his impersonation of the Chinese fans screaming his name had me ROFLOL XDDDD

Kyuhyun didn’t get much screen time, and I barely saw Zhou mi (he didn’t even get to introduce himself!) but that’s ok, because I GOT TO HEAR RYEOWOOK SING “KISS GOODBYE”, which is one of my favourite songs ever. And he sang it SO well. Leehom would be proud *——-*

Hangeng’s interaction with Henry made me MELT into a puddle of pink goo, he looked like a big brother talking to his little brother *—-* TAKE THAT, everyone who thinks Hangeng always has a forced smile when he’s with SJ-M! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What I’m currently listening to: “Kiss Goodbye” – Leehom


  1. I saw the fancam of the perf yesterday. better than the … official release of the perf due to the cam. Just thought of posting it.

  2. all credit goes to mzz_booo

  3. lol. I watched it. I love the interaction they had. I especially like how caring Han Geng is. Henry seemed nice. I really wish the ARMY 13 will stop being so immature. I want them to be world renowned.



  5. waah translations pweez? but looking fwd to watching this :D thanks for the headzup!

  6. LMAO I EEEEEEEEEPed when Hae started speaking Chinese…he sounds like he’s actually Chinese…*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL* I’m 24 seconds into the clip and I’ve lost it already HAHAHA

    AWWWWWWWW @ Ryeowook’s Chinese.

    AHAHAHA Kyu even laughed at himself OMG HES SO CUTE XDDDD

    Henry !!! HE IS SO CUTE. He’s the BB of SJM ^^ *pats his head*

    Lol, I love how Ryeowook nods when Hankyung speaks like he understands ^_^ *squish*

    I liked how Henry was looking over Hae’s shoulder while he was writing his “chinese” HEHE

    Lmao when Hae was practicing I was actually mumbling the words to myself coz I knew what was coming next hahaha so scripted XDD YES HANKYUNG! I AGREE Hae’s Chinese has definitely improved ^^ I like how he finished speaking chinese then said “ne” (yes) :)

    omg I’m like a puppy. I just yelped at Ryeowook’s chinese XD When he said his fans were cute *poke* and he is SO FUNNY LMAO Aw he sounded so nervous at first and then he became confident again lol I’m loving Ryeowook more and more these days ^________^

    Oh damn I thought Hae was gonna kiss Hankyung on the cheek XD

    OMG @ SIWON SINGING <33333 I love the song he sung. Jerry sang that song at their F4 concert lol I LOVE IT!!! I put my headphones in and to have Siwon sing that to me made ME MELT INTO GOO

    It’s Henry’s first time in China O______o OMG HES SO CUTE OMG *SPAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*

    You know, it actually appears as if they KNOW exactly what they’re saying but suddenly forget the word instead of memorising a sentence…if that makes sense? Or maybe I just keep lying to myself that they’re gonna master the language. LOL CAN YOU SEE HOW DESPERATE I AM FOR THEM TO LEARN CHINESE!!!

    ILU SJM!!!!!!!!!!!! HWAITING ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    p.s lol sorry for scaring you XP
    p.p.s I love the way Hannie calles Henry “herry” AHAHA :P

  7. WHY MUST I BET AT WORK?!?!??!?!??!? NAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! RAWR. I’m hyperventilating so much just reading Candychu’s summary and WOOKIE!!!! I don’t care what anyone says, I think Wookie is my ultimate favorite, period now. He’s so underrated but such a good singer and SOOOOOOOOO CUTE *squishes face*. Can I take him home, mommy? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?


    I shall restrain myself though. XDDD

    1. Henry’s SOOOOOOO cute. And Canadian Chinese Boys FTW. FTW. FTW. FTW. <33333 But yes, if he looked like a chipmunk in the “U” mv, he looks REALLY good here and gives off an ultra cool vibe. Plus, I really like his voice; it’s ear-candy, and I LOVE HOW WELL HE ARTICULATES. HENRY FTW … !!!

    2. YOU MUST send me WLH’s “Kiss Goodbye”. I can’t download it myself, so I shall just bug you continuously until you send it to me. XDDD ^^ But, WOWOWOWOWOWOW, Ryeowook’s mandarin is blardy fantastic … !!! And he sings REALLY well in chinese. I did, however, laugh at his “kissssshhhhh you goodbye”. XDDDDD

    3. Hangeng is such a perfect leader. He looks so caring towards all the group members. I especially loved the Donghae-Hangeng interaction in the news clip; he looked so proud of Donghae as he was attempting to read the chinese written on his paper.

    4. I LOVE DONGHAE. LOVE HIM. He and Kyuhyun looked uber tired in the clip, though – they had some serious panda eyes going on. o.O

    5. Zhou Mi sounded like a newscaster. I actually thought it was the voiceover when it was actually him talking. XDDDD I’m sucha loser.

    6. I came this close to failing a chem test. FHLFHASLJDHUEHFUHDLJFHSJFHAJL SO MAD.


  9. Potensvita:
    Thanks for the fancam! It’s SO much better than the “professional” one =.= Lol, I was SO HAPPY seeing them shake hands with Fahrenheit XDDD

    Ryeowook is SO UNDERRATED. He’s one of the “quieter” Suju boys, so he never gets any screentime :( See, SJ-M is GOOOOOD ^—-^ He was SO CUTE in the interview, I wanted to abduct him and place him on a shelf with teddy bears XDD

    Sorry, I don’t have any time to do a translation ^^;;; It’s exam week for me, so @$^%#$&^%*! a million things to do ;_______; They basically just said stuff like “nice to meet you”, “i missed you”, etc. :D

    I LOVE how you always write your comments as you’re watching the video XDDD YOU’RE SPECIAL. Ryeowook has been shooting up my non-existent list, he’s so CUTE ^^
    Maybe one day their Chinese will be as good as DBSK’s Japanese *———-* Then I will be able to COMMUNICATE with them, and won’t have to use sign language XD TEUKIE, WHY DID YOU NOT JOIN SJ-M ;______________________________;

    I want to take him home toooooooooooooooooooo *—-* He was SO SO SO CUTE in this interview, I WANTED TO PINCH HIS CHEEKS :DDDD I LOLed at his hair in the MV, but in this interview, it looked really good. I’m so glad he’s getting more screen time now! YAY, SJ-M!!!

    LOL, CHIPMUNK XDDDDD Idk, I don’t find Henry “attractive” (yes, I’m extremely shallow) but I do think that he’s REALLY REALLY CUTE. HIS FACE IS SO ROUND AND SQUISHY :DDD I LOLed at his Chinese though, he sounded like a fob chinese speaker XD
    Yep, I’ll send you Leehom’s “kiss goodbye” when I finish this comment. It’s SO GOOD. Lol, I downloaded a mp3 rip of Ryeowook singing “kiss goodbye” and I’m trying to ignore the “sshhh” XDD It’s like in their other song, “the one”, they keep singing “De one”, and it’s totally ruining the song, lol XDDDD I’M SO MEAN.
    Chem test? Ewwwwwww. I hated chem. … and physics….and maths XDDD I just got home from a music exam on the prehistory of rock ‘n’ roll, and i’m PRETTY sure that I didn’t do that great, but I don’t care, cos I’m only doing that course for 1 semester, so as long as I pass, it’s all goooood ^——————-^

  10. argh.

    i just get to watch the video.

    lols. how old is henry? yea, i also hope that they can master chinese like DBSk mastered japanese. (:

    no, candychu.that’s not desperate. i felt the same way as u do too. (:

    zhou mi was just smiling widely when ryeowook was singing Kiss Goodbye.

    so cute.
    i dun see that there’s any harm in adding addition al CUTE members .

  11. cute ryewook!
    but i want to see a lot more of kyuhyun!
    i love his wuuuh part in the u song of theirs…
    love suju!

  12. hope they’ll visit the philippines..

  13. nanshi:
    lmao, I’m glad my comment was of use to you :P I seriously just tend to repeat the ENTIRE thing XD

    henrys bday is October 1989. That’s about as much as I know. Oh and hes 176 cm tall LOL :D

  14. @pinkandsparkly

    good luck with your exams! hwaitingjiayou! :D

  15. this is the subbed version. credit melon17

  16. Soooooo I just watched the whole thing and I can say a million things (I <333 Wookie’s voice SOOOOOO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA. When he was singing it and did that EXCELLENT trill/undulation at “Goodbyyyyyeee~~~” I died a little bit and had grabby fingers at the screen squealing “I LOVE YOU WOOKIE!!!!”) … But umm.. FISHY WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT 1:49?!?!??!?! I still love you, but OMIGOSH, put your hands down. Enough people already suspect SJ of being ghei, don’t give them more fodder!!!

  17. So I just had to watch it all over again, and OMIGOOOOOOOODNESS!! I LOVE Hae’s intro, cause he’s all… “Practicing…Chinese!!” And he looks all perky and proud and the camera… and WOOKIE’S VOICE *swoons and dies*. Why is he such a good singer! And I loooove ZhouMi being so cute behind him and flashing peace signs and kinda pseudo-camerawhoring. It’s kind of a pity that Zhou Mi didn’t get more screentime, but I guess it’s cause out of all 7 of them, he’s the “least anticipated” (NOT BY ME!!!) and probably the least to be popular yet! A lot of people were really like stalking Henry and he was just.. on the d/l so to speak… LOVE ZEM! I’m surprised that they all sound so FLUENT though!!! They must’ve been working so hard.

    Oh, and I love the comments on youtube by Korean speakers. “I never really used to get it why you guys would whine about not having subs, but … now I do and I totally understand what non-Korean speakers feel like.” HAHA TAKE THAT! It’s so nice to see Hannie taking charge cause he’s usually kinda shoved to the side in Korea cause the language barrier XDDDDDD. And Shiwon has some seriously GOOD Chinese; he was probably anticipated to be part of SJ-M along with Hangeng from the very beginning and began working on his Chinese then (wasn’t there that clip of Donghae asking Shiwon how to say ‘tired’ in Chinese?!)

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