Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 10, 2008

Suju-M calls Suju every night

Thanks, Melon7 @ Youtube, for the upload :D

Lol, Ryeowook waving at the camera at 0:28 = SO CUTE XDDDD I loved how he and Siwon were completely oblivious to the camera at first, then Ryeowook notices it and waved really enthusiastically, while Siwon just smiled (a really NICE smile) and looked like he was thinking “yip, that’s right, you better make this a screencap” OH HOW I WISH I COULD *———* (the pause button hates me =.=)

They talked about how SM is looking for “the next Hangeng” (HAHA, LSM, YOU’RE SO BRAVE) and how the Suju-M boys miss their friends (the other SJ boys) and call them every night. I’ll do a translation of that part of the interview (when Hangeng talked at 0:46, cos it’s TOO CUTE.

“Really miss our leader….our leader Leeteuk [ME TOO!], Kangin…etc. etc. and Heechul and Shindong (LOL, I love how the other members are “etc. etc.” XDDDD) we talked to them on the phone last night and told them the good news, and they’re really happy.”

So sweet <333

Oo, and ZLY’s outfit is really nice, I love the tie+vest+white shirt combo <33

What I’m currently listening to: “So in love” – Shinhwa


  1. for some reason, this made me want to cry *bawls* MY SUJU BOYZ *wants to huggle them all*

    so sweet for them to miss thier hyungs ^_^

  2. am sure potensvita will be so excited to see ZLY so active and be together with her oppas (:

    lols. ZLY, Hang Geng and Zhou Mi totally owns China. lols. i mean, they are not as talkative when they were in Korea.

    happy that at least Hang Geng and it will be ZLY’s turn to take care of her oppas. kekez

  3. lol. how do you know?
    haha. I love what she is wearing and I love hahaha…. her interaction. wished that there is more SUYIN action in the upcoming DBSK Shanghai Beijing concert in May. ^^

  4. pontensvita :

    lols. of course i know cause i like their interactions too ^^
    more suyin interaction for the boys upcoming concert
    i was thinking, only13 army will eventually change their mind after they see how cute Zhou Mi and Henry are..dun u think?
    p.s : trying hard not to cheat on junsu (:

  5. Thanks for the translation <3! HK seems really happy and I’m glad all the boys are happy for him :).

  6. how come the others were ‘etc. etc’ xDD
    I also miss them being together doing silly random stuff.. T^T

  7. Querubin:
    *cries with you* XD
    I love the close bond between all the Suju members, so sweet <333

    Lol, I love it when they do activities in China, cos it means that I won’t have to rely on subs XDD
    Maybe SJ-M will be the guests at DBSK’s Shanghai concert?? THAT WOULD BE SO GOOD.

    LOL, it look me an hour to realise who you meant by “Suyin” XDDDD And yes, ZLY and SJ-M should ALL go to DBSK’s Shanghai concert. The more the merrier, right? :DDD

    YAY, EVERYONE’S HAPPY :DDDDD Can’t wait for their album, I’ve got “at least I have you” on constant replay XDD

    Dw, I’m sure we’ll get more SJ crack soon :D

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