Posted by: lovediaries | April 11, 2008

Preorder Super Junior ME

The release date is May 9th (BOOOOO that’s another whole month!!) and you can preorder here.

That’s the taiwan version and includes 12 tracks but unfortunately no DVD. I guess I’ll have to wait for the repackaged album because we all know they’re not simply going to release one version.

The tracks are as follows:

1. Me

2. U

3. At least there’s you

4. Miracle

5. Love Song

6. In my arms

7. Don’t Don

8. Marry U

9. Full of Happiness

10. A Man in Love

11. The Moment

12. The One

Hands up if you think this tracklist sounds awesome !!! *raises both arms and legs* :DDD

“Full of Happiness” is actually different to Haengbok :S I believe it’s a whole new song. IM SO EXCITED OMG!!!

At first I wasn’t overly excited about the remakes but since their mando is so PWOARSOME, I’m really looking forward to it. Especially Don’t Don and A Man in Love. I’m hoping Hae will do the rapping in Don’t Don and Kyu may rap the beginning to Marry U since I’ve seen a vid of him rapping Hyuk’s part already. IM SO PUMPED for this CD <333

SM, please please PLEASE hurry and repackage this album and throw in about TWELVE MVs. PLEEEASE!!!

::EDIT:: Okay, I failed to count up to 6 so let’s just assume Full of Happiness is the remake of Haengbok :D




    sorry again, i was too shocked and hapii. X3
    but i think full of happiness and haengbok is the same^^

    full of happiness is on of the possible translations for `haengbok`

    nyao.. ^^

  2. sayuu13sj:
    haha, aren’t we all! lol dont apologise for being spazzy XDDD
    actually the reason I dont think full of happiness = haengbok is because of the chinese name. i semi discussed it with pinkandsparkly and it seems to suggest a different song :S
    well, guess we’ll have to see! ^^

  3. xD i see.. i wanna hear it ASAP!! i hope it’s a remake though.. [haengbok is the song and MV that made me love SJ more and more and more and.. uh, that’s enough. xD]
    give me MOOOOOOOORE MVs!! more henry + violin! xD

  4. omgg i can’t wait to hear all the songs!! i’m deff buying the CD =DD

  5. sayuu13sj:
    i was listening to the one again last night and i heard henrys violin playing ^^ i wonder if hell play in every song. ooooh imagine him playing in haengbok :PPP

    i know! if only the release date was pushed forward….i cant wait that long !!!

  6. candychu-san
    i heard it too ^^,

    uhm.. i heard that he’d have a violin solo on all songs, im not sure though^^

    i just made reflections [what?! reflections?! O_O] while I was going to bed, listening to their songs and it came to my mind that a haengbok remake, Marry U remake, Don`t Don remake, Miracle remake, a Man inlove remake + other remakes would be totally different.. i mean without sungmin,heechul and kibum at haengbok for me, its.. T^T and Yesung’s papertears.. T^T

    Marry U without the other members.. T^T
    [i was laughing at the MV because they’re proposing to only 1 girl. and yoona accepted them all. T^T it’s cute. nyahaha^^ i love that song..]

    Miracle. that song.. to me it resembled their hardships together. i kinda dont want a remake on that, but..

    OMG im really sorry [again] for giving such a long comment >_<”
    well actually i was one of the ONLY 13 army waaaaaay back then. xDD
    but because of Henry`s violin and dumpling face.. yay`

    nyao X3

  7. I AM SOOO PREORDERING THIS!!! :) hehe. yay, i’ve been waiting.

    i think Full of happiness is the same as haengbok cuz that was the original title by H.O.T. before suju remade it. ahhhhh….

    thank you! you’ve done soo much! :) idk what i’d do if your blog never existed. :D thanks soo much! :)

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