Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 11, 2008

Suju-M CRI interview – edited with full recap

Thank you SYMBELMYN for uploading this :DDD

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


I’ve actually only watched part 1&2, cos I have a really important music exam tomorrow ^^;;; EDIT: We’ve done a full recount now :DDD KEEP READING.But those two parts alone were SO EXTREMELY GOOD. THEY SANG A CAPELLA, OMG. SJ-M can SING. REALLY WELL. NANSHI, ARE YOU READING THIS, WATCH IT AND SPAZZ WITH ME.

Their singing is seriously really really good. Even my MUM likes it. I was watching it when my mum came in, and went “ooo who’s that, they’re really good” YOU ALL KNOW IT’S GOOD WHEN MY MUM LIKES IT, COS SHE DOESN’T LIKE ANYONE XDDDDD, she said that their Chinese pronunciation was spot-on, and that she thought they were all Chinese :DDDDD.

In part two, they played charades, and each member also came out and did a little dance solo <3333333333333 Ryeowookie can DANCE, I was pleasantly surprised ^—–^ imo, he’s always been overlooked, so I’m sooo glad that he’s in SJ-M, IT’S RYEOWOOKIE’S TIME TO SHINE :DDDDD

I’ve read some fan accounts about how Henry was totally adorable in this video <33 Ooh, and, get this, ZHOU MI SANG WANG LEEHOM’S “FOREVER LOVE”, AND RYEOWOOK SANG “KISS GOODBYE” (again XD). I LOVE WANG LEEHOM, I LOVE ZHOUMI AND RYEOWOOK.GAH.WAY TOO MUCH LOVE. Ryeowook actually said that he never used to listen to Wang Leehom, but Leehom is Zhoumi’s favourite artist, so he borrowed some CDs from Zhoumi, and now he loves Leehom too XDDDD I LOVE YOU ZHOUMI, FOR INTRODUCING RYEOWOOK TO LEEHOM.

Omg, I’ve just thought of something. Zhoumi’s been pimping Leehom to the SJ-M boys, and Spazzes and I will be pimping him in our next C-pop collab. post, THE THREE OF US SHOULD TOTALLY GET TOGETHER AND PIMP LEEHOM *—————–* that also makes sense cos it seems like Spazzes and I are Zhoumi’s only fans :'( which is really sad, cos I think he’s a HEAPS good singer, and seems like a really funny guy. It annoys me how he’s too scared to speak because people take everything he says out of context ;_________:.

Ok, this post is WAY too incoherent, even by my standards XDD

What I’m currently listening to: “At least I have you” – SJ M

P.S: Please all pray that I’ll be able to pass my music exam tomorrow XDDD

One more exam, then I’ll be freee, FREEE, FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (for two weeks XD)

[I’ll reply to everyone’s comments after I finish my exam tomorrow ^——–^]

Candychu here to intrude ^^ Since pinkandsparkly only watched the first two parts I decided to put in my little bit since I’m currently watching Part 4 + 5…just because everyone talked about how cute Henry was and all the SiHae touching so I had to start from the end and make my way to the front XD

Part 4 starts off where they’re playing games I think…coz I honestly don’t know what is going on. My fault for not starting from part 1 =.=” Anyway it’s Ryeowook and Henry’s turn and I think they had to do 5 expressions in a row. Henry PUFFS UP HIS CHEEKS in one of them and there’s a HenWook hug at the end!!!! HenWook? RyeoRy? Lol. It’s HenWook, right?

Then theres an interview where the questions come from the fans. There’s the usual ‘What is Hankyung’s ideal girl’ but what made me lol was when she asked ‘What is Hankyung’s wish in 08’ and he responded with ‘I want to be a good torch bearer’. Okay, he said it more articulately XD but I thought that was cute. Then he also wished for SJM to do well in China :D

When it’s Siwon’s turn…HE SNORTS LMAO! I think I’m seriously going deaf T_T because everytime I replay it I hear something different. I guess the MC complimented him (hand gestures) then asked for him some Chinese I think. I should run off and get some headphones before I proceed any further…*plugs headphones in* lol The MC asked “Everyone says you were born really handsome” and Siwon says thank you then she asks “Do you agree?” LOL That’s why he snorted :P

The MC also compliments Kyuhyun’s pinyin (YAY!!) and asks which phrase he says best…and its “Waiter! Waiter” LOL HE’S SO HANDSOME ^^

WATCH OUT FOR SIHAE SKINSHIP!!! The two touchiest people of SuJu…touching each other! Lol. I actually didn’t notice Hae stroking Siwon until he kinda patted his hand away XD Then…some more HenWook love :)

So basically this interview is just full of LOVE <333

Btw, HAE HAS A NEW PUPPY???? WHAT HAPPENED TO BADA???? His new puppy is called ‘Meo’ (as in Romeo & Juliet) and he says that it means ‘Little puppy is handsome’ lol or I may have misinterpreted that. But awwww…does anyone know where Bada went?

Pinkandsparkly BACK to edit :DDD Ok, so Candychu talked about Part 4&5, I’ve already talked about Part 1&2, so here’s part 3: (don’t look at us funny, incoherency is the new black, ok XDDD)

YOU ALL MUST WATCH PART THREE. I say that about EVERY part, but really, part 3 = <333333333 cos you get to hear Zhoumi sing Leehom’s “Forever love”, and @$%&! I love that boy, his voice is *————–* And, after he did his little dance solo, he said that he’s actually the worst dancer in SJ-M, and Hangeng said “what, who said that, that’s not true”, and Zhoumi said “yea, hyung thinks I can dance well, right *bats eyelashes*” XDDDDD Certain people may think that he was being conceited there, but I personally found the Han-mi interaction there really cute :DDD.

Kyuhyun didn’t want to do a dance solo, so he had to sing instead. He took awhile to decide what he was going to sing, and, omg, I LOLed when the PD started playing the “U” song, to tell him that he had to make a decision or go do a dance XD. Anyway, he sang an old Chinese song, and Siwon told everyone that he can sleep really well after hearing Kyuhyun sing XDD once, Kyuhyun said “good night, hyung” to him, and he fell asleep straight away XD

They also had to play a game, where each pair was given a word, and they had to do a pose. Ryeowook got “sunshine boy” XDDDDD HE IS SO CUTE. (At the start, when Zhoumi was dancing, you see Ryeowook do the actions with him XDD) I think him and Henry need to work on their “sunshine boy” poses XD The next pose they had to do, was a “depressed” one, and…RYEOWOOK REPEATED HIS “sunshine boy” ONE XDDDD Oh dear XD They had to do the “Shrek” pose next, and Ryeowook…pretty much did his “sunshine boy” pose again XD

Donghae and Kyuhyun went next, and they had to do a “muscle man” pose. Siwon went “Donghae, show them your tummy” (YES PLEASE XD) lol. The next pose was “sexy man”, and OMG, DONGHAE XDDDDD (you’ll just have to watch it to find out what he did :P)

Sihan was the last pair, and they got “martial arts pro”, and they also had to do a “comedic expression”, Sihan did this really odd handshake XD and Siwon explained that that was how they greeted their managers in Korea XDDD

But because the teams were uneven (4-3), Zhoumi had no partner :( I thought that they were just going to leave him out, but Kyuhyun reminded everyone that Zhoumi needed to have a turn (aww, such an angel), so Zhoumi had to partner up with the host ^———^ And you see them do their poses in part 4, which Candychu has already covered :D.

I must say, I really like the host, cos she can speak Korean :DD That must’ve been easier for the boys, cos their Chinese can’t be THAT great yet :P I felt kinda sorry for Henry though, cos he can’t really understand Korean OR Chinese….dw, Henry, in a few years time, I’ll become a host and I’ll help you XDDD (if I don’t flunk out of school first that is ^^;;;;;;)

Was that recap confusing for anyone? LOL :DDD

What I’m currently listening to: “At least I have you” – SJ-M

P.S: to answer Candychu’s question, Bada is STILL ALIVE. I saw him/her when they filmed Change :D



  1. FIRST!! (or second, depending on if Candychu shows up and is typing right now. rawr~)… I’m at work, but I was mentioned!!! yayyy!!! I promise you I will spazz with you once I have ze time. AND NO: you and Spazzes are not the ONLY Zhoumi fans; I am too!!! He seems like such a nice and open guy and a lot of people just don’t like him cause they’re Army13 or whatever. Whatever. Seriously. He’s a GOOD SINGER and pretty cute too (although his lips are really really dark!!).

  2. It’s cause the cool people support Zhou Mi :D! Hahaha, people seem to be warming up to him, though, so that’s really good :).


  3. I only made it to part 3 right now, BUT OMGGG!!! I think Zhou Mi is trying to best Shiwon in being the skinship king! He’s soooo touchy just like Shiwon is!!!! HE’S SUCH A GOOD SINGER. I WANT TO SING LIKE THAT TOO. I’m actually *not* a fan of Wang Leehom (don’t shoot mee!), but I LOVE hearing Wookie and Zhoumi’s renditions of his music… did Kyu sing one of his songs too? Oh, and for Wang Leehom, it’s not that I’m not a fan of his music or composition (I think the man is extraordinarily talented and a GREAT composer and musician), I just don’t like his voice very much. Especially his more recent stuff where he sings in like falsetto and an octave higher than his older music (and I’m talking like 90s stuff).

  4. HEY Who said I’m not a ZhouMi fan :PP At least I didn’t get WuZun mixed up with him *cough*Spazzes*cough* hehe jokes !!! *hugs* XDDD
    I REALLY NEED TO WATCH PART 1. NOW. I’d love to see Ryeowook dance <3 Ooh, was Henry’s dance clip that you showed me yesterday his solo bit? Coz it was AWESOME <333
    Okay, I’m seriously commenting all over the placeXDD
    WATCH PART 3!!! OMG KYUHAE!!!!!! They have to be sexy and they do the SAME thing its SO AWESOME LOL I love this interview XDDDDDDDDDDD

  5. Great recap! I also noticed the impressive amount of love in this interview! ^^” I really don’t get why so many people hate Zhoumi. He’s so talented and he hasn’t even been around long enough give fans a legit reason to dislike him. Ryeowook and Henry faces were absolute love. And the SiHae action as well, especially the stroking xDDD

  6. :DDD HEY, OMG, THAT’S CHEATING, CANDYCHU XDDDDDDD. I totally knew that was Wu Zun. Right. LOL *hugs back*!

    We need more ZhouMi fans … the more the merrier <3.

  7. Nanshi:
    Leehom is SOO talented. I mean, 14 instruments PLUS 4 languages?! @$#%#&&()_ O.O
    But I have to say that I was a LITTLE bit disappointed with his last album, because it didn’t really have a track on it that made me go “wow”, you know what I mean?
    Ryeowook and Zhoumi did a great job at singing Leehom’s songs, they’re both such good singers!

    Thank youuuuuuuu <33333!!
    I think it went alright :DDD I’ll reply to your email soon, i promise XD I’m still searching for a few more songs to send you :P

    Ssshhh, the only reason you knew it was Wuzun is because you recognized his shirt :PPPPP Donghae’s sexy post was ……. XDDDDD

    YAY, ANOTHER ZHOUMI FAN :DDDDD Spazzes was right, all the cool people like Zhoumi ;)

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