Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 12, 2008

Some more DBSK May Patipati scans

Pictures from Baidu JJ Bar

Group shots have already been posted here


They all look great! I even don’t mind Micky’s blonde tufts in these pictures :DDDDD

My favourite is probably Junsu’s second one, cos he looks really peaceful and smiley :DDD And I love Jae’s blue contact lenses *———–*

In Changmin’s second picture, I reckon he looks a little like Ryo from NewS (one litre of tears), idk, I think it’s the eyes…..

What I’m currently listening to: “Angel” – Shinhwa


    cough cough
    got carried away. ^^

  2. YUNHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have an urge to just trim that strand of hair b/t jae’s eyes
    Awwwwwwww Changmin’s bags :(

  3. LOL @ potensvita
    I was thinking that too hahaha *hi 5* We sure do think alike dont we =PPP Out of the whole post, my eyes just suddenly flew down to the SHINHWA part XDD

    This is where i start to wonder if somethings wrong with me =SS Theres like a batch of photos of hot guys and i dont notice that but i notice the Angel – Shinhwa…*sighs*

  4. Potensvita:
    I LOVE IT.
    I don’t understand the MV though….:S

    Lol, I didn’t notice it till you mentioned it, now you’ve ruined the picture for me ;_________; Waaah~~~ xPP

    Haha, I knew you and Potensvita would be proud of me :P Actually, I’d love to know more about Shinhwa, maybe you or/and Potensvita(if she has time) can do a pimp post on them? to introduce us Shinhwa newbies? *bats eyelashes* XDDD

  5. Oh… we are doing it. haha.And you will loads loads of stuff

  6. What didn’t you notice? The hair or the bags? Coz um…they’re both pretty obvious :P Don’t whine :P

  7. @ Pinkandsparkly
    Im thinking Potensvita has told you the meaning of the mv? But doesnt matter if she has cuz im still going to, since i absolutely love the concept of the mv and they look so freakin hot *fans self*…

    Well basically, eric and hyesung have multiple personality disorder so one is the alter ego of the other and they dont know about their other half..Eric is the baddie <3 gosh he is so hot being the bad boy haha and Hyesung is the goodie..Thats why you see the girl with both of them.Im assuming she knows about their two personalities..And well since they dont know about eachother, Hyesung thinks his gf is cheating on him with eric and eric is thinking his gf is with hyesung..SO they get to the point where they absolutely hate eachother and go to the rooftop to have the awesome fight scene *drools*..

    Personally i want Eric the bad boy, since im a good girl XD and we good girls always get attracted to bad boys..hahah..nah thats just an excuse..its just cuz eric looked freakin hot here <3

    And yes we are working on that Shinhwa look out for it..hopefully we can convert a fan or two XXDD..You better be one of them haha

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