Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 12, 2008

Suju-M “super star” perfomance pictures

思无邪711 @ Baidu Hangeng Bar + Symbelmyn @ Youtube

Edit: LOOK, I FOUND A TRAILER :DD It looks SO COOL. Lol, it’s making the show look like an epic film XDDDD Love it. And, omg, THEY DID PERFORM “at least I have you”, YAYNESS.

I can’t WAIT to watch this show, these pictures are SO HOT. SO VERY VERY NICE AND ATTRACTIVE.


I love the first picture, how it has “super junior-m” in the background, and the lighting and the shiny floor and $^$&*#@ it looks so goooooooooood *———* When I first saw it, I thought that they were releasing a photobook or something, cos that does NOT look like a performance photo.

It looks like they performed “U” and a ballad, I hope they did a live performance of the ballad (I don’t care if they did “one” or “at least i have you”, they’re both equally good :DDD. That last picture of Hangeng is SO CUTE XDDDD He looks like a fish, LOL. Couldn’t find a single picture of Zhoumi or Henry =.= Will edit when I find some.

What I’m currently listening to: “Dark Blue” – Jack’s Mannequin

Emsung @ Soompi, posted a little fan account here about how she used to go to the same Korean academy as Zhoumi before his debut; I know that there are quite a few rumours going around about how he has a “bad personality”, but from that fan account, and from the interviews I’ve seen so far, he seems like a really great guy, and I have so much respect for him for putting up with all the crap that he’s gotten from the Only13 Army :)))


  1. These pictures are amazing. I love the color scheme and the lights. They look like promo pictures.

  2. Omg the lighting is SO pretty
    I LOVE IT. They all look gorgeous under the blue lights…I love that individual pic of Hae <33
    And Hankyung in the last pic is almost as cute as my baby sister when she’s sitting on the potty LMAO. Soz, I just had to throw that in coz shes sitting on the potty infront of me making faces at me XDDD

  3. Abc123zyx:
    They do look like promo pictures! Actually, I thought they were pictures from a photobook or a new MV, lol xD

  4. Candychu:
    HAha, you posted your comment at the same time as I posted my reply to abc123zyx XD
    The lighting is AWESOME.I like it so much better than the crazy laser lighting that they used to have on KBS =.=

  5. That last picture of Geng make me go “LOL!!” He’s so cute!! @_@

    He looks just like a puff fish… with weird eyes? O.o

  6. OMO~ SJM hwaiting! this is me again, going crazy over them. xD
    OMG Han Geng in the last pic.. i lvoe it! xD
    i love them puffing their faces.. just like SungMin.. nee?

    Good pics.. really GOOD.. it’s excellent.. uaa~`


  7. ZHOU MI HWAITING <33333333. I just read that fan account posted by eumsung and just about died. I knew he was awesome. More people need to know it.

  8. DongHae <33333 [Hot + Sexy.. xDD]
    Henry <33 [Dumpling Smiley Face. kyaaaaaaaa!]

    I love them. T^T

  9. Sungminjunsu:
    Lol, yes, he looks like one of those balloon fishes (is that what they’re called? XDD) :P

    Lol, I love them too :P
    Henry does have a Dumpling face doesn’t he ^^ Lol, I wonder if Heechul finds his face cute (cos we all know how much he likes Sohee’s dumpling face) XD

    There are more Zhoumi banners on Soompi now, woot :DDD
    Fan accounts like those need to be spread around, and fan accounts about how he “cut in line at a supermarket” need to be spread around less :P I think in a few months, half the Zhoumi antis will become Zhoumi fans, because he’s just that lovable ^——–^

  10. PinkandSparkly-san

    why did you remind me of heechul xDD
    now i have this craving for a HenChul video xDDD

    [i really have a crazy mind, dont I? >_<”]

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