Posted by: lovediaries | April 14, 2008

Some Henry Love

{credit: SuJu M Bar @ Baidu; translation: candychu @ Let’s All Eat Candy}

I found this and I just really had to share. These are a few things that Henry have “said” which have changed the minds of many anti’s so I thought I’d do my bit and SPREAD THE HENRY LOVE <333


I’m not sure if they were all from the one conversation or not but they seem to clear up many of the reasons for “hating” him in the first place.

Super Junior China and Super Junior are not the same group. They’re two separate groups. I’m not trying to join Super Junior, please don’t misunderstand me.’

I know there are a lot of people who don’t like me but I will still continue to try my best. I miss my dad and mum and brother and sister…ever since I came to Korea I haven’t seen them’

I actually know chinese, I just don’t have the chance to say it. Everyone thinks I don’t know Chinese, don’t know English…but I do. I’m trying my hardest to learn it but sometimes it’s hard to write. My name is lau hin waa’ [As he was saying his name, he was writing it in traditional chinese…no wonder he said his chinese was bad — LOL]

I don’t really like having my face covered up but the company didn’t let me show my face…because I hadn’t debuted yet’

‘I’ve come to Korea for half a year already, but I don’t have many friends. So every day I just practice. Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5.30’ [And it was already 3am]

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww … and to think that Korean fans yelled at him when he first debuted :( Even though he didn’t understand majority of what they were saying, he must’ve felt so lonely. *wipes a tear*

Sometimes, antis really don’t stop and think what it would be like to be standing in their (Henry or ZhouMi) shoes. But actually there already has been a great improvement in lowering the number of anti’s and increasing the number of FANS. It’s only a matter of time before EVERYONE is converted…*throws head back and cackles*

::EDIT:: I did a post yesterday regarding his nickname…so if any new Henry fans are interested *click here* :DDD


  1. Is it alright if I post this in a Super Junior community at I’ll give full credit of course. Please and thank you.

  2. peachdisco:
    yep of course it’s alright! ^^ Next time, if you want to take something out then go for it !!provided you give full credit and unless it says not to ^^
    which suju community will you be posting it on? just curious, so I can check it out too xP

  3. Thank you. :) I’ll be posting at this community.

  4. this post has totally changed my opinion of Henry, he sounds so small and helples! makes me want to cuddle him, like a hamster!

  5. melly21:
    YAY!! You don’t know how happy your comment made me :DDD
    Lol I really feel as if I’ve done my good deed for the day by posting this ^___________^

  6. I found it ridiculous for them to hate henry or zhoumi.
    In case you want to know, I am going to support them because they have talent and I seriously think they are going to conquer the whole Asian music as boyband. ^^

  7. This makes me love my dumpling mochi even more :D

  8. Aw… I fall in love with my dumpling… again!!

    He’s just so cute and sweet. I just want to hug him ^^

  9. I edited the post with a link – your love for him will seriously grow a gazillion times more after reading !!!

    I hope they conquer the whole of Asia too!!! Haha that’s really ambitious though XDD I’m sure they can do it…just reunite with the rest of SuJu monthly and I’ll be happy :D

    I know, he is seriously the cutest dumpling EVER

    hahaha I’m so jealous of all the other members who get to poke his OH SO SQUISHY CHEEKS <333

  10. candychu-san^^:

    YEA,YEA!! XDD hey, hey! look at my avatar/or whatever it’s called ————->
    w0okie pinchied my dumpling mochi`s cheeks!
    darn im so0oo jealous T^T

  11. Yay Henry! I adore this guy because he seems so down to Earth not to mention he’s got mad violing skills. My friends know him because he actually goes to a school very close to my house xD. Henry Hwaiting!

  12. sayuu13sj:
    Hehe I already have that pic posted up on my other blog too! I love that pic SOO much he is SO SQUISHABLE XDD

    There are SOOO many Henry fans out there now…it makes me soo happy for him!! Omg LUCKY!! I WOULD KILL TO HAVE BEEN HIS FRIEND O___________o

  13. candychu-san:

    omo. i cant believe that we really think a like xD
    [though i dont do ANYTHiNG at my blog xD]
    i wonder how my dumpling mochi manages to get up having not enough sleep. [though i’ve also been sleeping for like just 2-3 hours a day when its schoodays, man, they dance and sing.. while i always end up sleeping at break times at school. xD]

  14. hmm…I feel really bad for him too.
    My friend actually knows him, because he went to the same school as her. And henry is really lonely there, because there’s hardly anyone to talk to. But he still endures it, because he believes it’ll all pay off.

    Apparently, he was already accepted to harvard or something for violin studies, but decided to go and become a celebrity instead. So, to me, that seems like a really big sacrifice, since hardvard is a road where it’s stable, and you know where you’re going to end up. Whereas going to SM…is quite a big risk.

    but either way =D
    I’m glad people are more understanding of henry now

  15. sayuu13sj:
    haha well…i have a thing with blog writing :P ive lost count of how many i own XDD
    i know! and henry never has bags ^^ so cute TEEHEE

    OMG INTRODUCE UR FRIEND TO ME!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwww he could’ve gone to Harvard? Omg people really need to love him A WHOLE LOT MORE. Look at what he’s given up! That makes me so sad I shall weep in the corner. Hehe but thanks for letting us know! And I was serious about introducing ur friend to us…hehehe…maybe xP

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