Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 15, 2008

SJ-M performing “the one”

Video: Symbelmyn @ Youtube

The quality of the audio is a little ^^;;; but it’s a fancam (I think), the actual show will be aired on the 19th – I think the name of the show is called “Background Story”?

Wonderful performance, I think it was live? Lol, I was got so excited seeing Henry play a different violin XD It’s obvious that he would have a wooden violin as well as that little plank thing he used in the MV, but….idk…when I saw him use the wooden one, I was all “OMG, LOOK, HE HAS A NEW VIOLIN, EEEEEEE” XDDD I am so cool :D

Ooh, and Zhoumi’s voice is fantastic *——-*

I’m going to start a “Buy SJ-M new clothes” fund, cos…THEY REALLY NEED SOME NEW OUTFITS, OMG. They’ve worn the same thing to EVERY event/taping, and their outfits probably SMELL funny cos they’ve danced in them :S They need new outfits a.s.a.p. So feel free to contribute :DD I’m such a philanthropist *—————————–*

What I’m currently listening to: “How are you” – Wilber Pan


  1. I saw this at soompi X3
    i thought that show’s gonna show on 18th? >_<”
    DUMPLiNG MOCHi`s ViOLiN <333333333333333333333333
    i love my fishy`s voice T^T

  2. Sayuu13sj:
    Isn’t that when Super Star is airing???? I’m confused =.=

  3. HAHAHA. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed they need some new clothes. SM is loaded, and they make the poor boys wear the same outfits to every show/performance. I would definitely contribute xDD.

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