Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 15, 2008

Zhoumi is *SPECIAL*

Video: Chewnait @ Youtube


Ok, before I get bashed by Zhoumi fans, let me just say that I really do love him, but this video is $@%#&^*(! HILARIOUS XDDDDDDDDD

It’s a pre-SM trainee video, and he looks so cute and smiley and HEALTHY. Omg, boy needs to EAT, but it’s ok, Spazzes and I will shower him with thousands of Cheeseburgers XDDD

He’s performing “Can you feel the love tonight” (CLASSIC song, btw) but in what language…I do not know XDDD This reminds me of the subbed version of the English song Jae performed XD I think my favourite bit is the “angry bear” line at the end XDDDD

He’s got a lovely voice, though *—-* just needs some English lessons XDDDD

What I’m currently listening to: “Glory” – BOBO


  1. OMFG ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOO XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. djkfl omg my stomach hurts so bad now. I THINK MY FAVORITE PART IS THE ‘ANGRY BEAR’ LINE AT THE END AS WELL. But yes, his voice is really nice. And he’s very cute.

    We should start a “feed Zhou Mi” program.

  2. He has a greattt voice. Loved the “angry bear.” WHAT DID SM DO TO THIS BOY?!?! I really liked how he looked before he debuted. He was so cute in a boyish way. I’m not saying he’s not good looking now, but he just looks a lot more mature.

  3. I watched the video not having read Ur comments and all that.. the subs appeared and i was like, “i wonder what language is that, ZhouMi’s pretty smart, he knows another language other than mandarin” i was thinking like that seriously. but when “when the heard of the roring wein” i was like “ZOMGWTHLMAOROLF @#$%^! xDDD”

  4. but wait, dont bash me xDD his voice is really nice^^

  5. …ROFLMAO XDDD What is he singing !?!?!?!?!?!? LOL
    Omg he was ssoooooooooo good looking and now hes different looking, still good, but not AS good.

  6. LOL . his actually a really good singer . and everyones right . he WAS good looking . still is but not as that good .

  7. Spazzes:
    Yessss, a soup kitchen for members of Korean boybands!!!
    And while they’re there, we can teach them English XDD That way, we’d be filling their stomachs AND their brains :DDD

    Yea, I prefer his pre-debut image :D He looks SO SKINNY now, and his features stand out a lot more because of that, which is one of the reasons why the ELFs hate him so much =.= ZHOUMI, GO EAT SOME MEAT.

    LOL, your comment made me LOL hardcore XDDD
    But yea, that did NOT sound like English XDDD
    He should stick to Chinese ^—-^ (though I’ve read that his Korean is better than Hangeng’s?)

    HE USED TO BE SO CUTE ;_____;
    Of course he still is, he just lacks something…..I blame it on the Onlytards =.=

    HE IS A GOOD SINGER *———————–*
    He just needs to gain some weight, and the Onlytards need to give him a break, then he’ll look like that again, I’m sure :DDDD

  8. WHOA. Zhoumi was SOOO attractive!!!! Now he’s all… ugh? I blame SM for trying to “girlify” him instead of letting him stay manly and boyish (I swear, his lips REALLY annoy me now… but before, they were REALLY nice…!). And his haircut… and RAWR. And omg. did like no one notice his horrible English. I mean, he might as well have just HUMMED the song (or sang it in ONE syllable) for all the incomprehension that went into it; and on such a big venue too… if it was like a tiny little stage audition/performance, no questions… but this was like a real venue… weird.

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