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Hangeng was arrested, Shindong takes 17 second showers, and Zhoumi is sad

This is a little sneak peak at what SJ-M talked about in their 背后的故事 interview (which airs this weekend!) Candychu and I translated this together, therefore it must be perfect XDDDD

Please credit “Let’s all eat candy” if taking out, otherwise we will hunt you down and blow you up and you will go flying :DDDD

SJM filmed “背后的故事” for about 6 hours and revealed many stories of their past – both heart wrenching and cute. They broke the record for most number of guests as well as longest recording time.

Hangeng: Danced 20 hours a day before debut.

Up till now, Hangeng has been in the Korean entertainment industry for five years, but when you mention the sad memories, there’s a handful. His most vivid memory is during the eight months after he got accepted at the audition, and waited for SM to call him about his contract. Back then, because he wanted to help with his family’s income, he often went all over China, attending different events. Once, when he went to Shenzhen for an event, he was even arrested by the police. “Back then I didn’t know that you needed a permit to be in Shenzhen, and I had less than $100 on me, when they didn’t find a permit on me, they arrested me, and I had to wait until my friend got me a permit before I could come out”.

After he arrived in Korea, he spent two years training. “I would practice dancing every day, sometimes up to 20 hours a day”. After training for one and half years, he rang home saying that he didn’t want to do it anymore, “I didn’t have any confidence, I was very lonely, and I didn’t think that anyone would help me”. However, after his parents encouraged him Hangeng chose to persevere, and after half a year, he debuted.

Siwon: Shindong takes 17second showers.

Another member, Siwon, shares that while filming Battle of Wits, he fainted, falling forward onto his face. Luckily, Andy Lau caught him from behind just in time, saving Siwon from falling down the cliff and becoming both his rescuer and carer.Once, Andy Lau spent a whole afternoon carving Siwon’s name in Hangul.

When it came to sharing Super Junior’s amusing stories, Siwon brought up their “Shower racing”. In order to increase their sleeping time, it was necessary to decrease shower time – so they came up with the idea of a shower race. Siwon’s fastest shower time was only 1 minute 30 seconds. However the member who broke the record was Shindong with a time of 17 seconds.

Zhoumi: Saddened by fans’ boo-ing.

As well as the current Super Junior members, Hangeng, Siwon, Dongahe, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun, SJM also has two Chinese members, Henry and Zhoumi. Zhoumi is promise Wuhan, and Henry grew up in Canada. Regarding the addition of these two new members, there has been a lot of resistance from fans who want the group to remain “Only 13” and will not accept these two members. Regarding this issue, the two new members feel very helpless, and when the host asked them how they face this, the normally quiet Henry awkwardly said “don’t know”. Zhoumi expressed that he can only accept it, “just a few hours before this, I heard fans boo-ing, it’s very unbearable, I hope that everyone will accept us in the future.”

Yay, all done :DDD We can’t wait to see this interview~! We’ll probably do a full re-cap of the interview after it airs, so do look out for that :DDD

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  1. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH ANDY LAU!!!!!!! Not only for being !AWESOME! but for also saving Shiwon’s life. OMG. If more fangirls knew about this, I bet ELF would be eternally indebted to Andy Lau… and Shiwon’s personal fanclub as well…!!!!!! No wonder Shiwon holds him in such high esteem (HE SAVED HIS FRIGGIN LIFE!!!!!!). Did you hear about that ridiculous rumor about some Taiwanese girl who woke up from a coma after 7 years because her mother played DBSK music continuously? She even got special VIP tickets because of it to DBSK’s concert in… Taiwan, I would think? I’m actually more disturbed by this rumor than I am actually inspired or touched. It’s really sad when you believe that DBSK really can perform “miracles” as much as I love them… they’re mortal just like the rest of us (it also gets me really pissed and saddened when people say they’re angels or whatever. NO. They’re humans, just like we are. Flawed and sinners. They all know it too…). and poor Zhoumi… he’s worked SO hard to become a singer (although I must admit: it has taken him a LONG time to really get noticed and picked up by a recording company even though he’s been singing for awhile now?)… and fans are booing him because of the Only13 thing? Henry said it clearly: SJ-M is NOT the original Super Junior. GET IT STRAIGHT AND GIVE IT UP. They deserve a chance to shine as well. WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TOO AS WELL?!!?

  2. Andy Lau is SO awesome, omg, and he took such good care of Siwon on the set too ^^.
    Yea, I heard about that coma thing =.= That gave me my daily eye rolling exercise. I don’t mean to disrespect her in any way, I’m HAPPY that she’s out of the coma, but honestly, the whole thing is just BIZARRE. If someone came up to me and told me they woke up after listening to my music 24/7 and gave me all the credit, I would get a little freaked out o.O And the article said that the first thing she did when she woke up, was ask her Dad to buy her DBSK’s new album; um….I love the boys and everything….but, er…I would’ve said something different, let’s leave it at that. But like I said, I’m glad that she’s all nice and healthy again :D.
    I think Zhoumi started entering singing competitions and stuff in 2001? I don’t think he wanted to be a singer though, cos he later entered that MC-ing competition and got in the top 16, but then gave up when SM gave him a chance :| So if you think about it, he’s given up a LOT to be in SJ-M, if he didn’t leave the competition, he may very well have his own show by now….
    Some of the anti-Zhoumi posts are ridiculous, they keep saying how SM didn’t handcuff him and drag him to record SJ-M songs, but…wouldn’t any trainee want to debut ASAP? Especially if it’s in their country? I’d like to throw an Only13tard into that situation and see what they’d do.

  3. success come with hard work. They are here at their present state thanks to the hard work they had.

  4. we are very lucky. XD

  5. Ah, thank you both so much for this! I remember looking at the summary and the site and I thought the numbers were airing dates and I was like, “I thought it was the 20th & 27th, not 20th and 17th?” LOL Lame I realize.
    I wish I could just sit down with the boys once and hear stories like all day (maybe with a translator but I could survive otherwise :P). There are so many touching moments. I notice when hearing their stories I am really humbled. As much as I can complain about stupid things, I really doubt my ability to fight that hard for a dream. Let alone get a dream! I hardly know what I want to do. T-T

  6. ShinDong and 17 second showers x]]]]] I CAN TOTALLY IMAGINE THAT!!!!
    ZhouMi is from WuHan!! WOOHOO! All my family is from around that area. That just increases my love for him <33333333

  7. Candychu-san and PinkandSparkly-san.. T^T
    thanks for the traslations.. i look up to U ^___^

    thanks for saving ShiWonNie oPpa`s life!! T_T
    Im glad that HanKyung chose to persevere rather than to give up.. nee? =)
    and.. i really hope ONLY 13 protestors realize that what they’re doing to mochi and ZhouMi will have any good results. T^T

    SJ hwaiting!!
    SJM hwaiting!

  8. Potensvita:
    Well said…

    Argh, I don’t know what I want to do either =.=
    I really admire their perseverance *——*
    I too, would love to sit down with them and listen to their stories :D I reckon I could just listen to Heechul talk for 24 hours non-stop and not get bored :D

    How do you take 17 second showers???
    My geography sucks, so I have NO idea where Wuhan is XDDDDD But I do love Zhoumi <333

    You’re welcome <333
    Argh, don’t get me started on the Onlytards =.=

  9. omfg! i missed it on tv! i am so f*cking furious! i was japan! and also missed the dbsk concert! and also missed suju on ‘yue che yue kai xin!’ gah!

    Lol, I was so mad, cos I was trying to stream it, and then another program came on instead of it =.=”’
    You were in Japan??? YOU ARE SO LUCKY!
    You can download Yue ce yue kai xin :D

  11. eh? but i just missed it then! arghhh! i thought it was a monk or something that was aired! ahh, i just checked…it was broadcasted. we’re talking about hunan tv here, right?

    lol, i went to the hunan tv site and found this weblink…lol.

    and yeah, i was in japan for nearly a week and taiwan for 2 days…

  12. You’re in luck; the SJ-M episode didn’t air this week either =.= I don’t know WHEN they’re going to finally show it, but I know they won’t be on next week (saw next week’s preview; not them)

    And yep, I’m talking about “background story”, which is on Hunan tv :)

    Btw, they’re going to be on that dance program, I think that’s also on Hunan, but I’m not sure ^^””

    Hope you had fun on your holiday! I wish I was on holiday…even though I’ve only just started school again today xDDD

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