Posted by: potensvita | April 16, 2008

I am back with goodies – Goodies Bag #5

I am going to concentrate on ShinHwa more now. Today’s theme is ShinHwa comeback special during their 8th jib – State of Arts. I love this name. So classy. haha and a performance of them covering Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me.

Comeback special

Your Man performance.

I love love this performance, look at the clothes and look at the chereo. This song is pretty catchy and was definitely one of my favourite songs from them. haha. Eric and Hyesung looked so sexy.

Download via :



Mediafire : Split 1, Split 2

This special comeback was followed up with a Weak Man performance. The thing about ShinHwa was, they excel so much in both dance track and ballads.

Men in white means yummy men. haha.

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Mediafire : Split 1, Split 2

The last performance would be their main track from their album, State of Arts, Once In a Lifetime. The title itself suggested a song that was so inspiration. Their vocals bend so well and I felt elevated listening to this. They have once again prove to me that they are so much better than so many boyband out there.

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Mediafire : Split 1, Split 2

The last one …

In Japan, they did activities for a while. A part of me was really happy that they didn’t decide to expand their musical talents in Japan because, well, let’s just say I am not a big fan of THSK’s recent releases. However, I understood why Japan was the favourite spot for most musicians. Because Japanese are more acceptant of musics and yeah, they are honest people who actually supports their musicians. In Korea, the rate of illegal privating was so terrible that the music industry was very much dead.

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This is just the beginning. HAHA


  1. welcome back!!

    i’ve missed u!

  2. Gosh ILU Potensvita!!! Although im sure you know that by now XDDD I was sooo tired from having a late night but this post just completely made my day cuz you know how much I love the boys and how excited I get when I talk about them <3333 hahaha and knowing me, Im sure your expecting a long ass essay and I try to not disappoint =PPP LOLOL nah its just an excuse to write about my undying love for them….

    State of Arts was definitely one of the BEST albums from them, actually its one of the BEST ALBUM EVER full stop!! All the songs were good, but most importantly it had a good variety of genres..It wasn’t all focused on dance tracks and I just absolutely love it when they do ballads..It really shows off their voices and minwansyung support eachothers voices beautifully..Plus ricjindy is absolute love when they do slow rap =DDD

    Haha guess what?!? You actually picked all my favourite tracks from that album…Those 3 along with track 10 – Opportunity were absolutely great..And Junjin actually sings which makes it 100 times better, just cuz I love it when they venture out of their comfort zone and give it their best shot at what their doing..As for their dance choreo, shinhwa is pretty much famous for their dances thanks to our minbong and junjin..It never fails to amaze me how they thought of using chairs in their dance routine for Wild Eyes haha..

    Speaking of Once in a lifetime..have you watched the infinity challenge eps with shinhwa as guests? They asked the girl host what song she liked from them and she said Once in a lifetime (good choice btw), so the other mcs were like ok can you sing us a part of it and ROFL she goes “Once in a lifetime, fly to the sky (instead of star)” and they were all like 0_0 lolol and then dongwan said “that’s where brian and hwanhee is” ROFLMAO I just found it hilarious so now whenever I listen to the song and they start singing that part, I think of dongwan haha that guy is pure dork XD

    I know, I know, I KNOW!!! For this jib, they all started wearing really nice, classy clothes and suits and omg they just look so flipping hot *drools*…I absolutely LOVE them in suits, whether its white or black cuz they all look soooo handsome <333 Especially eric, cuz I don’t know, he just does!! Haha..Plus, they all had really nice hair..Sometimes one of them would do a really weird hairstyle *cough* eric *cough* samurai bun lol..but during State of Art time, they all had hot hot hot hairstyles that just suited them really good, yes even leadersshi’s hair was gorgeous..

    Yea I thought they did a great job at the As Long As You Love Me cover, especially hyesung..That guys voice is absolutely amazing..seriously its one of those heavenly angelic voices..having said that though, for some reason I like dongwans voice more hahaha..i don’t know, I just love dongwan’s voice whether his singing or talking and….oh ok fine!! Maybe its cuz I love this guy more than air itself hahaha…And did I mention that I love the setting of this clip..Its soo classy and the colour and the way they were standing jus has this really romantic/mysterious feel to it…

    Ok maybe next time instead of posting this huge ass comment on your post, I should just email you instead lol

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