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SJ-M boys pimp UFOTown

Video: MusicRandoms @ Youtube


Haaaaaa, they’re so funny ^^”” They didn’t really SAY anything funny, THEY’RE just funny XD Lol, they made this look like a commercial :P

Their Chinese has improved! Unless they were reading off cue cards ^^” But Ryeowook, oh dear, I laughed so hard when he spoke, he just sounded SO foreign XD His intonations were just SO much fail XD STUDY HARD, WOOKIE <333


What I’m currently listening to: “Kiss Goodbye” – Leehom

Edit: Irrelevant to the post, but I have to have a mini rant about this. I just went on Baidu, and saw this ELF proudly parading her fan account about how she and her fellow fans treated Zhoumi. Apparently, during the filming of a show, Zhoumi went “sooo, do you guys want me to sing or do you want me to dance”, and the ELFs all screamed “We don’t want you to do anything!”, and he looked really awkward. That part got cut, btw. Another time, ELFs crowded around the SJ-M van, and Zhoumi, who was in the passenger seat, rolled down his window to wave to the fans, and they all leaped away from the van and gave him a disgusted look.

Idk about you, but I personally find that downright rude and disrespectful. Seriously, ELFs, GROW UP. I don’t CARE if you don’t like him and hate SJ-M, just show some respect, far out. He’s a HUMAN BEING. How do you justify all these things you do to the poor guy? You say you do it out of love for Super Junior, PFFFFFFFT, GIVE ME A BREAK. I’m sure your oppas are SO PROUD that you’re doing this to their colleague, they’re probably going to cancel all their activities and come give you a pat on the back. And I keep reading all these comments talking about how Zhoumi should leave SJ-M because he “has a bad personality” @#%#$&^%*%&! HOW THE HECK DO YOU KNOW THAT. Freaking heck.


  1. Oh my gosh, YES. the only13 ELF’s actions are not even remotely rational. “We do it out of love for SJ” – WHAT LOVE? Do you honestly think that they are going to tell you good job for making their fellow members (now that H and Z are added to SJM) feel horrible about themselves? Seriously, some of the only13 ELF REALLY need to grow up – shouting horrible things toward Zhoumi and Henry only portrays an ugly image of ELF.

    Hugs for Z&H though <3 I hope they know that there are many other fans who support them (:

  2. hmm, i wonder if there’s a place, like an official SJ-M website or email address, so that we can email Zhoumi and Henry and offer them our support. It might not mean much in the face of all those antis, but at least they’ll know they have at least 1 more supportive fan in the world. And it doesn’t hurt that we’re all international too! ^_^

  3. Yah, I want to mail them to show my support too. ELF has gone too far treating Zhou Mi like that! The guy is so cute and dance/sing well, who could not like him? ELF is so RUDE!!! They should grow up, really… O.o

  4. Urgh. ONLY13 army. WHAT THE HECK?
    Having no respect.. ugh, seriously. They’re getting on my nerves.
    Let’s just keep on supporting Henry and ZhouMi..
    I just cant say anything right now. Im so.. >_<
    darn ONLY13. [somehow i feel bad saying this.. coz i was ONCE an ONLY13 fan. xDD]

  5. ugh, i was just on facebook, and apparently they’ve formed a group just for the purpose of hating Henry and Zhoumi. that’s just sad. it’s frustrating that they all have their own misconceptions about Zhoumi and are so passionate about it. fans are scary @_@…

  6. um can we like, fly to China and blow them up? (!#(*!#&!$*(&!*%&!$& seriously, these people need to GROW UP. I really wish the rest of SJM would just YELL at them or SOMETHING bcoz there is clearly something going on which encourages the ELFs to be rude and ignorant and blow-up-able.

  7. I have to say I’m Only13 (please don’t shoot me) and we’re not all crazed lunatics. I was actually having a pretty good night and this just ruined it. The way they treat them makes my stomach hurt, and I don’t even like him. (Not because he’s in SJM or anything, I adore Henry, we all just have different tastes and he’s not mine, maybe he’ll change my mind later. I don’t actively dislike him either.) The fans are just ruining the fandom for me, and it makes me sad. I’m getting all my news from here and spazzes now because soompi is just not the best place. (What with the crazed fan girls with photoshopping skills they’re not afraid to use to make banners and catchy slogans such as “the way it should be” “the way it is” “death to the insurgents” “nuke the cute break dancing violin boy”, ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but just a bit.) Truth is, I’m tired of both sides, not because everyone is psychotic, but because the ones that speak out the most usually are. I don’t like the idea of new members in a SuJu sub group, but I’m an adult, there’s worse things in life that I don’t like and still have to live with (Hello, genocide, starvation, child prostitution) I’m not going to hate two people who are chasing their dream despite strong opposition.

  8. OMG, I left you an essay, sorry. I guess I got carried away.

  9. calm down, they are the one missing out. and I think we should give more time to them. ^^

    I loved how they played SJ T music :) And when Hankyung first started talking for some reason I kept staring at Hae thinking he was talking LOL IM SO ODD. But their chinese has improved!! Though little Henry did appear to be reading off smthing :P Still!!! This is wonderful :D
    And Hankyungs english…no comment…lol hes sooo cute ^^

  11. hehe <3 Hangeng ^__^ so proud of him :D
    yea i agree, they should really grow up.
    *FIGHTING* Henry & Zhoumi. SJM ! woo

  12. Annacircles:
    I actually want one of the original SJ boys to tell the Onlytards off. They’ve crossed the line, seriously. They always go on about how bad antis are, but…..this puts them on the same level as antis.

    Hmm, have you been on the SJ-M blog? There are millions of comments on there and I’m not sure if they read them (since most of them are pretty abusive) but it’s worth a shot :D And lol, you should send them a UFO :P
    OMG, THOSE FACEBOOK PEOPLE ARE SO SAD. I feel so sorry for them, they obviously don’t have much of a social life if they have time set up groups like that  Lol, I’m really curious about this group now, too bad I deactivated my Facebook account XDD

    He has a GREAT voice, and I can’t wait to see him show it off a bit more. Hangeng said that Zhoumi wrote the lyrics to six of the new songs on the album, so I’m sure he has SOME talent. ELFs should give the poor guy a chance.

    I’m sure you were a NICE and RATIONAL Only13 fan, though <3

    SM or SJ needs to release an official statement, or SOMETHING. I can’t believe SM is just letting this go on. It’s ridiculous. I’m starting to like the JE management more and more now….
    I CRINGED when Hangeng recited the web address, cos I’m nice like that xP

    Lol, you’re a “Only13 supporter” not a “Onlytard”, there’s a difference xP
    I’m glad to hear that you don’t actively dislike Zhoumi, though! I can’t stand people who refuse to give him a chance, and just cast him off as a talent-less freak who got lucky 
    ROFLOL, “nuke the cute break dancing violin boy” XDDDDD That’s classic.
    Hmm, I don’t go to the Super Junior Soompi thread anymore….some of the comments are getting a little over bearing, and the banners are just plain rude. Those “warm hearted” fans always go on about how bad antis are, but what makes them any different?
    I don’t want the original super junior to change, but Henry and Zhoumi are just for the SJ-M sub group, and I’m fine with that, because I know that it’s necessary for SJ-M to have at least another Chinese speaking person in the group. And yes, I agree with you, there are way worse things in life than the addition of new members into a boyband. Might be news to some ELFs, but it’s true.
    And don’t worry about the long comment, we love receiving essays <333 It was nice to hear from an adult Only13 supporter (for once :P)

    Lol, yea, I guess I did get a little carried away :P

    Hangeng said that he’s waited 5 years for this opportunity, so I will anti anyone who antis SJ-M xPPP

  13. Zhou Mi is made of awesome <3.

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