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#1 The Mythic Chronicles – They complete ONE ANOTHER, ricdy

I would be broken hearted again ….
If something like SUJU-M happened to ShinHwa.

I will camp outside GOOD entertainment and protest with Beckery. Beckery and I will be very immature and most probably kidnap ShinHwa to our own country and let them leave happily every after with us. lol. Just imagine TWO fan girls was planning to kidnap SIX men, who was at least ten years older averagely than us.

But you have to know the difference between ShinHwa and SUJU-M for us. Shinhwa had been
there in our teenage life and yes, made us smiled and cried more than any boyband ever did. Beckery and I won’t lie to you that we did CRY when we watched recent clips. Well, it would most probably because each and everyone of them except Shin Hye Sung is going to be enlisted into the army starting from September this year after they had tied down loose ends.

I am starting the hate the army thing -_-

quote from beckery

So, do I. I hate it especially when Kangta is involved.

Oh, well.

What started as a random ranting turned out to be a bridge of friendship between Beckery and I. Smiles at Beckery. So, here we are at the beginning of our friendship by spazzin about ShinHwa and each and everyone of the members.

Let’s start with our leader.

Eric Mun

He was going to be the only one that I can ever label as a multi entertainer in ShinHwa. He was going to be labeled as the sexiest man alive by me and Beckery. What do you say Beckery?

~puts microphone in front of beckery~

The many sides of Eric Mun.

The seducing man.

The innocent one.

Credit : as tagged

The cute one.

*sighs* Eric was super super super HOT. I swear he looks so dam good in every photo. It just drives me nuts on how perfect someone can be…

His stare jus makes me melt..Everytime i look at this photo, my heart skips a beat cuz his eyes just seem to be staring right thru you…its those penetrating/electric/zapping stares that just makes you want to swim in his eyes ROFL.. no but seriously i think he has one of the most mesmerising pair of eyes i’ve ever seen..Plus that kissable lips of his AND that nice jawline is to die for haha..and In this photo he gives the im a bad boy/masculine vibe which makes him more attractive and handsome *drools*… he jus sooooooo addorable in the gif..i jus wanna go up to him and hug him and squeeze his cheeks…See this guy totally pulls off any look whether its hotness or cuteness…

– Beckery

Yes, he was one sexy man. ^^ Thank you very much, Beckery. I had talked with Beckery so much that I realised that even Eric is someone who always am quiet on the shows and most probably rap (hence, didn’t contribute so much to the vocal portion), he will be the only true leader to ShinHwa. He practically saved ShinHwa. I wasn’t lying and because of this, I really want to thank him in person. (If he were to google this, I think he can read this since he was initially a Korean American) When ShinHwa left the SM company and when their contract with the company ended, SM had decided to cut away those less capable or contribute less to the company. Or it might just be a rumor. Nevertheless, the SM company let them leave but they mustn’t carry out any activity under the name ShinHwa. A name is a very important item to the group because you made a name with it. The battle for the name went to the court and I believed that this lawsuit battle must had cost Eric a bundle of money.


Thank goodness that Eric managed to get a whole chunk of money from a high rating- Kdrama, Phoenix and yes, Anymotion and Anyclub (if my memories serve me correctly) out of the Anycall advertisement series. He was one of the artist who gathered money with tonnes of CF (commercials) and modelling. With those fundings, he managed to set up a company by himself and supports ShinHwa.

Now, personally, I think Eric had this daydream and sweet innocent. However, I am amazed at his acting skills. He managed to change into a total playboy who can only speak-th sweet promises and flattery. I think he is really good at whatever he does.

He writes lyrics for most the raps and helps compose and stuff…haha although sometimes his raps dont make sense, but i still love it cuz its what makes it unique and very eric-ish =DDD Plus he is so sweet for helping his members out with their solo jib. Did you hear how he helped andy for jus a pizza?! OMG his soooo sweet!!!

And that is who and how a Leader should be. ^^

Clips that you must watch:

The mischievous Eric.

Sweet talking Eric,
Clip 2

Loveletter Season 1 – Kim Jung Eun…erics part starts half zomg can this guy sweet talk or what??!?! he can sweet talk to me anyday lol..


Me too ^^. I will die when the day comes.


Andy Lee

Ok baby Andy…

Andy is the baby of Shinhwa and is probably the most underrated member of all. I used to get so cut when he goes on shows like Xman and other guests tease him about always being at the back in their performances…

I mean i know its a joke and all, but still sometimes i actually feel that he gets upset about it and gosh it just annoys the hell out of me cuz yes he may not be the greatest singer, dancer and rapper in the group, BUT without him there would be no shinhwa today…

If andy didnt come back to shinhwa after his 1 year leave to america , Shinhwa would not have reached their 10th anniversary. So thank you, baby andy for comming back and giving us the Shinhwa we have today…i am eternally grateful of you XDDDD

And who said this guy has no talent?! Because whoever you are, i am going to hunt you down and do some unspeakable things to you so you better watch out!!! hahaha…

Seriously this guy can act, perform in musicals, rap AND sing…yes, His singing may not be up to par yet and still lack some elements, but its still a great effort for someone who was originally a rapper..He recently released his 1st solo jib – Andy The First New Dream and im happy that its actually gaining him quite a lot of new fans…There are actually pretty good songs in his album and my favourites would probably be Timing (ft Chae Yeon), Hope and hope again, U Turn (ft Rock), Thinking of you (ft Eric and Amin J) and Never Give Up (ft Eric, Dongwan, Minwoo)…

Never give up sounds very shinhwaish, which is probably why i like it haha and its mv is again very shinhwaish PLUS you can see eric, dongwan and minwoo in it aswell…if only jin and hyesung was there…Gosh guys where are you, how come your not supporting baby andy?!?!?! LOLOL But yea people should give andy a chance and he might surprise you with the talents he does have.. XDDD

Plus i think the new series, We Just Married, where he and solbi acts as a couple has gained himself a lot of fans..Im really not surprised cuz he is sooooo sweet and such a great husband, i would steal him and take him home anyday LOL….But yea andy is finally getting the attention and recognition he deserves. No more hiding behind the other members shadows =DDD..

Being the baby of the group gives him the advantage of being doted on by his members, but at the same time bullied to no ends hahaha…I swear i’ve seen like a gazillion fancams/clips of andy being bullied by the members, which are normally dongwan or eric lol. Those big, fat, meanies =PPP Gosh andy is such a good sports for tolerating them, which is why we should love and appreciate him more, ILU baby andy!!!

haha i should really stop calling him baby andy since he is like a decade older than me -_- LOL i cant help it thou, his such a cutie pie that whenever i look at him i get this feeling like his my lil brother and i just want to protect him hahahaha…Which is probably why eric is super protective of him..Yes weird right? Leader himself bullies andy whenever he can, yet when another member bullies baby, he comes out and gives them shit hahaha your such a contradictor eric =PPP

hahahha i know i said i dont know what to write about andy, but when i started writing i kept of thinking of things to add which resulted in this essay aswell lol…i jus added random stuff i thought about =DDD

Thanks, Beckery. ^^

We are Married.

Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3

Credit: Coolsmurf.



  1. awesome pictures!!
    eheh! they are the only group that has ever made me cry too!!!!! till this day !!

    i love their strong friendship and because of them i began to listen to more kpop….their friendship is so STRONG that its kind of unbelieveable..after all these years, they have the desire as an idol boyband to make their fans happy and continue their best efforts with their music…

    when i first heard they were going to the army …i literally almost cried but i understand why now …before i didnt..but i do wish they didnt have to go …im going to miss them so much!!

    and because of them i started to love Battle.
    Battle lookS up to them as teachers, brothers, and idols…I LOVE ALL OF THEM SO MUCH!!!!

    I hope they never disband …they will always be “THE LEGEND” in kpop history!!!!!

    sarang hae yo oppas…

    sorry, obsessed fangirl here!

  2. hi im a new fan of shinhwa and a fan of ricdy!
    thanks for all of that information coz i dont know much about shinhwa!but i really really like them!

  3. Eric bought the rights to the name Shinhwa?
    I’m embarassed to say this seeing as they debuted 12 years ago.. but i’m new to them :) though in my defence, I’m new to kpop too.. i had no idea such an amazing world existed lol where can i read up on shinhwa and all the memebrs?? and where can i find subbed videos of them and stuff?? plllleeease someon let me know ^^ thanks!!!

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