Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 19, 2008

SJ-M “Superstar” Youtube+Tudou links

Blah, I know everyone else is calling it “very big star”, but that just sounds so AWKWARD. Besides, direct translations never make much sense xP

Anyway, here are the links! This is just part one of their Superstar appearance, part two will be aired on Chinese television next week :D. I tried to stream this live, last night, but I think there was too many people =.=

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

just informed me that the Youtube links don’t work because the user took the videos down =.= So here are two Tudou links

Part 1

Part 2

I’ve just watched a little bit so far, cos I’m still waiting for an HQ version *^^*


Ok, I just finished part one and two, and omg, XDDDD

Ok, at the start of part one, they performed “U”, which was VERY attractive *—-* Then each member had to do a little self introduction. After Ryeowook finished introducing himself (he went first), one of the MCs suggested that they should make their introductions more “special”, eg. do a hot pose (omg, ILU, MC!). So Henry went next, and he looked so smiley and happy ^—^, but after Henry, they got Ryeowook to do his intro again, and omg, he is SO much fail XDDD He tried to do a really suave pose, but ended up crashing into Henry XD Donghae went next, and omg, dooork XDDD Hangeng’s introduction merely consisted of him emphasising his very very low cut top. Siwon’s was probably my favourite, he started his intro off by asking the fans if they were hot, and THEN he said “I’m hot too” AND LIFTED UP HIS SHIRT, OMG. *———*. I’m not sure what Kyuhyun tried to do with his intro….and Zhoumi’s pose was very kawaii *—-*

Will come back with a full recap once I track down an HQ version ^—-^

What I’m currently listening to: “Poets and Bananas”


  1. thanx so much for updating news about them again.. but is it my com or connection.. it seems that the videos have been removed by the owner from youtube.. argh.. i was looking forward to watch it..

  2. Shuxdaeongen:
    You’re welcome ^–^
    Thanks for telling me about the links! I don’t know why the user took the videos down =.=
    I just added two Tudou links, hopefully they’ll work for you! :D (I just tried them and they’re fine)

  3. LOL. just from your description, i can’t wait to watch it! =P which i will, later

  4. Lol, thanks for posting.
    Kyuhyun is so cute. For his intro, he tried to pull up Shiwons shirt and pull down Gengs. =D
    Now thats good fanservice XD

  5. ^YES I AGREE! *bakes cookies for Kyu* Gahh He was soooooooooo smart <3
    I loved the way SiHan just dropped to the floor coz they were so embarrassed ^^

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