Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 20, 2008

SJ-M 越策越开心

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

I personally found Part 1 kinda boring, but watch it if you’re a huge Hangeng fan and you have unlimited bandwith.

[Candychu: I just watched Part 1 because after watching the NGs in Part 6 it looked too cute XD Basically Hankyung is like the “MC in training” and he arrives at the broadcasting station by pink balloons (why not Blue?). pinkandsparkly didn’t find their jokes funny but I FOUND THEM HILARIOUS so I guess it does depend on your own sense of humour XD I think it would help if you understood Chinese (I actually had to read the chi subs because their accent is kinda hard to understand…maybe just me) but even if you didn’t you’d still get a good laugh out of their little singing and kung fu practicing and stuff. They keep playing random clips where they dubbed it with stuff like “Waaah I’m SJM’s fan” etc etc. The Sister Act scene made me rofl XD Anyway, Hankyung is super cute in this, so if you are a huge Hankyung fan GO WATCH :D]

They started the show with a “U” performance, and then each person had to do a little dance and a small self introduction. After that, they sat down with the hosts, and the hosts were asking Hangeng why he looked like he lost so much weight. Hangeng replied that he lost 4-5kg preparing for the new album ;___; (you better all go buy a copy) and while he was talking, you can see Siwon and Kyuhyun playing secret squirrels behind him XDD I think it’s cos they were confused, cos they didn’t take an interpreter with them.

Parts two and three mainly just consists of them talking to the hosts, so if you can’t understand Chinese, I’d recommend you to skip to part four. In part 4, Donghae and Henry both did a SOLO. Donghae danced to Justin Timberlake’s “My Love”, and he looked very nice and attractive in a black suit (YAY, NEW CLOTHES), while Henry did a violin/dance solo, and showed off his awesome violin and moon walking skills *—-* So yea, Part four is a must watch :P

In part five, they had a Chinese quiz, and they split into two teams, with Hangeng and Zhoumi as the judges. I should probably mention that when Hangeng and Zhoumi got asked to sit on the judges stool, Zhoumi let Hangeng sit down first, and then SAT ON HIS LAP, AND KYUHYUN + DONGHAE SAT ON ZHOUMI’S LAP, AND RYEOWOOK SAT ON KYUHYUN, THEN SIWON SAT ON DONGHAE AND HENRY SAT ON RYEOWOOK.OMG. SJ-M LOVE FTW. Everyone had to say a Chinese word, and the competition was to see which team was better at Chinese. Everyone’s Chinese has improved! I think Donghae said “where is the bathroom?”, and Henry (who went next, I think) said “I don’t know where the bathroom is Donghae, do you want to go to the toilet?”, and then Siwon (when it was his turn) said “I want to go to the bathroom” XDDDD [I think that was the order it was in, I watched this an hour ago, so my memory is a little fuzzy xP]. Oo, and Ryeowook said “please give me fruit” XDDDD But part five is definitely worth watching, even if you don’t understand Chinese, cos….ZHOUKYUWOOK ACAPELLA.OMG. Zhoumi, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook sang David Tao’s 爱我还爱他(“do you love me or him”), and yes, it sounded lovely *—-*

In part six, the hosts taught them some words in Changsha dialect, but I don’t understand that dialect, so I was a bit confused ^^”’ Part six also showed a preview of next week’s show, and EEEEEEEE can’ wait :DDD It showed Ryeowook performing Leehom’s “Kiss Goodbye”, and also a snippet of a game where members get asked questions, and they write down the name of the member who they think is the best candidate.

What I’m currently listening to: “The way you are” – DBSK

Hmm, we’ve been putting our SJ-M posts under the “Super Junior” category, cos five of the members are in the original Super Junior, does anyone mind? Or would you all prefer it if we just tagged SJM videos “SJ-M”, instead of “SJ-M” and “Super Junior”?


  1. I listened to you and I’m currently watching Part 4. Donghae looks sooo suave in black <3333 and I love it when they dance to western music that I can actually stand!!! Henry on the violin…wow…what can I say. You have to be SO coordinated to play a violin while dancing and he’s just so awesome!!! And awwwwwwwww the MC said “I finally know why people love him so much” YES THATS WHY!!! Coz hes PURE LOVE <3333
    OOMG OMG OMG “Please give me $10” SIWON!!! AH! *dies a happy fangirl* Ooh Hae is always asking how to say thngs in Chinese eh…I see he’s becoming well prepared for when he meets me *hohohoho*
    Awwww the fans clapped for Zhou Mi! That’s so sweet!!! I see that most fans are well behaved ^^ Zhou Mi Hwaiting ~~!! I’m really looking fwd to the 3 songs he wrote the lyrics to ^^
    Ahaha Hankyung called the members “6 little kids” !!! That’s soo cute ! And I love Kyuhyun for always telling his fans to “shhh” that’s the way it should be! Fans be quiet while their idols do their bit!! I love you Kyu <333 PWOAR @ Siwon’s chinese…I did not expect him to react that quickly!! AHAHA omg I love all the bathroom talk XDD LMAO why does Kyuhyun say such weird things !?!??! LOL Wook is SO embarrassed AHAHA november LOL Ahhh…I was wondering why they were getting “punished” xPP
    LMAO @ the NGs XDDD Were they in the earlier parts? Omg Hankyung’s laugh! I missed it so much!!! And him with the balloons = LMAO x infinity XD And when he couldn’t get his word right and threw himself on the table so cute! But awwwwwww he cried :( I cant wait til nxt wks ep!!
    Okay, I’m feeling a lot better now :D I still have a fever but I’m happy again :DDD Yeah~!

  2. Finally, I can comment in ur blog…I ‘ve read the news in ur blog for a long time..And i really enjoy it..Thax U..Hope to be ur friend

  3. Thank you girls for the summary <3!! :) I only watched part 5 as of now because I wanted to see them sit on each other, lmao, but awww it was so cuuuuute! Linking to this … ^____^!

  4. @ candychu,
    FEVER DDD:. Feel better soon <3!

  5. spazzes:
    aww thank you :D im feeling a lot better now…my nose is just blocked…but im healthy enough to spazz over pretty boys so its all good :D

  6. And Sayuu is here right now almost crying out of sadness coz she cant understand a word. T^T [man. i cant find a Chinese school near my house. T^T]

  7. haha, I think if you understand northern Chinese dialect, this is HILARIOUS, as in ROFLMAO hilarious ^^

    I’m supah spoiled because I watch a LOAD of Taiwanese variety shows and I’m quite picky about my hosts and I, honestly, have disliked all of the hosts/shows/venues that SJ-M has been on until this one!!! I *really* like the hosts for this show! They’re actually good hosts with some… modicum of experience and talent. If you have two hosts, there has to be some kind of chemistry so you can banter back and forth because that just makes the show more enchanting; the previous variety show that I watched (Sohu), the two hosts were kind of inexperienced and I hate to admit it: but China just hasn’t really mastered the art of the variety show just yet. Production values for it kind of sucked and writers sucked too. The hosts for Sohu seemed a bit too uptight to really be able to let loose and tease and banter and make fun and stuff. The girl seemed a little too pretentious and self-conscious even though the guy was decently funny. Yeah, picky. i’ve only watched part 5 (for the a cappella) but I just wanted to comment on how PRO Shiwon’s Chinese is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD! He must’ve been learning/practicing for a long time. Probably got a good Chinese tutor/coach for that movie with Andy Lau (again, many thanks to you for saving Shiwon from an untimely death) … but it was so good! They asked him what time, and he was all, “Don’t know…” and then they showed him and he was able to response (I can’t even react that fast in Japanese, and I’m learning to too and taking baby steps just like SJ-M with Chinese)…!!!! SO PRO!!! I was so impressed. His Chinese sounds pretty native at moments too (I’m from Taiwan/South China, so his Chinese doesn’t sound out-of-place with my accent, but to northerners, it might be a bit off)… LOOVE! Oh, and did I mention how much I LOOOVE the “Ryeowook” sign in the audience?! It seemed everytime the camera panned to the audience, it managed to get a glimpse of the Ryeowook sign. YEAH FOR WOOKIE LOVE!!!!!

  9. Take that back, I didn’t mind the CRI interview mostly because I really respected the female host for speaking Chinese and Korean because that was convenient for all parties (her for doing the interview and for helping the boys). But there’s just this spark of energy that I feel lacks from the majority of Chinese variety shows that I’ve watched in the past; they feel like they’re lacking something. It could just simply be production values and lack of good writers and comedians. A lot of Chinese comedians are pretty immersed in the classical Chinese style of comedy (which is hilarious, but doesn’t mix quite well with popular culture) and China has only recently been open enough to develop these kinds of programs so it’s obviously a process… it could just be that China is so vastly large that perhaps the style of shows and humor that I’m used to (from the South) and the shows that SJ-M have been appearing on (most shows and stuff from the North like Beijing) have just been clashing. Eh…? I really don’t want to be tagged by the Chinese government or the NSA for any of this: SO AS CLARIFICATION…

  10. nanshi:
    I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU! I even left a comment on youtube saying how much I loved these two hosts. Honestly, I havnt watched every interview SJM have done because some of the things that the hosts say or do just make me cringe and I feel as if they seem to put the boys on the spot BUT these two hosts not only seem genuinely friendly but I love the things that they say. I actually watched this show back to front hahaha and so when they said what they did after Henry’s performance I was already liking them and then this morning I rewatched the earlier parts and I think the hosts are really sweet! They seriously make the fans appreciate SJM more and tell them exactly how hard they work. For example when they pointed out that even though Kyuhyun danced for them he still feels some of the pain from the car crash…that really touched me because although various ppl have asked how Kyu is it always feels as if they do it for the sake of asking how he is. And when the camera panned to Kyu’s face he .. I duno how to explain but that look on his face was kinda like a cross between touched and relieved. Anyway I also liked how they really did care for the members and said a few times to the fans whether they preferred to scream and cheer or watch SJM perform! So yeah…I really liked this interview because unlike the other shows I’ve watched there seems to be a basic understanding of what is going on and the boys had less of an opportunity to space out due to the language barrier :D So…good work to the two hosts ^^
    AND I ALSO NOTICED WOOK’S SIGN! I was like “Hey…I can read that….it says ryeowook!!!” xP

  11. halfway through this video

    the yoomin population of the fandom exploded.

    thought you should know.

  12. avieyal:
    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH. I just posted pics onto my other blog and now I finally know what they were doing XDDD There are two pics here :D

  13. Candychu:
    Henry’s violin solo was HOT HOT HOT. :DD

    I’m so glad that he has so many fans now!!! The fans were SCREAMING for him, unlike fans from a certain other county who booed him =_=

    I LOVE the SJ-M Siwon!!! He’s so much more outgoing and confident! <333 Heaps of people are complaining that he’s too “arrogant” in SJ-M, to those people, I say “PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT” :DDD

    Oo, I’m lookin forward to Zhoumi’s lyrics too!! He seems like a nice, educated boy, so I bet his lyrics are all brilliant ;)

    LOL, BATHROOM TALK XDDDDD I have no idea why all their Chinese vocab revolved around “bathroom” xDD

    Lol, the first thing I thought of when I saw Hangeng’s balloons, was “OMG, CASSIOPEIA!!!” xDDDDD And I love the host’s nickname for him, “Geng-geng” XD

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now~! I hope your baby is better too ^——^ (lol, it’s so easy to misunderstand that sentence xD)

    Thanks for commenting ^——-^
    We look forward to more comments from you :P

    You’re welcome :DDD
    I want to make a .gif of them sitting on each other XD SO MUCH LOVE IN ONE GROUP <3333333

    There aren’t any Chinese school near your house???? Wow, what country do you live in? Lol, I know there are at LEAST 3 Chinese schools in my city ^^’’

    Lol, you’d think I’d be able to understand it, but I FAIL XDDDD
    My family is originally from Tianjin, but we speak really non-accented mandarin at home, so I always find it hard understanding other dialects XD

    Argh, I know EXACTLY what you mean! I LOOOOOOVE TW variety shows, especially wan quan yu le, and yu le bai fen bai, they’re SO FUNNY. The hosts always have a way of getting rid of awkwardness, and everything is just so entertaining *—-*
    Lol, I actually haven’t watched all the variety shows that SJ-M have been on, just because of the hosts. China really really needs to improve the quality of their variety shows, cos right now, I can’t watch them without cringing. Oo, but I have good news, you know 5566’s Ren fu?? From WQYL? He’s going to host a Chinese variety show, and Hangeng said that SJ-M might be going on it, YAYYYYYYYYY PARTAAAYYYY :DDDDD I LOVE ren fun as a host, I personally find his sense of humour absolutely hilarious XD
    Idk, mainland Chinese hosts always seem to be “holding back” or trying too hard  But yes, I really respect the female host that did the CRI interview, just because she could speak Korean.
    I love how Ryeowook’s getting lots of attention now, he’s always been one of the over-looked members when he was in Suju; Yay for SJ-M!
    Btw, this isn’t related to ANYTHING (and you probably won’t even see this), but I know you do politics, so I thought I’d ask you. What’s your opinion on the journalism ethics of the western media in relation to the Tibet issue? If you want to discuss it with me (I find it really interesting) leave me a comment on Talk.Share :DD

    LOL. They are such DOOORRRRKS xDDD
    I’m personally a huge fan of Jaemin, but any DBSK pairing makes me happy xDDD
    Lol, Yunho looked SOO embarrassed XD
    Thanks for the video~!

    *throws a party and explodes in happiness!!!*
    I LOOOOOVE Renfu as a host! He holds NOTHING back… well, unless it concerns HIM (hahahha! Him and ShanWei were a pair in heaven; they should BOTH go host a show together… but I think ShanWei is waaaay too “tai” for China to accept him; 5566’s been getting a lot of reception in Taiwan so Renfu should be all right).
    I think what WOULD make me kind of explode is if Xiao Zhu was to do a show with SJ-M. OMGGG HE IS SOOO FAIL AT LANGUAGES!!! HIS ENGLISH IS SOOOOO BAD and he talks SOOO fast and he’s SOOO MEAN BUT SOOOOO FUNNY and omg. I think SJ-M would just be overwhelmed and Xiao Zhu would just be all… repeating whatever the translator said (I COULD TOTALLY SEE HIM DOING THAT!!!). I was actually thinking today what hosts I would love to see interact with SJ-M, and what I think would be ze funniest thing ever if SJ-M were to appear on Kang Xi Lai Le with Kang Yong (who’s gay)… I think Kang Yong would just *explode* with 7 adorably cute guys around him… and they would all just… be SOOO EMBARASSED. COULD YOU IMAGINE WOOKIE ON THAT SHOW?!?!?!?!? *dies of happiness*. I think that exactly too *nods*. The Chinese hosts always seem to be scared of crossing the line or saying too much (boo), which is understandable considering their country– but it doesn’t make for an enjoyable show, y’know? I actually haven’t been following the Tibet issue closely (shame shame on me), but journalism ethics in general…? It varies; too many journals and publications are owned by large corporations and big businesses… it’s hard not to get a skewed image. According to my friend, a lot of people are jumping the Tibet bandwagon simply because a few celebrities are endorsing it or talking about it (kind of like the ONE campaign with Bono)… I’ll do a little research and some thinking and I’ll get back to you, k?

  15. I used to LOOVE watching “少年特工隊” XD SO FUNNY.
    I loved watching Renfu and Shanwei on WQYL, but I also really liked Renfu with Shaowei, they’re both hilarious too XD
    5566’s always been criticised as being too “tai”, but…I think they’re funny, and Xiezhi and Renfu can both sing quite well, so I like them :DD
    I would LOVE to see SJ-M on Kang xi lai le, I love Kang yong and Xiao S as hosts XD They always manage to get stuff out of their guests XD But I think the SJ-M boys would be terrified, lol.

    Yea, too many people are jumping on the Tibet bandwagon. All the celebrities seem to think that China “invaded” the Tibet, and that Tibet used to be a “country” =.=’’’ I’m definitely not the most patriotic Chinese, but when I did some research for my assignment, I really felt sorry for China. Some of those western media companies are VICIOUS. Actually, this site: is really interesting, especially the pictures ;)

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