Posted by: lovediaries | April 20, 2008

SuJu M “Superstar” Fancam – At least there’s you

{credit: symbelmyn @ youtube}

I watched Part 1 of “Superstar” and gave up because I was getting headaches from the fuzzyness however I do appreciate fans who have uploaded the show!

Anyway, this fancam is reasonably good quality in terms of visual however since it is still a fancam so the fans are louder than the boys; BUT you can still hear their beautiful voices <3 This is actually the first time I have heard the full song of SuJu M’s version and so hearing Kyuhyun sing the opening lines made me really happy ^^

I wished the Chinese fans listened more than they sung but at least they continued to sing along during Zhou Mi’s bit in the chorus! So that was good <3 They all sang really well, I reckon. Since they didn’t perform U live they had to make it up during this song, right? Henry was really soft but you could see him trying very hard to hold his note…very cute ^^

At the end Hae completely spaced out. Its absolutely adorable but at the same time it is heartbreaking because he looks so tired O____o



  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed how tired Donghae looks. I hope he’s not overworking himself :[.

  2. abc123zyx:
    Me too, it breaks my heart when I see the boys like that :( Let’s hope all the fans support them by buying their CD! We have to make it worth their hard work! ^^

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