Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 21, 2008

“Beautiful You” CD pictures

Pictures: As tagged + 嗳有天噫 @ Baidu DBSK Bar

I looooooooooooove these outfits o(∩_∩)o

I think my favourite one is Yunho’s, just because I love the loose tie *——-* second favourite would be Junsu’s,cos I love his shirt collar :DD Changmin pwns in terms of expressions, though, imo; the serious/mature look just suits him SO well, whereas on Junsu, it looks slightly out of place, but I think it’s because I’m too used to seeing *cute* Junsu ^–^

I love the picture with the rose petals falling on them, except I really want to burn Yunho’s hat – and maybe some hair – every time I look at it XDD

Hmm….I’ve always wondered how fans are able to scan these photos before the single is actually released….cos I know that this single doesn’t come out till the 23rd….. O.O

What I’m currently listening to: “Glory” – BOBO


  1. OMG thats what i thought when i first saw the photos!!! Yunho’s hat MUST GO NOW!!! Actually im not really diggin his hairstyle either =( dont kill me hahahaha

    Im in no way a pro photographer, so this is merely my opinion..But does the first set of closeups of them look weird or what?! Its like a full frontal, closeup shot of them and jae and changmin looks fine cuz they’re heads are at an angle but junsu jus looks 0_0 hhahaa. His head actually looks too big for his body and his expression is just pure LOL…ahhh but i still love that guy, his the most adorable thing EVER!!

  2. I’ve always wondered how fans are able to scan these photos before the single is actually released

    People who work at Avex usually get the CDs before everyone else, and anytime they do promotions (at radios, tv stations, etc.) they give out CDs to everyone, so I guess it’s probably one of the lucky people who get the free CDs who scan and upload them.

  3. ^ ahhh that would make sense :D I always thought it was some insider leaking pics ahaha XD
    I reckon Jae looks the best in the first pic…I think the angle of the pic is hard to look good in but Jae has a good spot :DD
    I love Changmin’s second pic ^^


    I think the first set looks weird too =.= Junsu looks really really odd in the first picture. They MUST have photoshopped it, cos his head does NOT look that big normally =_=

    I think the poor boy was trying to show us his “charismatic” expression, though XDDDDD Lol, he should stick to his “angel Junsu” poses :PPPP

    Aaahh, that makes SENSE, lol. I’ve always wondered about it, cos like, 2 weeks before HIJ3 was released, the screencaps were already out. Lucky fans who get free CDs before anyone else :D

    Really? First picture? Lol, I think he looks like a malnourished child xDDD
    The favourite one from the first set is probably Yunho’s, and my favourite from the second set is definitely Changmin’s :P

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